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legacyofkain harrypotter crossover legacyofkain harrypotter crossover

Destined to be Damned

A Legacy of Kain/Harry Potter Crossover/Ficlet

Summery: "You want to know? – Fine. I shall reveal my knowledge of the events I partook with my own eyes. I shall reveal to you every blood fetid, bone shattering detail, so you see what I speak within your minds eye…"

Warnings: Torture of children, blood, descriptive, bashing of the sarafan

Disclaimer: I do not own or make money from this fic

legacyofkain harrypotter crossover legacyofkain harrypotter crossover

"You want to know?" That voice curled up out of the silence, like a snake strikes within darkness. Eyes of the brothers looked fleetingly towards one another, wondering if maybe, this time the other had been sent too far.

"Fine. I shall reveal my knowledge of the events I partook with my own eyes. I shall reveal to you every blood fetid, bone shattering detail, so you see what I speak within your minds eye, and know, you asked for the images that will haunt you furthermore on this day of mourning." He looked away, eyes sliding shut, as he looked back and visualised the scene once more to share with the brothers and the king; the tragedy that had befallen his kind within the worst way.

"It was, as I had come to know of it, a quiet time within the cells which the Sarafan held us prisoner. Not one of us had become a victim of torture, or a beating of verbal and physical means within the weeks passing; yet we knew that those humans had something…more planned for us this time."

"We just did not see what they had in store for us all; for if we had known ahead, none of us would have sat back and let the mortals free to evict their pleasures upon our flesh and scar our very bodies, no matter how quickly they healed."

"Using the magicked collars around our necks, they caused our very bodies to betray us and we fell to the flooring, unable to more except blink the lids of our eyes and growl with our stilled voices."

"Many soldiers came within the building, moving in the cells to bring us out and chain us each to the many shackles along the nine walls; for as you had already guessed by this moment, that we were within an antechamber that connected us all together, allowing each of us to oversee the pain another went through."

"Alas this time, that would not be the case, for within this chamber of nine, three stone slabs were set out in the middle, evenly spaced, so between two slabs, two people could stand comfortably without brushing the other, able to work unhindered by another."

"Across the ground around these slabs, were black 'puddles' of dried blood; which the deadened smell clearly told my senses, that had also lead me and all others in this prison to believe that death only awaited those upon the slabs; but what we would come to know would be a much more disquieted fate, for we were part right, but in a way that the wounds would never heal."

"The main door opened, which was based in the…Northern section if I remember correctly; my perception of direction had fled me within that underground cavern, my senses could not help me within the accursed place. T'was like the stone walls were imbued with a magick so potent, that it drained my own natural abilities and left me bare as a child stumbling its way through the darkness."

"Within, came many guards, two on the end of each cell, able to use their swords to discipline us if we got out of hand, there were 16 in all, though there could be more; as my mind had slipped away from the guards and to the next mortals who stepped within the chamber which we were held within."

"My eyes went wide, my body stiffening as best able, as I looked upon the next beings that crossed our path. Three inquisitors, all wearing white clothing from head to feet, covering everything even the faces, making it near impossible to see them; only their eyes stayed uncovered, which to see the work they would proceed through with delicate care."

"Behind them, there were six soldiers more, wearing darkened red armour, showing they were of the elite squad that 'questioned' prisoners, they were side by side, walking two by two towards the slabs and between them…"

"…children, youngsters no more than 70 summers gone, all looking within their young teens, each clearly showing heritage from several different species. Each were straining against the imbued shackles, that chained them to their capturers, but their characteristics' were clear who they belonged to."

"The first, closest to my position and the slabs, was a young heridainian male, clearly of Yaukhai heritage; shoulder blond strands, seeming to gleam in the light were clear indication of his clan, whilst slitted blue/grey eyes searched wildly for an escape that would be not be coming, along with the jagged fringe which fell into those stormy eyes. Clothing of the highest material were ripped and shredded, no blood thankfully, yet bruises were apparent upon the pale skin. Yet like all his kind, the youngster did not wear coverings upon the foot, due to the delicacy curved claws on his hands and feet; which not only aided in gripping, but also of climbing all surfaces to immeasurable heights. He was only within his second semester of growth having just left childhood behind, yet not an elderling."

"Next, was another young male, again of heridainian heritage; for they had all come from the same group, along with his twin who was also behind him, snarling and sending high pitched barks at the humans. Both had messy black hair, though the second had tints of grey at the ends, which fell to the middle of his shoulders. The other had shorter hair that only reached where his ears would have been, if not of his linage. The ears were further up and quite long, bathed in a thin layer of black fur, which twitched every other way. These two were of the bat Yaukhai blood, for their claws and eyes gave it away clearly."

