Third entry for my hs_bingo card. The prompt is 'break up'. There is over-use of over dramatic high school-ness.

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The faucet was loud and the fan whirling above Castiel's head clicked every few turns. His head pounded and he seriously wondered why he let Dean talk him into 'a few' beers on school nights. Staying out till three in the morning was punishment enough; hangovers on top of that was over kill. He spit what was left of his toothpaste into the sink and ran his tongue over his teeth; they still felt fuzzy but it was shaping up to be the sort of morning where everything was going to be fuzzy. He needed liquids. Castiel washed his face and with the sleep crust out of his eyes he felt half-way decent. Marginally, maybe. He groaned, throwing the hand-towel towards the hamper in the corner.

Light snickering sounded and Castiel turned to the door. Gabriel was leaning against the wall, arms crossed with a smirk twitching around the edges of his mouth. "Gooood moorning, Castiel!" he sing-songed.

"Shut up, Gabriel," This only caused his older brother to grin more.

"Someone is not in a good mood. Did you stay up late gallivanting around with that bad boy-" Castiel pushed Gabriel into the wall as he went around him. "I'll take that as a yes." Castiel tried to escaped into his room but Gabriel shoved his foot into the doorway and stopped it from slamming shut. "Y'know, baby bro, since you started 'seeing' Dean you've become such a grump."

Castiel shrugged his shoulders and started to get dress for school. He could point out that ever since he had started dating Dean that Gabriel began an unusual, and uncharacteristic, obsession with Castiel's life. He was use to his big brother using him for a prank or ignoring him, not being interested in his well being.

Gabriel cleared his throat and Castiel glanced at him curiously; he wished he hadn't. Gabriel was looking at him with an all-too serious look. "What?" Castiel snapped, he knew where this was leading.

"Why the hell are you wasting your time with Winchester?" Castiel felt his proverbial hackles rise. This had started two weeks ago. "He's not coming out." Castiel shrugged again, his answer of choice when Gabriel started in on this line of conversation. "And Prom is coming up. Are you two going together stag?"

"It's none of your business what we do, Gabriel," Castiel snapped.

There was something different about today than the last two weeks. Gabriel didn't back away with a friendly middle finger; he was standing his ground. "You went through hell coming out to Mom and Dad, who by the way, still think this is going to be a phase. You told all of your friends. You endured months of torment with the support of said friends. Now you're stuck in a relationship with a guy who's not even willing to do the same as you."

Castiel stared open mouth at Gabriel for a moment. "I-I. I didn't realize you...cared. So much."

Gabriel rolled his eyes, "You're my brother, dumbass." He stood there chewing his lip for a moment. "Look, if a good guy tries to ask you out don't turn him down just because you're 'dating' Dean." Castiel scowled and Gabriel threw up his hands and walked away.

Castiel finished getting ready for school with a foul mood settling over him. By the time he was downstairs and tying his shoes up he was thankful his parents were already gone for the day. He didn't think he could bite his tongue this particular morning as they glared at him. Gabriel was in the the living room with his feet kicked up on their mother's antique coffee table; the television was blaring the history channel and he was supplying his own twist on the commentary.

"Have fun walking," Gabriel called over his shoulder. Castiel gave him the finger and Gabriel gave his own back. It was the one thing he had been trying to avoid thinking about. Every time Dean and him stayed out late together Dean rarely made it to school the next day. So unless it was one of those days that Sam was being extra pushy; Dean wasn't showing.

He was expecting to see Sam leaning against the Impala with a scowl in place; the tell-tale sign that he'd been thrown out of the house with Dean snarking that some exercise wouldn't kill him. Instead Sam was leaning there with a huge smile on his face and a keyring swinging around his pointer finger. His smile grew when he saw Castiel. "Hey!" he called. "Guess what?"

Castiel picked up his pace and jogged across the yard in between their houses. He raised his brow as Sam opened the passenger door for him. "What are you doing?" He hesitated before climbing into the car.

