Returning to him

What if, after getting caught by Madara, Kyuubi sends Naruto back? But what if he makes everything change, yet it gives Naruto a chance to set everything straight?

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C)Kurama gave her a part of his soul her (plus other things which will be addressed soon), meaning he gave her specific memories of his past life and an incredible amount of chakra.

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E)The youngest ninja to graduate from the academy was Kakashi at age 5 (or so we are made to believe) and became chunin at 6. Jiraya and the others graduated at 6. So I hope Mitsuko, with the memories of a sixteen-year-old self, can do all of this at the tender age of 4.

F)Let's not forget Itachi, too, had needed to defend himself before the third-shinobi war ended before his fifth birthday.

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Chapter 11:

More problems

Just how had she forgotten about that snake? After all, he put her through in her last life; she should have been keeping a closer eye on him since day one, she remembered. The blonde turned around with a grave face, Minato hadn't seen many times but would need to get used to quickly. He sighed as he looked at her like any other shinobi, "What is it?" he asked in a calm voice. Sarutobi was shocked, and Itachi froze with her form.

The Uchiha knew that stand; tense shoulders, straight back, legs straight and close together fisted hands, and finally, her tensed hair. He slowly got up and walked up to her. In a second, she had his hand in hers, "Itachi needs to stay with us until Fugaku gets back," she spoke in a deadly serious voice, something she got from him. Minato blinked, surprised, and looked at her before looking at the stunned boy.

Sarutobi blinked back his accumulated shock and sat down, "Why?" Minato asked her, narrowing his eyes a bit. Mitsuko stared at her father long and hard. He thought a bit and then, "Oh," Minato looked at the Sandaime. The two kids followed his gaze, and the almost retire Hokage looked at them; the girl sighed and bit her lip.

"He… should not be trusted," she said quietly; Minato blinked confused as well as the others.

"Who?" he inquired.

"Orochimaru," she said, looking down.

Hiruzen laughed, "Come on, Mitsuko. He might have scared you, but he's a Konoha shinobi," he soothed her. He might not have noticed, but her hair tensed more; her father's eyes were wide.

"We'll talk about this at home," he said at last.

The blonde looked up at her father, "And Itachi?" she asked.

"I'll tell Kushina to talk to Mikoto," he said, the little girl sighed, relieved.

"Alright," she cheered, beaming at the Uchiha.

Itachi looked at her, confused, but felt that he knew what was wrong here. He had gotten a bad feeling about the man, and he did not like it a bit. She grabbed Itachi's hand and moved towards the door, "Bye-bye, daddy, jiji." Mitsuko smiled over her shoulder and left. Itachi gave a short goodbye as he was dragged out of the office by his friend. Minato laughed while the third looked confused after them.

The Uchiha was a bit confused as the blonde started to grip his hand tighter; he narrowed his eyes and stopped when they got to a lone street. Mitsuko followed his halt but didn't turn to look at him, "Mitsuko," he said softly. "Do you know who that was?" he asked her, tugging her hand to tell her to look at him. The blonde lowered her head and squeezed his hand; the boy's blank façade was pulled out and moved in front of her. Mitsuko saw his feet stop in front of her, she let go of his hand and snaked her arms around his neck.

Itachi blinked at the sudden hug she was giving him and wrapped his arms around her waist while furring his brows, "I won't let him near you..." she whispered lowly, too faintly for him to be sure she said it. He could only give her a bit of comfort as she held on to him for life; all this confused him more so than before. He blinked when the girl pulled away and grinned at him, "Let's go. Mom probably has set everything for us," she told him and started to run.

The little boy blinked once more and sighed; he rushed after her. He smiled as her laughter filled his ears with her sweet melody, as they got to the house, the blonde slowed down. She turned to him with a warm smile, her soft hair waved behind her, and her eyes almost glowing, "Come on, Itachi," she said with a kind and gentle voice. His heart stopped before it speeded away, he sighed and rushed past her with a smirk. Mitsuko blinked, "Hey!" she yelled after him.

The Uchiha laughed, surprising the blonde, leaving her gapping. She would never have thought for it to be so carefree, so cheerful. The little girl smiled and closed her eyes, 'I promise you, Orochimaru will never lay a finger on you or Sasuke,' she thought. Snapping her eyes open with a shine of unwavering determination, a sly grin broke onto her lips; she jumped up to a rooftop and jumped away. She soon passed Itachi, and in a few more seconds, she was at the front entrance of her house.

She smirked at the shocked face of the Uchiha, "What?" she asked blankly, he glared at her as she opened the front door.

"You used the rooftops," he stated.

"Did I?" she asked with a playful tone. The boy glared at her back, "Let's race after we graduate from the academy. Fair and square," she told him with a happy smile.

The Uchiha grinned, "You really want to lose?" he asked, closing the door behind him and following after her.

"Psh, yeah, right! It would still be a hundred years too early to beat me," she stated.

Kushina looked at the kids, "Then you're going to be too old to race me," he said in a matter of fact tone.

