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Chapter 4

It was after a race and Kris was sitting next to the horse she was riding and looked out onto the horizon. It was so much different than Raintree and everything about it out there. But going back there was never going to be a possibility again. She missed it but she knew it wasn't possible. Everyone hated her or was too upset and disappointed in her decisions. Trying to get back in touch with anyone would just be a mistake. The only one who she could talk to was Dani. She loyally has been a good person and hasn't broken any promises. She missed Matt though. He really cared about her and was the only one who really tried everything to keep her there and for her not to leave. But she couldn't stay there just for him and Wildfire even though they both meant a lot to her. If she stayed she would have to be reminded everyday by people who didn't like her. She loved them all but having unrequited love was nothing she wanted to endure. But she wished it were possible to see Wildfire. To see wildfire's beautiful mane and adorable eyes. She wished she could ride Wildfire free again and go as fast as she could. Feel the wind through her hair. Maybe there was a possibility to see Wildfire. Even if maybe for a minute or just from a distance. But it was a huge risk to go back. Someone could see her. And she didn't want that. So no she couldn't go and see him.


This has just been a couple months for Dani. She has befriended Kris, the one person who she didn't ever like. But she did by helping her. She is keeping her location silent, making sure no one knows. But she wished that she could tell someone. She talked to herself about it all the time because it was not possible to talk about it with anyone. She almost let it known to Matt earlier. She almost broke her promise. But she knew that Matt really cared about her so he is probably dying to figure out where she is. If he did he would beg Kris to come back. Dani though agreed with all the reasons why Kris couldn't come back. She herself has asked Kris a few times to come back but to no avail it wasn't going to happen. Dani doesn't really have many friends lately but that's because she puts her mind to her work lately. She'd rather that way anyways. Putting herself to her work let her try and forget about everything else that is going on.


He knew that there was something that Dani was hiding earlier and it was about Kris. Which means he needs to know it. Kris was so important to him and the fact that he couldn't see her made it so much worse. If he ever gets to see her he is not going to let her go. He couldn't. Dani almost spilt so now I get to bug her until she spills. He made his way over to see her knowing she was at home or at work. He was going to try both until he finds her. He first made it to their house. She was going to be alone because Junior was on an outing with people so it would just be her. Luckily, her car was there so he made his way to the front door and rang the bell. It took a while but it opened to Dani. "What do you want Matt?"

He walked right past her and into the house, "I know you know something about Kris. The way you hesitated yesterday and all you were guessing about things. That isn't true is it? You know something about where she is. You have contact with her don't you?"

"Well you could have asked to come in. And no Matt I don't. I told you yesterday. I know nothing about her. I don't even like her and you know that. So why would we have contact with each other?"

"You really don't think I know you do you? I know that is a lie. You have contact with her I can tell you do. And do I really know if you hate each other. Dani come on give me something. I really care about her and really want to find her and bring her back."

"And how do you know if she wants to come back? Everyone hates her because of everything that happened. She can't come back with everyone hating her. It would kill her inside to know that she was hated by everyone, that no one wants her around."

"See! The way your speaking makes it seem as though you know something to do with her. I don't hate her, I care so much about her, Wildfire doesn't, Junior never seemed to after everything, and I am believing that you don't either. Please Dani."

"I can't Matt. I promised." she said in such a small voice that you could barely tell she was talking.

"Dani. Only I will know. I won't tell a soul. I swear. I just need to know where she is. And knowing you, you are barely holding it in anyways."

"You do know me well then. Fine Matt. But you can't let anyone know, promise me that. You can't go and see her. You will push her farther away."

"But Dani. I NEED to see her."

"No Matt. Promise me."

"Fine. I promise."

"Okay, follow me. We should sit down." he followed her to a couch and they say down and faced each other. She took a deep breath and was fiddling with her thumbs. "After the match race and everyone forced her out, she ran. She took what she could and walked. I found her a while outside town walking down the highway. For some reason a good side of me came out and decided to help her. She told me to get her as far as possible but still close at the same time. She is out in the desert; she still races when she can. She doesn't want anyone to find her though. She wants to be out of the way. Away from all the people who hate her. She made one mistake and forbid for Raintree to take the blame. She let herself loose her racing license and everything. Just to save Raintree and even after that she gets kicked to the curb."

"Not everyone had her kicked to the curb you know! I wanted her to stay. I begged my mom to change her mind and let her stay. But my mom wouldn't hear of it because of everything. I know that she loves Kris but she was just disappointed in her actions. Whenever she is disappointed in me, which happens all the time and badly sometimes too like the gambling, but she never kicked me out no matter how mad she was. I just don't get how she could do that to Kris though."