Before Sam shut the door he smirked, "This is my baby for the whole day." Castiel laughed as Sam almost skipped to the divers side. "Dad didn't go in this morning to the shop when he was suppose to. Dean thought he was going to get away with another day spent in bed nursing a hangover." Sam started the car and pet the wheel when she purred to life.

"You said the Impala was a piece of scrap metal." Castiel referenced one of Sam's not-so fine moments when Dean refused to let him driver right after he had gotten his drivers license.

Sam waved his hand. "I was pissed. The point is. Dad gave me the keys and told me to have fun and declared it a Take Your Son To Work Day for Dean." The smile he gave Castiel was contagious and he was grinning with him. They had plenty of time before school started and Sam took a detour through some back roads. It had been a long time since Castiel and Sam had spent time without Dean being present. By the time they pulled into the student parking lot they were laughing over a shared memory of the failed fishing trip their fathers had taken all four boys on.

"Hey, hey," Sam grabbed Castiel by the arm before they could split their separate ways for class. "Since Dean isn't here you're gonna sit with us at lunch, right?"

"Um, yeah, sure." Castiel felt his face heat up. It always did whenever someone actually noticed and brought it to attention.

"I don't know what you two do," Sam shrugged, and his confused smile spoke more truthfully that he didn't know what they were doing. Castiel ducked his head and scratched at his neck.

"I'll see you in English," he stammered out before turning and made an awkward exit.

"No one is going to catch us."

"You say that and then the janitor opens the door and we're suspended."

"Please, Cas, just kiss me."

Castiel shook himself out of the old memory. Dean hadn't said things like that to him in a long time; actually he had only really said those sort of things when they had first gotten together. Then it was like the longer they were together the more it became kissing and kissing and kissing. And nothing more. Castiel frowned, he didn't like thinking about that. It wasn't that he was even ready to...go all the way, but Dean acted like he didn't want to do anything else. Sometimes they rubbed against each other, but it felt awkward. He scowled this time, unpleasant thoughts such as these reminded him what Gabriel had said when he found out about them. "Dean Winchester isn't gay!"

"Hellooo, Cas," A hand waved in front of his face. He snapped his eyes up and found Sam in front of him. "Must have been some daydream," he teased. A familiar blush crept across Castiel's cheeks.

Castiel glanced around the classroom and found his fellow students in groups of two. "Why are we pairing up?"

"Wow." Sam took the seat in front of Castiel but sat backwards so they were sharing the same desk space. He tapped a piece of paper that had appeared in front of Castiel. "Last assignment of the year. Debate style, we're going to argue the literary significance of the author of our choice or we can... You weren't listening to a word the teacher was saying were you?" Castiel's face went red for a different reason. He was usually such an apt student. "Don't worry it's easy." Sam launched into an explanation and Castiel put extra effort into listening to him.

Lunch was a loud affair and when Jo saw him coming she shouted, "Cas! Sit here," she shoved Ash out of the way and patted the spot next to her. He took it and some how Sam ended up next to him and Ash appeared on the other side of the table grumbling about bio-engineered humans and bullies. Sam was laughing at his complaints.

It was Anna that smirked at him. "Castiel, what brings you to our table?" She had known from the beginning; Castiel suspected that she had known before they did. As soon as Castiel came out she started giving him and Dean odd looks; especially when Dean acted overtly protective of the then still teased Castiel.

Castiel opened his mouth to give her what he hoped would come out a smartass response Sam beat him to it. "Don't give him a hard time, Anna," Sam swung his arm around Castiel's shoulders and gave him a squeeze. "It just matters that you're here, Cas." Sam gave him a blinding smile. He just caught Anna rolling her eyes from the corner of his; he wondered what her problem was.