"But what horrified me the most, was not who they were, but the species that had been taken from their clearly broken protections; for upon the three young ones backs, were wings of magnificence. Upon the blond were greyish/silver feathered appendages, not fully grown yet…able to lift and keep his body from the ground, for a few scant seconds. Same were the twins, who like their playmate, tried to use these powerful limbs to escape from the humans who had shackled them."

"The three were the first of a cluster of ten, to be born after 1000 years of infertility; a powerful sign that the clans were beginning to regain strength; yet within these deathly walls, three which the hope of the clans now stood, were within human hands."

"Myself and the others, strung up upon the prison shackles, were silenced in seeing the children; instincts flew forth, wanting to protect, to hide away the young ones form the danger that the mortals clearly expelled, but could do nothing, and within those caverns I began to hate for the first time, the humans who had us trapped as their slaves, willing or not. Yet we were about to find, that the cruelty of the humans ran far deeper that we expected; a corruption that was going to show its fangs, and sink its teeth into the hell that awaited."

"The inquisitors moved forward, each going towards a different slab; when reached, each moved down and extracted from under the slabs, within hidden compartments, trays of 'instruments' and a chill came upon us. The red soldiers led the thrashing children to the slabs, and with the strength of both, were able to stretch the children across the stone; the metal poles at each end, each with a shackle, were fastened onto the arms and legs of them all. Keeping them completely defenceless and helpless, then reaching over the head, they brought up collars with a chain connecting them to the stone, and also cuffed it around the neck of the young ones. Lastly, a leather strap was buckled over the middle, tightly enough, that I could see the skin turn red under the pressure."

"I then saw them pull the wings, which had been crushed under the children's body weight, and spread them over the sides, the tips only reaching halfway down due to their small sizes. From around me, I could see and hear the others struggling and snapping at the guards, who in retaliation, decided to beat the surrounding Yaukhai into submission; I myself, became aware of several cuts that the guards beside me had placed upon me, when I had struggled without realisation. Snarling in anger and aggression, I lunged as best I could but was soon stopped."

"Screams filled the air and stilled us all, the children were sending up cries of screams, yells, pleas and yelps of pain, as with smiles of satisfaction, the inquisitors placed the seemingly delicate saws to the toes of the children and began to saw, verrrrrry slowly. My gaze by now was only on one child, the blond one who was within the middle; blue/grey eyes had latched onto my own, within guilt and agony filled me. I could do nothing for them, nothing; it was with that realisation, within the chamber as blood slid down from the split skin, of veins broken, as bones cracked and fell; which fire seared the air of burning skin and tissue as the wounds cauterized."

"Which then began again, from ankles, knees, hips, fingers, knuckles, elbows and lastly shoulders; every part was taken from the living bodies, with no seeming reaction to the shivering forms on the slabs. Keens now razed the air, as again the latest 'wounds' were soldered shut, leaving bone ends poking from fleshy ends."

"I felt sick, every hiss of splitting skin from the saws, the crunching of breaking bone, the splatter of crimson blood, it only brought me horror this time round, and they were not done yet. The next stage now began, which would put the last to even greater shame, in the evil the mortals could cause to ones so young."

"Finished with the pieces and the saw, the inquisitor placed all into woven baskets and the red soldier took it from the chamber; where too I never found, but wished I could to bury the pieces at least, to lay them at rest from the torture, that shattered their spirits and destroyed them too."

"The inquisitor took out a thin but long knife, the blade shining in the firelight of the torches, like something out of a mystical tome; turning back to the blond, the being began to shave the blond locks from the scalp; careful not to nick the skin while cutting close as possible. These too were taken away and again, I do not know were they ended."

"Next, setting down the blade; the mortal took what looked like two very thin metal prongs, attached to the littlest blades ever seen, with these they inserted them into the ears of the child and snipped. The sound that came from the youngster was unreal, I cannot explain, the height of agony and fear within the child, which struck out in that sound and hit us all, everyone flinched, even the soldiers. Yet the inquisitor was not bothered, he withdrew the prongs and I realised what was on the end of those pieces of metal, covered in dark blood; it was the eardrum from the inner ear; the human had 'Icut out the sense of hearing/I', and I knew this was in make the other focus more on the pain; for, if not able to hear those around you, the other senses increase to make up for it, this is what the inquisitor wanted and he succeeded."

"Both ears were given this treatment, and it did not stop from there, their nose was next and then their eyes. Three of five senses were now deadened to the youngsters, and I feared even more about what was next, how much more could be done, when everything that could be done was."