"Yes Matt, but that is what parents do. They are supposed to get disappointed in your actions sometimes but they would never kick their own kid out. Your mom might love Kris but she isn't her own flesh in blood. She took in Kris, so I guess being disappointed means that she is allowed to make her leave even though it may be painful because they trusted in their actions to do well and oblige to the rules set for guests in the house. It's the sad truth."

"Why are you being so rude about it and Kris? I thought you sorta liked her, but you are taking sides with my mother? She made a mistake like everyone else but gets punished worse and is kicked out and loses everything important to her."

"I am not taking sides with your mom, Matt! I am friends with her, I am the one who found her on the side of the road and helped her. If you care so much then where were you, huh? It was the only thing she could do. She couldn't stay here Matt. Everyone would have been on the hate train of it all. She would get criticized and she since she did what she did for Raintree, she wouldn't be able to do what she loves. And where she is now she is allowed a fresh start and she can still race horses, maybe not in big races like here, but she can still race."

"Yes you are! You are taking sides with her. If you were friends with Kris you would have made her stay. You would have if anything made her stay! But you did nothing. You drove her to a new place, a new home away from here! So you pretty much helped my mom! And I was out looking everywhere for her. I drove all over the place to find her but had no luck. I never gave up looking for her. It wouldn't just be a hate train either. I would be there for her and not allow people to be like that. But she would be able to have Wildfire."

"I am not Matt. I didn't drive her to the new place because of your mother. I did it for Kris, because that is what she wanted. And to tell you mister thinks he knows me so well, newsflash, I did try and get her to stay or come back, multiple times. I always do but she changes the subject every time. It just brings up so many bad memories for her. It is painful here. The hate train would always just keep on coming though Matt. You could never stop everyone from talking. Unless if you killed everyone. So no matter what she will be given a hard time and it will be impossible for her to get away from it here if she stayed. So her getting away was probably for the best."

"Well sorry I didn't know you'd try and get her to come back. But I would do my best at making sure that they left her alone. I would protect her from it all. It wasn't the best thing for her! Why could you say that, the best thing for her is to be here! With everyone, at Raintree, with Wildfire. Not in some desert where no one knows where she is but you and you are the only one she can contact. What about everyone else who might want to get in contact with her?"

"Well I did. You wouldn't be able to protect her from everything and you know that. It is the best for her. I wish it weren't true but it is. Being here would hurt her so much. I agree that it'd be nice for her to be here. Surprising I know, but it's true. I pushed people away and she is the only one other than you or Junior, but he is my brother so of course he will stay, that stayed put even though I did. If she were here than I could have a friend, someone to talk to. I might be able to talk to her over the phone but that is it. She doesn't want anyone to know where she is. She is afraid that if they knew that she isn't that far that they would find her and push her farther away. To her, seeing anyone else from here would hurt her so much and that would really break her."

"But I would try and protect her with all my will. She is that important to me. Sadly, I know it would, but I just wish so much that she could be here. So that I could have one other person around that is important to me. She could be here and not make me want to hurt myself, my mom for this stupid dude ranch thing, and everyone and everything to do with it. She could keep me in order with everything."

"I know Matt. I wish she could be here too. But it's too hard and difficult."

"Well that's not good enough. She deserves to be here just like everyone else. I need to see her, talk to her if anything. But seeing her would be great, really great actually. Why can't you just tell me her number or where I could find her? I'd be secretive so she wouldn't see me? I'd block my number so she wouldn't know it was me but I could still hear her voice."

"Because Matt! I broke my promise to her by telling you about where she is around. If I were to give you her exact location and you were to go and find her, secretively, what if she saw you? She would know I told you and broke my promise to her and she wouldn't want to be friends. And if you forgot to block the number? If she still were to have your number, she would know I told you. But even if she doesn't, and you forgot to block it, she could just call the number back and if you didn't pick up and it went to voicemail, she would yet again know I told you. So, no Matt. I am not telling you."

"Come on Dani! Please! This is so important to me and you know that! I really want to talk to her. She deserves to be here and I want to find a way for it to be possible. It might be hard but I don't care. I want her here. And if you really cared that much to have her as a friend and want her here then you would help too." And with that Matt got up and made his way to the front door. But before he could even get it opened it was slammed shut by Dani. He turned and looked at her angered that she wouldn't do anything about this to help.

"Matt, I'd help if I could and you know that! But it isn't that simple."

"It is simple Dani! It is not that hard to go to her and drag her back with us."

"You can't just drag someone to come. They have to willfully want to come back and I don't think that Kris is someone who really wants to. In her heart she might want to but she knows what it will lead to in the end. And it wouldn't be a good outcome."