What ever it was was lost to Castiel as he was caught up in the conversations happening around him. He frowned internally listening to his friends; he had lost touch with them. He didn't know that Jo and Ash had tried dating for less than a week just to find out they were better off friends. The girl who had been stalking Sam had finally found a new obsession and Chuck was flattered by Becky's attention, actually. There was a half-dozen other things and he listened with undivided attention. He grinned when Ash muttered about how pathetic the school firewalls were, and gave Castiel and Sam a furious glare when they laughed. It only intensified when Ash declared that he could have their entire school history in seconds and got out his tiny laptop to prove it. He hadn't quite mastered it by the time the bell rang but promised to have it and more by tomorrow.

It was walking down the hall bumping shoulders with Sam that he realized he hadn't thought about Dean or his situation with Dean the entire time he was at the table. He had missed his friends, he missed hanging out with them as an entire group; Dean included. He was starting to doubt if beginning a relationship with his best friend had been the best idea. They stopped outside Castiel's calculus classroom and Sam leaned against the wall.

"It was nice having you back with the gang," He said, scuffing his toe against the floor. Castiel nodded. "I was thinking. Dad meant it when he said I could have the car all day. Wanna catch a movie after school?"

His knee-jerk response was to say no. It was Wednesday and that was his and Dean's own movie night. But then he remembered that Dean had canceled on him the night before. "Are you sure you want to endure Dean's wrath for keeping his car longer than needed?"

Sam smirked and leaned in a little, "I think it'll be worth it." Something about the way Sam looked him in the eye as he said that put a flutter of butterflies in Castiel's stomach.

"Yes," Castiel sounded breathless as he said it and immediately followed it with a gruffer, "Yeah, sounds fun."

"Awesome!" Sam did something strange then. He leaned in more and for a terrifying moment Castiel thought he was going to kiss his cheek. A panicked look flew across Sam's eyes before he pulled away. "I'll see you after fourth period." Then he was hurrying down the hall.

Anna pushed past him and glared. "What?" he asked, defensively. Back when him and Dean first started dating Castiel had thought Anna was jealous. The previous year the two had had a quick, steamy romance and she had always been a little sore that it ended so abruptly. He was starting to rethink that; Anna knew better than anyone, better than Gabriel, how rocky their relationship was. She took many opportunities to point it out.

She huffed, "You better not hurt him, Cas." His brow furrowed in confusion. "Don't act dumb. If you lead him on you'll answer to me, got it?" He nodded slowly, still not understanding what she was talking about. Apparently Anna cared more about Dean than he had given her credit for. He took his seat wondering about her strange behavior.

Castiel found himself looking forward to the last bell for the day. The last movie he went to see was a bloody war movie Dean had decided on. He shook those thoughts from his mind. Today was going to be a thought-free day pertaining to Dean. He slammed his textbook shut when the bell rang and stuffed it into his bag. He ignored Anna's glaring as he hurried out of the room and then forced himself to slow down. He didn't want to be waiting at the car when Sam showed up and it wasn't so exciting that he needed to shove past the other teens to get out of school.

Sam was waiting though with what seemed to be his unshakable smile for the day. He opened Castiel's door for him, and he slid into the seat. When the butterflies started this time Castiel thought he might be heading for trouble. "You are sure you want to go? Dean-"

"I don't really care what Dean thinks," Sam cut him off. Castiel was taken aback for a moment. "Sorry, I just. I kinda miss hanging out with you. You and Dean have been even more connected to the hip these last three months than you have been the last twelve years."

"And you don't miss Dean?" With the year and a half difference between them Dean and Sam were still close. Even when Dean over-empathized Sam's "Little Brother" status.

Sam shrugged his shoulders. "I do, and I don't. The closer Dean gets to graduating the bigger asshole he becomes. I guess I've been nostalgic for the old times." Castiel nodded, he turned to look out the window. He had found himself thinking about not-so-long ago times when things had been much simpler in their group of friends. "Woah, this is suppose to be fun." Sam took one of his hands off the wheel to knock Castiel's arm.

