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Wildfires On The Loose Ch.3

Last time: Outside The Ridder's House

Maybe it was a mistake for Dani to go to see Jean. But she thought it was a good idea. She knocked on the door. It took a minute or so before the door was opened. "Hi Matt. Is your mom here?"


"Dani what are you doing here? Don't you understand that it's impossible? Everything has been falling apart. Nothing has been even close to normal. The only normal thing was when Jesse came home. But other then that? No."
"Matt, if you really think that things have changed, then yes. Things are different. But if you really think this is all because of Kris leaving then-"
"Dani, it is though. When she left everything changed. And not for the better either. I haven't had any contact with her since that day. I miss her and she needs to return. Everyday I wish I could find her and bring her back, I don't care if she was kicking and screaming, she would be brought back to where she belongs."
"Matt the reason why you can't find her is because..."
"Because why?"
"Because she doesn't want to be found. That's why. She wants to stay out of things."
"How would you know that?"
"I am just guessing. Look is your mom here?"
"Yeah. In the kitchen."
"Thanks." Dani then brushed past Matt to the kitchen. It was a close call. Dani almost gave away the fact to Matt that she knows where Kris is and that she is in contact with her too. Kris probably would never have forgiven her for telling Matt. Dani was finally on good terms with Kris and she didn't want to ruin it. Dani walked into the Ridder's kitchen and saw Jean looking out the window. "Jean? Hi, umm I know this is so random timing for me to be here but I just wanted to talk to you about something."
"Oh, Dani hi. I didn't know you were here. Sure we can talk."
"Look, I know that this dude ranch is bringing in great money for you, but don't you miss racing? I know you are similar to my dad. He loved racing so much. So do you. "
"Is this why you came? Oh Dani I do but it just never brought in enough money. Things go sour. Plus everything that happened it is just made it harder."
"I know that Kris made a strong decision. But she gave back the money. She lost her racing license. She gave up so much to save Raintree. Why do you think she did all that? She could have just let you loose Raintree all together. But she didn't."
"Do you think that I never knew that? The thing is the fact that yes she might have done those things but rather she should never have done the race from the start, taken the money. She could still be here. But that's not my issue."
"How is it not your issue? You and Pablo were the ones to kick her out. She lost so much when she left Raintree. Matt is devastated. He loved her. She did what she did to try and help Raintree. So she might have not know what would happen. At least she did something to try and help. That is someone who truly cares enough to take the blame in the end and lose a license to something she loved. To not see Wildfire. They are inseparable, but now..."
"Dani, I don't need to argue about this. This isn't your problem."Around the corner of the kitchen entrance was Matt sitting hidden, but capable so he could still hear what was going on. Dani made a mistake by doing this but it was too late now. She entered a territory that should have never been entered. Bringing Kris into this was just confused. He thought she came to try and convince his mom to get back to racing and no more dude ranch. But why did she bring Kris into this.
"Jean, please just listen. Mistakes were made. But everyone makes them. Kris made the one to do the match race. I've made them. By your mistake was getting rid of Kris, but mostly this dude ranch. I don't know what you were thinking when you decided to change Raintree into this. My dad would have been disappointed. I would think things through and fix things. Bye Jean."
Matt ran upstairs trying to not be seen by Dani but it was too late. She saw him sitting on the stairs. Whoops. Dani shrugged at him acting as like sorry, I failed. Then let herself out of the Ridder house. Matt walked into the kitchen a couple minutes later to see his mom sitting in a chair hunched over. He didn't see her like this very often but realized that, that conversation was a lot. But maybe it was ether for her to hear it from someone other than family. Dani and Junior were like family but they were a different type of family. "Mom?" Jean jumped at the sound of his voice. "Sorry for scaring you. "
"It's okay, Matt. Is it okay if I had a couple of minutes alone?" He nodded and walked out of the room. Jean had a lot to think about. There was something that maybe she needed that realization in reality. Things were different for everyone and not just her. She knew that maybe Dani was right about a couple of things. But truthfully, who knows. Having Dani be the one to tell her this was weird. She wouldn't have guessed to see Dani coming to stick up for her father, her Raintree as a racing stable, for Matt, but for Kris? She always thought that Dani and Kris never got along. There must be a change in the winds.

Out In The Desert

Things are... Well not normal. She missed things from before. She missed seeing Pablo, Jean, Matt, Junior, but mostly Wildfire. Wildfire is her best friend but she feels as though she will never see Wildfire again. Kris figured that Raintree and her would never last. Well, she was right. Her only contact with that area is Dani. Shockingly it's Dani. But if Dani didn't see her on the road she would probably have only made it a couple miles. She wish she still talked to Pablo, but he hated her. Everyone hated her. There was no returning there. There were too many mistakes. She would miss Wildfire like crazy but it was for the best that she never returned. She was shocked that Dani kept her promise of keeping her location silent and that no one knew they were in touch. Or she told everyone, but they didn't care. That she was totally forgotten about.

Back At The Ridder's House

Matt was thinking about that entire couple hours and the conversation between him and Dani and Dani and his mom. There was something that was being hidden from him. Something was up with his mom. But Dani? Dani normally talked about things. But there was something she knew but wouldn't share what it was. But he would figure it out. If it was about Kris, he wanted to know. She meant the world to him and if Dani knew something, he would figure it out.

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