"Sure you can! We can all protect her, you, me, and Junior. There are definitely others who don't hate her. We can lock ourselves and her into a room until she comes to her senses and comes back with us."

"She isn't a child who you can tell what to do! She has her own rights to decide what she does. And I think that she is not going to change her mind about it. Just let her make her own choices."

"What, and hers is to stay there away from people who care about her?"

"Matt, your mom doesn't like her. Pablo hates her and he was the first person to give her a chance after everything. But he hates her and that makes a huge impact on her. If she were to come back here she would have to face everyone who she let down and that would be to painful. Think if you were in her shoes, would you want to come back to a place where no one likes you but a spare few, but have to face everyone's stares and talking behind your back? Probably not. It would hurt you just like it hurts her."

"Fine you make a point there. It would hurt. But having people there to support you would make things not as hard."

"But just a group of teenagers? No adults behind you, rooting for you? Think of how hard that would be. We really don't have a say in anything that goes on. The adults make the rules and we can't change them no matter how hard we try."

"Well then we get the adults to listen to us. I am not backing down on this Dani. Kris deserves the chance to come back. Are you with me and will help me get her back?"

"I don't know Matt. She is going to kill me when she finds out that I told you. But I guess, I will help. Kris does deserve to be here, but you know it is not going to be easy for anyone to accept it, as well as Kris herself. I say that if she decides to come back, then it is her decision not ours to make. We can't drag her here against her will because she will just run again and probably go farther and be without contact with anyone."

"Fine, that's fine. She will forgive you. The fact that you are the one right now that she can confine with then I am sure that she won't always hate on you. If she gets mad at you, she will forgive you sooner or later. I don't care whether or not I have to drag her. But I would want to see her come back because she wants to."

"I sure hope your right Matt."

"I am. At least I hope so." Matt said the last part under his breath so that Dani wouldn't hear it. "Okay, now what is her address or at least a phone number."

"Wait, are you sure it is a good idea for you to be the one to go to her? I am not sure of the address; she lives in a motel/apartment type thing so I am not sure of the address or the place. But I do have the area she is in and where she is likely to be found. But I do have a number. She doesn't have a cellphone so the number I have is of where she usually is."

"I am sure. I will be careful. It is really important to me, Dani. Plus, I am the one who came up with the idea in the first place."

"Fine." Then Dani gave Matt her presumable location and the number as well. He was ready to go to her but finding a way to tell his mom that he was going for awhile and the reason including Kris, would make it so much harder.

"I need to go and come up with a plan on telling my mom that I am going."

"No Matt! You can't tell your mom that you are going to bring back Kris. Also, we need to come up with a way to do this but involving adults and getting them to agree and for them to like Kris again and not treat her horribly. Then you can go to Kris. But not yet."

"But I need to see her Dani. It is really really really important."

"How important?"

"Astronomically important."

"That important? Over Kris?"

"Yes, I have feeling for her that are so big and important that everyday of not seeing her makes it so much worse. The first days she left I was a mess, I still am, but I am trying to cope and think on the bright side that I will hopefully see her soon. But now that I know where she is, I can go to her. Fix myself and see the person who I care so much about. Please Dani? I need to see her."

Dani sat there pondering for a few seconds. She never knew his feelings for her was that much. She had a feeling that he liked her, but not this much. She wished she knew the feeling of that much love and that someone really cared that much about her. "Fine Matt, but please be really careful. Don't let her see you right away. Try and be inconspicuous about it. Don't talk to her either. We need as much time as possible right now to get people to side with us on this."

"Fine, fine. I won't talk to her."

"You need to promise me."

"I don't know if I can do that though."

"Well then you can't see her because you will blow your cover. We need to be really careful right now and if you were to talk to her, you would push her right away. So do not make a mistake about it. Please!"

"Fine. I won't talk to her. Can I go now?"

"Go ahead." Matt was out the door by now though, "Be careful!" Matt of course didn't hear this remark and was already in his car ready to go home quickly and get out before anyone see's him. He knew it wasn't easy but he was capable of being sneaky and quick when getting out of his house unseen.

When Matt arrived outside his home, he noticed that there were a ton of cars parked in their driveway. There was a party going on inside but also there seemed to be activities going on at the dude ranch. He knew it was going to be a tough go, so he parked out of the area so he could go unnoticed and went in the back ways to get inside. He had to pass the trailer that Kris stayed in which he hoped would soon occupy her again. When he got outside the house he climbed up so he could get to the second story balcony to get inside. When he got up he made sure it was clear and climbed in and quietly made his way to his room. He quickly got what he needed and took the same root back. He dropped the bag outside and climbed down the balcony so he was on the ground again. He made sure no one was around and then quickly ran back to his car. He then drove off quickly into the day.

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