He smiled and pushed Sam back, "You're right," and he was. The rest of their drive was filled with easy conversation.

They stood back from the ticket booth trying to decide on a movie to watch. "Dean and I were going to see Unstoppable but it's not my kind of film."

"I'm good with whatever you want, Cas." Sam rocked on heels, he was watching Castiel, making no attempt to pick out a movie.

Castiel sighed. There was one film out that he'd been excited to see but one word to Dean and he had heckled him into never mentioning it again. "If it wouldn't pain you too much, I've been excited to see the newest Harry Potter film."

Sam broke out into a grin and Castiel braced himself for the teasing. "That's what I wanted to see but didn't want you to laugh at me." They approached the ticket booth and Castiel tried to get out his wallet, "Don't worry about it, Cas. I've got it." Sam paid for both of their tickets and the look the kid behind the glass gave them said it all. He vaguely recognized him as a sophomore and Castiel's felt a chill thinking about the gossip that would spread.

His face must have been panicked because when they got in line for snacks Sam started apologizing. "I'm sorry, was that too forward. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I shouldn't have presumed, I mean." Sam lowered his head in a desperate attempt to hide his blush.

"I'm confused, Sam." Sam looked at him, smiling uncomfortably.

"I've been trying to work up the nerve for months to ask you out. And then Gabriel told me I just had to go for it and well, today felt like the perfect day. I just, sort of forgot the part where I ask... Would you like to go to the movies with me, on a date?" Sam ended quickly.

Castiel stood there a moment a little shocked. "I- Yes." He knew he was in trouble when not even a speck of guilt came.

Sam came to a full stop at the all-way stop sign into their neighborhood. He turned and looked at Castiel and glanced at his hand before reaching over with his own and taking it. He laced their fingers together, "I had a lot of fun tonight."

"I did too." They had shared a jumbo popcorn and soda during the movie and after thirty minutes of nervous twitching Castiel had put Sam's arm around his shoulders and he had melted into Sam's side.

"We'll do it again," Sam didn't leave it as a question and Castiel was nodding before he was done. Sam leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Castiel's cheek before straightening. He made the turn and held Castiel's hand until they pulled into the Winchester drive-way. Dean was waiting on the porch and was standing outside the driver door before Sam had the engine off. He didn't even wince when Castiel ripped his hand away before Dean could see.

"Where have you been with my baby?" Castiel's stomach did flip-flops until he saw that Dean was practically hugging his car. Then it was like rocks in his stomach.

Sam looked at Castiel and read enough in the way he looked away from him so quickly. "Cas and me went to the movies. No big deal."

Dean looked him, "Oh. What did you see, Harry Potter?" He was smirking, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Actually we did," Sam said proudly, sticking out his chest.

"Oh," Dean said again, this time deflated. "Was it good?"

"Amazing," Castiel piped in. Dean looked at him again, brows drawing together. "Very- very well done." Castiel snatched his backpack from the back seat and started walking toward his house. "Sorry, I've got a lot of homework. I'll see you tomorrow." That guilt he had lacked all evening came rushing back seeing the brothers together in their drive-way. He had no right to deceive either of them.

He crashed into his house with barely a hello to his parents, and headed straight for his bedroom. He shut the door behind him and threw his bag to the ground. He groaned and scrubbed his face and-

"Rough day little brother?" Gabriel was spread across his bed, hands tucked behind his head and that damn smirk on his face. "Have fun at the movies?"

"You knew about Sam's feelings!" he hissed. "You knew and encouraged them. Even though I'm. With. His. Brother."

Gabriel freed one of his hands and waved it around. "Now, Castiel, don't be such an ass. Sam's been pining after your oblivious ass for a long time. Like, longer than you've been out of the closet." All the rant that was built up inside of Castiel came rushing out in a sigh with that statement.


"Really, really." Castiel collapsed on the bed next to Gabriel. "I tried to get him to ask you out, but he's so damn shy. Idiot."

