Finding Alex Dino

by beaple leone michaelmas


A bewitching three-piece painting ends up in the hands of three young men of very different circumstances. Alex Dino, guardian to the royal House of Athha, discovers himself with the help of two newfound friends. Shameless AU.


[27 November 2010] It is officially 4:12 in the morning, and I have just finished the outline of this fic. I find that weird, given it took me a year to 'think up' the climax of my first long, chaptered-story. That's why I took it as a sign that I have to write this thing down as soon as possible. So…

I hope you enjoy this story! It starts out light, and ends pretty heavily. I hope you like it! ::D


I do not own Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

The whole concept belongs to Sunrise. This fic is based on SEED and Destiny.

Prologue: Fascination

Thursday - 21:15

He carefully took the canvas out of the cardboard box, and stared at the painting in his hands.

It was longer than it was wide, a simple painting of fat white clouds floating in the midst of an empty pale blue sky. There was nothing else in it really – no birds, no planes – nothing spare the perfect, almost tangible mixture of white and blue. Staring at the piece thoughtfully, trying to recall how he had made the decision to buy the painting in the first place, he traced the clouds with a finger.

Perhaps it was the thought of her. She was all he could think about these days.

He put the painting up on the wall in front of him, its box forgotten and discarded on the floor at his side. His small, single-room apartment was dark, the only traces of light coming from the soft yellow glow of the public streetlamp on the street below, and the moon floating friendless in the expanse of the night sky. Groaning slightly, his neck aching, he walked over to his tiny refrigerator, and flicked open a can of chilled coffee.

Drinking the bittersweet, heavy liquid, he stood still in the middle of the room, his mind reflexively returning to the first painting he had ever purchased.

Classes that evening had just ended, and he was dazedly walking out of the campus when he was sidetracked by an art fair near the main university street. Curiosity had gotten the better of him, and so he, disheveled and slightly off-equilibrium due to the difficulty of the test he had just taken, roamed the makeshift stalls packed with paintings and people alike.

It was in the farthest corner of the complex of stands that he met him – a large, blond, cheerful man who gave the impression of being immersed in anything other than art. Behind the enthusiastic dealer, hanging on the flimsy wall partition, was a two-piece painting. A painting of fat white clouds floating in the middle of a pale blue sky.

The man explained that it was actually a three-piece painting, but the third piece, the rightmost piece, had been purchased earlier that afternoon. The artist was unknown, and it had not been given a title, and because of its strange circumstances, it was now being sold at a rock-bottom price. Upon learning this, he had glared at the painting as though it had sinned, wondering what on Earth could have possessed whoever created it to work on such an arresting piece, and not even bother to name it.

Why had they chosen to paint clouds anyway? Whoever painted clouds these days? If you wanted to see clouds, you could always just look outside on any given sunny day and marvel at the real sky instead of staring at a static, cold object…

The theme was something she would have appreciated though, he marveled, smiling slightly. He loved her to bits, but her preferences were so obscure, so whacked, that sometimes he would wonder what made her tick that way. And as he was besieged with recollections of her – the hair that was impossible to miss, her incomparable crystal eyes, the sound of her voice, above all – he had the sudden, aching need to buy it.

The painting. It reminded him too much of her.

He didn't want both pieces though; it was pointless buying two when one would suffice. Besides, the whole idea of buying only two-thirds of a three-piece painting was absurd. It's a waste of money, he had told himself as he fished inside his wallet, as the man began to take down the leftmost piece. Only a waste of money…

So he bought just one. The leftmost piece. And now, barely an hour after he had closed the deal with the art dealer, he stood alone in his dark, Spartan room thinking about the last of the three canvases, calculating what was left of his allowance for the month, praying he would pass his midterm exam, wondering what was going on where she was right now…

Exhaling forcefully, he craned his neck to relieve the stress on his nape. If he were to be honest to himself… he wanted to buy that painting. It was a waste of money, yes, but somehow he felt incomplete with having just one of the pieces. He needed a pair. A partner.

Digging into his left back pocket, his fingers closed on a simple white card bearing an office address and a name – Mu La Flagga of the Le Creuset Art Gallery. At the sight of it, he couldn't keep himself from smiling; even the man's name was difficult to forget. Can half-full of coffee in one hand, plain business card on the other, he walked over to his desk and switched on a lamp. Tomorrow, he swore by the wood on his table, he would buy that piece for sure.

His conflict resolved, Kira Yamato pulled up a chair, ready to review for the rest of the night.


Sorry about all this. ::( My build-ups are always slow, because I tend to talk too much. But I've shortened the story as much as I can, so there will only be eight chapters, excluding the epilogue and the prologue. I hope to see you in the next chapters! Thanks for reading FAD! [28 November 2010]


Chapter One: The Mediator

Determined to have the last piece of the painting, Kira troops to the Le Creuset Art Gallery. When he gets there, however, he finds another customer even more determined than him to buy the remaining piece, and if possible, buy Kira's piece as well.