A/N: 100-word drabble for Writing Challenge #17, "Emotions." I chose Joy and Sadness.

For Life

Ted's hands in hers, fitting perfectly.

(Two empty spaces where her bridesmaids should be.)

His eyes gazing into hers, the way he looks at her and only her.

"Do you, Andromeda…"

(Her wedding dress is too new; it should be her mother's, her grandmother's.)

"I do."

(Only five people here, and she barely knows any of them.)

"Do you, Theodore…"

(Does Cissy still read the Prophet wedding announcements?)

"I do."

His ring on her finger, strange and wonderful and right. Her ring on his.

"Then I declare you bonded for life."

Wands rise in celebration; stars burst free.

(Stars fall.)

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