"You wish that were the case. Remember I still have 16 years of experience," she grinned smugly at him.

"Yeah, you're old," he said lightly.

The blonde glared, "I'm four! My mind is the mature one!" she huffed.

"Yet you act like a four-year-old," Itachi smirked at her.

"And you act like a stuck up, forty-year-old man," she told him. "God! And you're not even seventeen!" she raised her arms in the air, defeated.

The Uchiha blinked, confused, "I acted like a 40-year-old, stuck up man when I was seventeen?" he asked.

"...No, but close to it," she told him quietly. "You... hid your emotions to an extreme... I always thought you were a tool for others to use... we... never really got to sit and have a good long talk. The one civilized conversation we had... it was something," she said and looked up at the ceiling. "I wish I could have been there as you grew up, to have been your friend... and..." she closed her lips, 'and save you,' she thought, closing her eyes, remembering the last time she had seen him alive.

Itachi furrowed his brows in confusion, "Help you be yourself!" she smiled at him. Kushina looked at her daughter, worried. She had never seen her so emotional and unable to voice her feeling before. She was always so cheerful and unstoppable after she opened her mouth to say something. But now, she had almost seemed at a loss of words.

"Can you tell me?" he asked. Mitsuko looked at him, confused, "Tell me about the me you met?" he clarified and waited for the response. The redhead observed her carefully for anything Mitsuko may give away.

Mitsuko tensed, she looked away from him as her eyes dulled into a dark dead light blue. Her eyes were lifeless, and she seemed to be far away, 'Naruto-kun.'

'Save Sasuke.'

'Part of my power…'

'Village... Sasuke... Stain...'

'What will you do?'

The last smile he gave her, that beautiful smile she believed was something, came to mind, and she closed her eyes to hide anything that may be slipping. She turned around, "I'm sorry, but there was a reason why I only told you the simple version of my life. All I will tell you, it that you were a magnificent shinobi and an even greater person," she told him.

The two looked at her worriedly, "Did I die?" he asked her, she turned to look at him with a blank smile.

"Everyone does at one point; I did," she told him passively. She looked down, "That is war…" she said coldly. "Let's eat," she spoke gently, sitting down.

After lunch, Kakashi came back with new clothes and looked refreshed. The little girl beamed at him and took Itachi's hand as she dashed to the back yard. Kakashi looked at Kushina for a second, she smiled, "I'll be with you in a second," she told him. The Hatake sighed and went after the two kids, he knew that Mitsuko was very advanced, but he was unsure how good Itachi was. When he came out, he stopped to watch the blonde talk with the Uchiha cheerfully.

Kakashi's gray eye softened; he had been such a fool for turning away from such a gentle and caring light. Her parents had named her well, child of light, that she was. The girl was now pouting, the Uchiha must have said something she couldn't return, that would annoy her significantly. He decided to make himself present, but before he could say anything, Mitsuko turned to him. "'Shi-nii, how long are you planning to stand there?" she asked, Itachi turned to him a little surprised, but calmed down quickly.

"Maa-ah, I was just thinking what I can try and teach you," he said with his hands in his pockets and moved to the field. He wanted to see just how strong Mitsuko truly was, but he had a feeling that what he had seen the day before was nothing compared to the future woman she would become. He eye-smiled at them and did something that shocked both the blonde and himself, he petted her head lovingly.

"You're acting weird," the little girl said with narrowed eyes, but other than that, she didn't brush his hand away.

He laughed and sighed before pulling his hand away, "After practice, let's visit Obito," he said. Mitsuko beamed and cheered, completely happy to be able to visit her 'older brother' while Itachi only nodded a bit. Kushina came out with a smile, the dress she always wore was gone, and her clothes were different.

"Are you guys ready?" she asked with a gentle smile, her eyes closed happily.

"Yes!" Mitsuko cheered but froze when the redhead opened her royal eyes. Mischief-ness she had never seen shone in the depths of those purple orbs she loved. With a gulp, she nodded again.

"Good, because after this, I'm sure you would love just to bathe and go to sleep!" she grinned and looked at Kakashi, "While at it, why don't I train you a bit, too?"

The Hatake shrugged, "If you can work with the three of us, why not?" he told her, and her grin only got wider and darker.

"Um, 'Shi-nii…" Mitsuko whispered.


"I think you should have really, really refused her offer," she murmured, looking at the insane look on her mother's face.

"Why?" he asked, confused. Itachi looking at her bemused as well.

The little blonde shrugged, "Just wanted you to rest as long as you could," she sighed and got ready for what she believed would be Hell Training.

"Alright, we'll begin stretching. I don't want any pull muscles and after you will run around the clearing ten times, followed by eight sets of fifty push-ups."

Itachi's eyes widened, Kakashi crook a brow, and Mitsuko sighed. Just to make it clear, the clearing was freaking huge, and ten times around, it was about half a lap around the village. They got down on the ground and started to stretch. Kushina came over to them to help them do so better, pulling muscles slowly, but effectively. Mitsuko was by far the most flexible, and Kushina was proud. Kakashi had been in for it, and now he knew why the blonde had suggested sitting it down.