"Ha! I was a fool, there was still much left to do, for they had what they now wanted, blind and deaf victims, to feel the pain ever more within their immortal hell."

"They were now ready to begin the next stage, by this time, the others around me had begun to fight the restraints with none of the soldiers stopping them; like me, the soldiers were stuck with horror and unable to move, to stop watching this show of mutilation and humiliation."

"The inquisitor had picked up a very fine blade, thin yet sharp as we saw. He had turned the head of the Yaukhai and brought the blade down, upon the tip he carved the ear tip off, as though carving meat thinly from the bone, and set to do this for the whole ear, then the other side."

"It was silent, except for the sounds of the others shackled around; the child was silent, mouth open in a silent scream, unseeing eyes staring upwards. How the youngster stayed awake was a mystery to me, until later I found a spell upon the collar, that kept the victim awake until the very last breath, letting the torture follow the other into the next life, to always stain the soul of the lost one."

"I had to turn away, when I saw the blade head towards the unseeing eyes; knowing in my mind what they were doing even as I did not look, but as with all beings of intelligence; curiosity, even of a horrified nature, drew me back to see and I near threw up. The lids were gone, as were the eyes, only some, see-through mucus was left, whilst blood ran like streaming tears from the eyes, eyes that had no pupil, neither iris, nor ball. There was nothing, except holes, that seemed to stare at me in accusation and hatred."

"I had failed the kits, in every way, and after that one time I did not turn away, I watched, until the last breaths left their tiny bodies. Every. Last. Thing."

"I watched as teeth were pulled from the mouth, the tongue cut out, skin stripped to the muscle below, to the stomach being slit and the intestines and organs were taken out with such, precision and care. I watched and heard, as a wheezing whine came from the body of meat, not a child any longer; my ears folded tightly back, as the heart was clipped from its protected cage."

"The last thing I can remember is seeing the breaths of the blond go slower and slower, the chest stilling, seemingly so slowly; as the heartbeat in my ears, came to a stop, and I stared still into sightless eyes. I felt a single one of my tears slipping down my face; my own sightless eyes replaying everything within a second, and with a roaring cry that erupted from my throat, I faded, the only thing left to me, was the breaking sound of stone and the hundreds of dead mortals when I awoke once more, still within the chamber." Golden/green eyes blinked and looked at the six vampires all still standing/sitting in the same places which I had began the tale. A couple were pale, the blood having deserted their faces. While the face of the sire of all Kain, still looked impassive, except with the furrow to his brow the showed his own discomfort.

For the king may have been a ruthless one, yet even he, the first and last vampire, would never allow torture, of a purely sadistic type within his kingdom.

"After I awoke, I buried the…remains of the children. Then I went quickly to lord Raziel, to request asylum for my kind and the safety as well as security for the kits. Thus here I am, at the Sanctuary of the Clans to ask these…requests, with your lords will." He lifted his head and locked gazes with the yellow eyes of Kain, not backing down from the intent gaze of the cold Vampiric king; who would either damn or save the last of the Yaukhai.

legacyofkain harrypotter crossover legacyofkain harrypotter crossover


legacyofkain harrypotter crossover legacyofkain harrypotter crossover

Authors Note:

Vampires are bad for me.

Before anyone asks, I have no clue where this came from, it's been bouncing around in my head ever since I thought of a Legacy of Kain and Harry Potter crossover in the same subject. For some reason, I can only see the crossover being a lovely dark type, with a lot of blood and gore.

Ok the character speaking? That is Harry himself, who is an 'ancient', yes ancient Demon who is speaking to five of the original Vampire Generals (except Raziel who is sorting the housing for the new arrivals), and Kain. (Tis my first fic in this genre so what ya all think?

Oh I tried to use the olde style they favour in the games too, so how did I do?

legacyofkain harrypotter crossover legacyofkain harrypotter crossover


Yaukhai (Yark-hi) = Nosgothian of Youkai

Heridainian (Her-i-dane-i-an) = Harry's kind, they are of similar demon characteristics, mainly flight; the wings define them though some do not have wings and can manipulate the winds to fly them instead.

Second semester = All children of Yaukhai heritage go through semesters, as they pass certain 'points' in their age and growth. The first semester is cased as years 10 through to 60. The second is 61 through to 110. These are classed respectively as Small-one and Youngling. Babes have no name but have commonly been referred to as Kitlings by Kitsune and it has stuck with all breeds.

Elderling = Third semester of growth, when they reach the first Yaukhai teen years, by this time they will look like 20-25 year olds yet will only just be maturing in emotions by this time. The age this semester goes on for is 111 through to 250