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"Hello, how may I help you?" Yan Lin asked as she approached the man and woman who had just entered the Silver Dragon.

"Hello. We're looking to talk to a boy named Caleb?" The tall blond haired man asked. "I'm Agent McTiennan and this is Agent Medina." He gestured to his dark-skinned, female companion. "We need to ask him some questions."

"Caleb isn't here at the moment." Yan Lin said smoothly. As a point of fact, Caleb was busy attacking Phobos's forces and probably wouldn't be back until tomorrow.

"Can you tell us where he is?" Agent McTiennan pressed. Yan Lin shook her head.

"Sorry, I can't help you there." She replied.

"Then can we talk to you?" Agent Medina asked suddenly. "We need to know about Caleb. Do you have an office or somewhere we can talk privately?"

"Of course." Yan answered calmly. "We can talk in my office."


"Will, what are we going to do about these agents?" Taranee asked in a slightly freaked tone of voice. "If they start to look to closely, they're going to figure us out!"

"I think we should try and find out who killed Corny." Irma added. "Something about this doesn't smell right."

Doesn't SMELL right?" Will asked incredulously.

"Listen, Corny and I were enemies-slash-friends for years." Irma shot out very quickly. "If anyone should know how far she would've gone, it's me. But when she tried to kill you…" Irma paused. "I think it might be connected."

"And be able to fool the Oracle and the council and everyone else Irma?" Hay Lin cut in, her eyes still red from crying. "I don't know, what could do that?"

"We'll ask Yan Lin later. If anyone knows, she will." Will said firmly.


"What's this all about?" Yan Lin asked firmly as she turned and faced the two agents.

"We believe Caleb may know something about a crime we're investigating." Agent McTiennan said firmly. "How long have you known him?"

"Personally? About a couple of years." Yan Lin replied, unfazed.

"And how did he come to stay at the Silver Dragon?"

"He needed somewhere to stay after he lost his parents. I offered him somewhere to stay." Yan Lin paused. "What exactly is Caleb supposed to know about?"

"We believe he may know something about a murder case we're dealing with. Has Caleb shown any violent tendencies since you've known him?"

"Nothing exceptional." Yan replied. "He's a pretty normal boy, in that respect."

"And what was his relationship like with Cornelia Hale?" Agent Medina pressed. "How did he see her?"

"She was attracted to him. A teenage crush of sorts. He didn't see her the same way though." Yan Lin's eyes widened as she suddenly clicked the details together. "What do you mean was?"

"Cornelia Hale was murdered last Saturday." Agent Medina said softly. "We think Caleb may know something important."

"Do you suspect that he might be the killer?" Yan snapped. "Because I very much doubt that. He was here all afternoon on Saturday!"

"What about Saturday morning?" Agent McTiennan continued. "She was killed in the morning, not the afternoon."

"Sleeping mostly, I think. It had been a very busy night on Friday."

"Thank you for your time Miss Lin." Agent Medina said. "If there's anything that you remember that might be relevant to our investigation."


"What do you think?" Agent McTiennan asked Agent Medina.

"Like her granddaughter, she's definitely hiding something. But I'm not sure it's connected to the case." Agent Medina replied.


"Call it a hunch." Agent Medina said. "That old lady has a core of steel in there. I doubt we'd ever get anything out of her under pressure."

"No arguments there." Agent McTiennan said, nodding. "Let's get back to the station."


Yan Lin sat in her office brooding. This was not good. The Guardians had just been through one major shock, they didn't need this as well.

And then there was the time of Cornelia's death. Yan had no doubt that whoever had murdered Cornelia had simply aged her corpse magically. But why? That made no sense whatsoever.

There was of course the other option, but Yan Lin didn't think that option likely either. For one thing, it would need someone who had the power of a Heart to fool Candracar and the Oracle. And there were only two people who could fit that category and neither of them would have killed Cornelia, she was sure about that.


"Hey Grandma, we need to talk." Hay Lin said as they walked in. She dropped her voice. "It's about our group stuff."

"Is this about Cornelia?" Yan Lin asked perceptively as they entered the basement. At this, Hay Lin started crying again.

"We're thinking that Cornelia's behaviour on Saturday and her murder are connected." Irma added as Hay Lin continued to sob. "Because it really isn't like Corny." At this, Irma choked and tried to regain her composure. After a few minutes, she continued. "Wasn't. I meant to say. Wasn't."