"I had a lot of fun tonight, Gabriel." The way he said it though, it sounded like Castiel was anguished by his date with Sam.

"That's good!"

"No! It's not! Even if Dean and I broke up-"

"When you and Dean break up, it's inevitable at this point."

"If. If we break up," Castiel refused to give in, "I can't just start dating his brother!"

"Why not? The only people who know about you and Dean are me and Anna. Anna would much rather Dean get over his little fixation on you-"

"Thanks, Gabriel, that makes me feel so much better."

"Look," Gabriel sat up and looked Castiel in the eye. "I don't doubt that Dean loves you, but it's no more than the brotherly love we feel for each other-"

"I do not feel much of any sort of love at the moment," Gabriel smacked his hand over Castiel's mouth.

"Shut up. It's some profound bond, I'm sure," Gabriel's sarcasm was not appreciated. "But you've got to see that the guy doesn't like you like that. You two haven't even groped each others trouser snakes yet." Castiel blushed and Gabriel removed his hand knowing he had at least embarrassed Castiel into silence for the time being. "Want my opinion?" He tried to say no but Gabriel spoke over him. "Dean loves you and wants to protect you, and what better way than making sure no guy can worm into your heart and break it."

"That is not-"

"It's that or Dean really is just stringing you along for the ride. Take your pick." Castiel snapped his mouth shut and wrapped his arms around his knees. "Sorry, bro, I'm really not trying to hurt you. The opposite, actually." Castiel nodded but remained silent. Gabriel patted his shoulder twice before climbing off the bed and left the room. Castiel did the only thing he could to clear his mind. He started his homework.

Castiel's plan was to avoid the Winchester brothers at all cost but he rode to school with them each morning and had English with Sam. So that didn't work. And the next morning things were normal. Except when Sam opened Castiel's door for him and gave him a wink before Castiel settled into the back seat. Dean teased Sam about being a girl. The ride was the same except Sam spent most of the time turned around talking to Castiel; while Dean watched him in the review mirror and Castiel tried to ignore both of them.

It wasn't until the third lunch bell sounded during English that things really became awkward. Dean was at his post waiting for Castiel so they could do their usual and sneak off to make out in one of the rarely used janitor closets in the basement. Sam was waiting for him to come to the cafeteria with him to hang out with their friends. Castiel motioned for Sam to wait a minute and approached Dean.

"I don't think I'll be joining you today. I'm going to have lunch with the gang." Castiel kept his voice low.

Dean grunted, arms crossed over his chest. "I'm out one day and you suddenly miss everyone that much."

"I do miss them," Castiel felt defensive, he did not need to explain himself to Dean.

"Whatever," Dean turned on his heel and went the opposite way than lunch. Castiel was a little shocked by Dean's abrupt behavior but it was quickly replaced with anger.

"I take it Dean wont be joining us?" Sam's eyes flicked between Castiel and Dean's retreating back. Castiel shrugged, it didn't matter what had gotten into Dean. He was determined to enjoy himself with Sam and the rest of their friends.

Dean did come into the cafeteria with less than ten minutes to spare and Caroline Keene on his arm. They both looked mussed up and it wasn't hard to deuce what they had been doing. Castiel stared the pair down until Dean looked at him and he could see the guilt pouring off him. A little too late, Castiel thought. He turned his attention back to Sam who was still talking to him a mile a minute and Castiel put his hand on Sam's arm to signal that he was still following him. If Castiel let it linger there...that was no coincidence.

This pattern kept on for a week. They both went further and further. For Dean after Caroline Keene there was Jeanette Long, Nellie Thomas. Castiel grew more bold. At lunch he would keep a permanent hand on Sam's arm and when they were walking down the hall; be it to English or lunch or when Sam would walk him to Calculus, Sam had his arm around Castiel's shoulders or his hand at the small of his back. They were creating quite the buzz around school.

