*Later in Zack's room*

"Wow, Max looked a lot sexier." said Zack

"Ya, I actually cummed when I saw her," said Cody.

"You cummed in London's pussy?" shouted Zack.

"Ya, I just hope I didn't pregnant her." said Cody.

"Hey, I have an idea." said Zack.

"Oh no." said Cody

"Hey, anyway sneak into Max's room around midnight and ..."

"I'm not going to fuck her." Cody said before Zack could finish.

"I hasn't going to say that," Cody gives Zack one of his 'yes you were' stares "Okay I was going to say fuck her. but you might as well try, and if not maybe so pics will be fine." suggest Zack.

*Around Midnight*

"Sweet Max is asleep and naked already! This'll be easier than I thought." said Cody.

"What will?" asked Max.

"You're awake!" shouted Cody

"I heard Zack's plan and I decided to play along for a bit." confessed Max.

"O, will you still let me get a few pics?" asked Cody.

"Only if you can find a camera." said Max.

"Easy I put one in my pocket ..." Cody starts frantically searching his pockets. "Where did it go?"

"*laughs* I took it while you and Zack where at the pool." said Max "It's somewhere in this room. Happy Hunting."

"Come on won't you at least help me?"

"Nope." said Max.

"Not even a little?" asked Cody.

"Fine i guess I'll do that hot/cold thing." said Max.

"Okay." Cody walks to the opposite side of the room "Well?" asked Cody.

"Colder than Antarctica." replied Max. Cody walks over and stands next to Max. "As hot as the sun."

"Is it in your pussy?" asked Cody.

"Maybe." replied Max. Max blushes. "Okay yes I hid it in my pussy." Max quickly added. "Don't get any ideas of replacing it with your dick!"

"Okay." said Cody disappointed. Cody puts two fingers into Max's pussy and pulls out his camera. "Okay, Ready Max?'

"I guess." replied Max. Cody takes nearly 1500 pics. "Enough Already!" shouted Max. "I'm going to bed. Your welcome to stay the night here if you want."

"Okay thanks." replied Cody. "but where will I sleep? there's only one bed."

"Then I guess you'll have to sleep on the floor." said Max.

"Okay." said Cody. Lies down on the floor.

*about 2 hours later*

"Dang it." says Cody "I can't fall asleep." hears Max snore. "I can't beleve I'm going to do this." Climbs up and starts fucking Max.

*2 minutes later*

"Cody what's going ..." Max sees what Cody's doing "Cody! I am going to kill you!"

"Max, I can explain"

"Ya right!" shouts Max. Max grabs Cody and tries to shove him out the porthole and into the ocean below. "Where did I put my pocketknife? Max ask herself.

"Max. Please don't cut anything off me. Please I beg you." begs Cody.

"Anything?" asked Max.

"Anything." replied Cody.

"Then nice knowing you, go swim with the fish." Max pushes Cody into the ocean.

"Your crazy!" shouts Cody.

"Fuck you Cody!" shouts Max.

"Is that a threat or a promise?" asked Cody.

"Well since I no longer have anything to lose. A promise. If you live."

"HELP! HELP!" Cody shouts.

"Cody it's 2 in the morning." said Max "I'm pretty sure nobody will be awake."

"Cody, how did you get into the ocean?" shouts a voice from above."

"Long story" shouts Cody."Okay." says the voice.

*5 minutes later*

"Do I want to know why your naked?" asked Mr. Mosby.

"Again Long Story" said Cody "and one that you probably do not want to hear."

"Whatever" says Mr. Mosby "just don't do it again or I will want to hear the story." Mr. Mosby walks away.

"I see you lived." said Max.

"Ya, now about that promise." said Cody.

"Yes I'll keep my promise." said Max. "but not right now."

"Why?" asked Cody

"It's 2:30 in the morning!" shouts Max

"Fine. We'll talk later." see ya later."

"Bye" said Max. turns and walks away

*9 that morning*

"Ready to fulfill your promise now?" asked Cody

"What promise would that be?" asked Zack.

"Last night he fuck me in my sleep, I pushed him out, he said 'I was crazy', I said 'fuck you cody', he asked me 'threat or promise', i said 'promise if you live', he lived so it's a promise then." Max explained.

"Right" said Zack. "Do you want a threesome?" Asked Zack

"No! One is all I'm going to do right now." Said Max

"Aww but I want to fuck someone." Said Zack

"Then go find Bailey or London." Said Cody

"Good Idea" Said Zack and he ran off to find one of the other two.

"Do you want to fuck now or later?" asked Cody

"Meet me in my room in one hour." said Max.

"Why so long?" asked Cody

"None of your business." said Max.

*In Bailey's Room*

"Bailey, London, are one of you here!"

"Yes, it's Bailey, I'm taking a bath. What do you want Zack?""To have sex with you." said Zack.

"Okay, come in and fuck me then." said Bailey

Zack walks in "Holy Crap" says Zack. "It's going to take me a while to get used to seeing you naked."

"Right, anyway do what you want to me." said Bailey "Just don't get to rough."

"Okay." said Zack.

*In Max's room*

"*Moans* Not so fast Cody." said Max.

"Sorry. I'll go slower now."

"No. I'm done now." said Max.

"Will you consider fucking again later?" asked Cody.

"I'll consider it." said Max

"Good enough for me right now." Said Cody.

"Okay." said Max "Now get out of my room."

"See ya." said Cody shortly after leafing the room, Cody sees London in the hot tub.

"Hey Cody." says London "I'm really horny right now. Fuck me."

"Okay." Cody quickly gets in the hot tub and starts fucking her in the pussy.