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(Six Months Later)

Setting: The beginning of season 4.

Last Season: Kris Furillo and Gillian Parsons believe that the ending of the race was not fair, so they have an illegal match race, and Kris wins the race and gets millions of dollars. When the racing board comes to take away the racing licenses of Raintree and Davis farms, Kris gives back the money and loses her Jockey License and Dani takes the blame and looses her racing license. Jean then makes the decision that Kris is not allowed to live at Raintree, which angers Matt. Dani leaves her father and Junior.

The wildlife of Colorado is hot and particularly dry. There is not much life you can imagine in this weather. All of a sudden there is a gush of wind and Kris Furillo is racing by on the back of a horse. Horses all of a sudden rush right past. At the opening, the horse is being gently patted by Kris. She is laughing out of breath as the other people join her. The strange man hands her over the money she won.

"Great race Furillo. You are a really good rider. Why don't you race on the real tracks? There is a hell of a lot more money involved in legit races."

Kris shrugs her shoulders, "Eh… I don't do legit." Kris walks away happy about her win. Even though the truth is that she doesn't race on the real tracks is because the Racing Board took her Jockey License away. When she left Raintree, she left that life behind and wouldn't tell anyone about her old life. But she did miss her favorite horse… Wildfire. She would think about Wildfire constantly when she would race. Wildfire was her best friend.

On her way back to her motel she stopped at her favorite diner for food. She had befriended a nice lady and they would always talk. "Honey, What is the matter?"

"Nothing. I just won a race today. Got some more money."

"Congratulations! That is wonderful. Have anything in mind of what you are going to do with all that money? Move back home? Go and visit a special someone?"

Kris knew that it was impossible for her to move back to Raintree. She knew that when Jean kicked her out and Pablo had agreed with her, that she would not be welcome. A special someone though would be Wildfire. She would love to be able to see him. But it would be too risky for her to try and visit him since he was being stabled at Davis Farms.

"Well there is someone. He is strong and magnificent. I love him a lot."

"Does he talk a lot?"

"No, he is not really a talker. But he is an amazing listener."

Back at Raintree

Well the life at Raintree is packed with people. They have changed their lifestyle of racing horse breeds to becoming a dude Ranch. It is definitely not what anyone expected of Jean, but once Kris was gone and Pablo had moved Wildfire to Davis Farms; she could no longer take on such a life. By the end they had dug themselves into such a money pit that they had to sell all the horses. Once they were sold there was barely enough to save the family farm. Jean made a very large cosmetic change to Raintree, but it would bring in much more money then before.

Having to be a Ridder it means that you are to be apart of the family business. It is set in stone for Matthew Ridder. Before he wanted to go for something new but his love for horses couldn't let him do something else. He has been around horses all his life and they ARE his life. He can't change that fact, even if he wanted to. But he doesn't. But now so it is a Dude Ranch, he just wants to get away. He has no interest in this life; he wants to be in racing.

Matt Ridder knew from the day Pablo brought Kris Furillo to Raintree that he wanted to be with her. She was a beautiful and passionate person. She loved horses as much as he did. He got his dream. He dated her and everything was amazing. She was the jockey for Raintree, he was co-owner of Raintree, and they were together and doing well. But when his mom tells them that they are having money problems everything changes. Matt says they will sell some horses and Jean agrees. But Kris decides that the match race could solve the problems if they win. But when she tried to give Jean the money and she wouldn't accept the money.

Kris makes a huge decision to lose her Jockey license, so that Raintree doesn't lose its title of life as Thoroughbred Horse Racing. When she decided this giving the money back, she thought that Jean and Pablo would be happy but they aren't. The only thing keeping them on terms with them is that what she did for Raintree. Matt tried to make her not leave but she told him that she is screwing up everyone's life. He hasn't talked to her since then. He can't find her. He wanted to but she is making it pretty much impossible by not wanting to be found.

He still loves her and wants to find her but it is too hard to find her. She did a good job by hiding herself away from reality. "Matt! Can you come and do the trail for the group soon. For some reason they all really like you and begging for you. Plus it will help me out a lot. I have so much to do and can't take on another task when I am already so behind."

"Fine mom. I can do it. But don't let me find you dillydallying. I won't accept that. You must be doing something." Matt smiles and loves his sarcastic ways.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Isn't this supposed to be a horse racing farm?"

Jean turns to see whom that voice may belong to. Her eyes meet with the eyes of Jesse.

"Jesse! It is so great to see you. I didn't know you were back." Jean is as happy as anyone to see Jesse here.

"Well now you know." He lets a huge grin plaster onto his face. "How's everything going Matt?"

"So-so. Not my favorite idea of life right now. I want to be back in the racing horses life, not the—" Matt was soon cut off by his mother.

"Matt you know that I am not sure about racing. After the whole racing board incident with Kris, that it has made me thinks through. Plus, this is bringing in a lot more money. Much more then when we were raising Thoroughbred horses. It was weird for him to hear his mother speak of Kris with such distinct dislike. Her voice was so harsh toward Kris. It tore Matt to hear her say that. "Mom why do you have to be like that? You used to love Kris like she was you own daughter." Jean was shocked be his tone of voice. She knew that he had feeling for Kris and he always will. But the way he just attacked her was not usually like him. Usually he would sulk about Kris. She remembers that day when she kicked out Kris, and had to sell all the horses. He was so upset. He had drove forever in search to find Kris. But his luck was not working for him.

"Matt. You know… I did love Kris and treated her as if she was my own. But when she went against me, even you Matt. That changed everything. When She tried to give me that money I would never had accepted it no matter what. It was illegal money. When the racing board came and threatened us I truly believed that was the end of Raintree. But when she took responsibility on her own and lost her racing license, I saw a person who really loved this family, the Ranch. But I couldn't allow her to stay at Raintree after everything. You understand that right Matt?" She looked at his, but he just stood there looking at his feet, giving her the cold shoulder. He loved his mother, but Raintree was his life and if she had to sell all the horses, it just didn't seem right to like Raintree anymore. Raintree just wasn't even remotely close to what it was known for. He missed the racing life. But he would have to convince his mom to do the same. Which was not going to be easy.

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