It was the weekend suddenly and Castiel and Sam were in the Winchester backyard working on their debate. It was one of those beautiful April weekends and they were laying in the grass side by side. They had their legs pressed together and more often than not they would start a battle of leg wrestling to break up the boredom.

"Hey, Cas?" Sam put his book down and turned to him.

Castiel hm'd but didn't look up, not until his nose was flicked. "What?" he shot Sam an irritated look.

"Will you go to Prom with me?" Sam lowered his head and looked at Castiel from under his eyelashes.

The knee-jerk response almost kicked in again for him to say no. He thought about how him and Dean had danced around each other all week and there needed to be a conclusion to that before he could say yes, and he really, really wanted to say yes, to Sam. "I want to go with you."

Sam's face fell, "That's not a 'yes', Cas."

"I want to go with you, and if you will wait just one day. I'll tell you yes tomorrow." The confused look that Castiel had started to associate with adorable flashed across Sam's face before he grinned. Castiel started to gather his stuff together. "It is something I have been putting off for a long time. You'll excuse me?" Sam nodded, still smiling. Castiel acted on impulse and planted a kiss on Sam's lips before straightening and left the backyard.

He found Dean exactly where he thought he would. Working on his car in the drive-way. "We have to talk. Privately," Castiel rushed out.

"Oh, now you want to talk." Dean slammed the hood and glared at Castiel.

"Can we do this some where else?"

"No one's inside," Dean turned toward his house but Castiel stopped him.

"No. Not your house," He couldn't risk Sam over hearing. "Mine." At his house they stood a chance of no one hearing if this turned into a yelling. Dean shrugged and motioned for Castiel to lead the way. Each step to his house felt like a mile long walk and the sound of the front door shutting was loud and echoing.

"So, talk Castiel. Maybe you'll want to start with what the hell is going on between you and Sam." Dean was leaning against the door with his arms so tightly crossed over his chest that where Castiel could see his knuckles they were white.

"We should no longer see each other," Those had not been the words Castiel wanted to say. He was going to work up to them, hopefully arrive at them in a way that did not have Dean looking at him like that.

"What, why?" Dean took a step toward him and Castiel was surprised that he stepped back so quickly. "What the hell, Cas?"

"Do not 'what the hell' me, Dean. You knew this was coming. We never- we never should have started this in the first place."

"What are you talking about. Things are great between us."

"Of course they are. That's why you've spent the last week working your way through the cheerleading squad and I've thrown myself at Sam." Castiel snapped his mouth shut.


"That isn't what I meant," Castiel cut in quickly. "I have not thrown myself at him." Now he wasn't so sure about that. It was true that he enjoyed his time with Sam but how much of it was true and how much was because he was pissed off at Dean. "I like spending time with Sam, Dean. He is sweet and open and...and he asked me to the Prom."

Dean's arms fell to his sides. "You want to break up with me and start dating my brother? That's fucked up, Cas, and you know it."

Castiel clenched his jaw. "What we are doing right now is messed up. Do you even want me, Dean?"

"Of course I w-want..." Dean's face went red.

"Do you want to lay with me in bed and explore my body?" Castiel pressed. He was not ending this conversation until he had answers.

Dean blushed darker, "C'mon, Cas, we're only in high school. We don't need-"

"Will you ever want to be with me, like that?" Castiel took a step towards Dean and wasn't surprised when he tired to back away, only to hit the door with a soft thud. "That's what I thought."

"This isn't fair, Castiel. You're my best friend, and I ido/i love you. I just don't think..." Dean shrugged his shoulders and they sagged dejectedly.

"And maybe that is what we should have remained." Dean looked at him, panicked, "And we'll remain friends. I wouldn't give that up, not even now." Dean smiled and pulled him into a hug.

"Guess I've got to give you the "Don't Break My Brother's Heart" speech, huh?" He laughed. Castiel grinned into Dean's shoulder; he was looking forward to the conversation.