"I can't think how." Yan Lin replied sadly. Internally, she sympathised. She hadn't wanted to believe that Nerissa had gone bad either. "The Oracle and the council would have been able to see through any such deception."

"What about a fetch Grandma?" Hay Lin asked, suddenly remembering an old story Yan Lin had told her. Yan Lin raised an eyebrow.

"To make a fetch that would fool Candracar would require the power of a Heart." She pointed out. "And there are only two people who knew Cornelia and could do that. I believe that whoever killed her, magically aged Cornelia's corpse to make it appear that she was killed in the morning." There was a collective gasp of surprise and Yan Lin looked at them all. "Someone is trying to set you up, but to what point and purpose, I don't know."

"But…how? Why? It makes no sense!" Taranee exclaimed. "Cornelia was murdered by someone strong. Why not make it look like it was us?" Irma frowned.

"That's a good point T. This doesn't smell right."

"So it boils down to this. Either Elyon and one of Phobos's lackeys murdered Cornelia and created a fetch to try and kill me, or someone killed Cornelia after our fight and made it look like she was murdered earlier." Will cut in. "It's the only thing that makes sense."


"Unless you think I did it?" Will asked, glaring at Irma's interruption.

"No, of course not!" Irma protested. Will took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. To say she was feeling rattled by recent events would be an understatement and needless to say, she found herself doubting even her fellow guardians.

"Sorry Irma, I'm feeling a little on edge." Will said.

"Question is, are we going to investigate Cornelia's death? She was one of us, even if she went bad." Taranee asked and Will's face turned dark.

"No. We need to focus our energies on bringing Phobos down. If Elyon was involved, then we'll have to figure out what to do about her when this is over. If Elyon wasn't, then we'll have to leave Cornelia's killer to the cops." Irma opened her mouth, but Will cut her off. "I know that you don't think Elyon did it, but you thought you knew Cornelia well, didn't you?" Irma nodded. "If that wasn't true, then how well can you say you knew Elyon? No, we focus on defeating Phobos and catch Cornelia's killer that way." Irma frowned slightly, but said nothing.

"I need to get going!" Irma exclaimed as she looked at her watch. "My parents called earlier and told me that I have to be back early."

"Yeah, me too. Seeya tomorrow!" Will said as she waved goodbye.


Irma found it very difficult to sleep that night. All night, her mind spun argument and counter-argument.

Something doesn't smell right with this.

No s$%# Sherlock. Trying to kill Will is not Corny's style

I think the idea of a fetch impersonating Corny is more likely.

There's NO way that Elyon killed Corny!

Didn't say she did. But who else fits the bill?

Will does.

I trust Will with my life!

But how well do you know her? A good deal less than you knew Corny.

I can't believe I'm having this argument with myself!

Well you did know Corny for a long time.

Hardly means that I knew her every action.

No, but it means you knew her well. Can you say the same about Will?

No, but…

You can feel your doubts.

No! I mean, Will's the leader of the Guardians! She wouldn't be if she was a bad person!

Power corrupts. Isn't that what granddad used to say?

You're being ridiculous!

How about asking Yan Lin tomorrow if any keeper of the heart has gone bad?

That's ridiculous! Will didn't kill Corny and set her up like that!

Then you have nothing to fear. But if Will did-

For Gods sake, this is ridiculous!

If she did, then what you going to do about it?

I don't KNOW! But Will DIDN'T kill Corny!

Irma continued to toss and turn, as the argument went round and round her head. By the morning, she had only one conclusion. Irma decided that she'd better talk to Taranee about her thoughts. Surely the smartest girl in the group should know what to do.


"Phobos, I need to ask you something." Elyon said as she approached Phobos.

"Anything, dear sister."

"I need to see what's happening on Earth to Cornelia." Phobos opened his mouth and Elyon held up her hand. "I've got the feeling that something bad has happened to her and I need to see her."

Phobos raised an eyebrow and waved his hand at the floor. A cloud of thin dust swept away and the floor took on a glass-like appearance as a scene began to play.

Cornelia and Will were arm-in-arm, laughing and joking as they walked home. Hay Lin was bouncing in front of them, walking backwards so she could also talk. Irma was visible just between the shoulders of Cornelia and Will.

"See? There's nothing to worry about." Phobos said sweetly and at that point, Elyon realised that her brother was not to be trusted. If he could lie about, what else was he lying about?

She made a silent vow. Find out the truth about Meridian and her brother. Little did she know, just how much it would hurt.