Itachi had been pushed a bit, but not as much as Kakashi. He was still young and flexible. Half an hour later, their run began. The only good thing was that it was fall. If not, they would be burning by now. Another half an hour later, they were panting and sweaty.

"Good, now down on the floor and push!"

Kakashi groaned, his body already hurting after the mission he had. Itachi grunted tiredly, and Mitsuko shook her head.

"Ten sets of twenty-five sit-ups and five sets of forty squats!"

They did just that. All of it. And by the time they got to do something with charka, they required a bit of a break.

"Mom, can we at least get some water?" the little blonde asked, panting a bit. Kushina nodded, eyeing her since the beginning. Her daughter might be small, but she sure had stamina. She had been impressed by her flexibility and now her endurance. She was sure now that Mitsuko knew how to take care of herself while training –even if Mitsuko took things a bit far, just like her.

Itachi was panting on the ground while Kakashi was sitting down, trying to look cool. The last mission had been hard on him, and he really wanted the rest Mitsuko had advised him to take, but there was no going back now. Kushina could be a devil, even his sensei knew when to stop pushing them and more so after a difficult mission.

Mitsuko had gone to the house to retrieve some water and was now back and handing it to Itachi and Kakashi. She stood looking at the sky, drinking slowly while the boys gulped down their beverage. Kushina's eyes saddened at the distant look her daughter had. The redhead walked over to her and placed her hands on her hips, looking up as well.

"What are you thinking?" she asked softly.

The blonde smiled, "When training was still fun. Where it wasn't a matter of life and death," she replied coolly.

The host looked down at her, "How did they capture you?"

"I thought I already told you," Mitsuko said quietly.

"Not in detail."

The little girl moved her eyes to meet her mother's; she held her gaze and sighed. Mitsuko turned around, "Sorry, but the less you know, the better," she assured Kushina and walked to the center of the field to sit down. The boys were calming down, and the three watched curiously as she sat there.

Mitsuko closed her eyes and tried to relax. Her life had just gone from normal to freaking insane. She wanted to tell them everything, how she died, who the main villains were, who would die, and when. But she couldn't. Kurama had warned Mitsuko before her rebirth. If the truth came to the surface, then it would be best to hide all critical points and tell them the most innocent picture of her life.

She frowned and searched deep within herself, to where the small part of Kurama's soul was cocooned against her own. She tilted her head when a new rope, a weak one, was forming. The corner of her lips twitched down, it was familiar, the intertwining threads wove into rope made up of different colors. She looked away from it and focused on the red one wrapped around her being protectively.

The blond-redhead reached towards her own soul, and the red thread wrapped around her arm, pulling her closer to the baby violet color of her soul, and she stopped. Something was awakening in her, something she remembered faintly since it had been barely there when she was Naruto. A protective and safeguarding feeling enveloped her and crept up her arm, connecting the red thread, rope, her soul, and her physical self together.

She smiled as the warmth increased, and something in her called. She opened her inner eye and gasped as she opened her blue eyes.

Everything was glowing; the chakra was flowing vividly through the trees, down the ground, through every leaf and herself. Mitsuko go up and ambled to the nearest tree. She placed her hand on top of it, relaxing instantly as the chakra of the tree connected to her body, trying to feed off of it and keep a hold of it. She shuddered as the blue networks started to change color to a baby violet, and she gulped.

"Mitsuko?" her mother inquired.

The small girl flinched as everything started to dim, the glow she fell in love vanished, and it only left the dull –as it seemed to her now- color. She turned to the curious glances and blinked, "Uh… yes?" she asked unsurely.

"Is something wrong?" Kushina questioned, concerned by the strange behavior.

"Uh… no," the blond shook her head. "So what's next?" she sighed at the devilish grin her mother got.

Two hours later, Itachi and Kakashi lay on the couch, gasping for the air they still had to get back. Meanwhile, Mitsuko was sitting in a chair with a towel around her neck and slowly sipping some water. Kushina had only stopped since she got a bird from Minato to talk to Mikoto about Itachi straying until Fugaku came back.

Kakashi had asked the redhead if they could go back to the Hospital to visit Obito once they were good enough to walk. The Jinchuuriki had agreed and left, leaving panting children behind. The silver-haired teen looked at Mitsuko. She was breathing normally now, and she seemed to be in deep thought. He looked at Itachi and wondered how it was that the boy could have even moved a foot in the direction of the house.

The Hatake knew that these two kids would be a force to be reckoned with. If Mitsuko was already this well trained, all by herself, he could only wonder what she had taught Itachi during his mission. They had about six days of training, but he had no idea what Mitsuko herself called that. He got up after his breathing was even and poured more water for himself.

Mitsuko looked up at him and smiled, "Enjoyed my mom's training?" she asked.

The jonin snorted, "Loved it," he said sarcastically, "Sensei does a better job at keeping us from over exhausting ourselves."

Itachi had joined them by now, "Really now?" she asked, pouring some water for him. Itachi glared at her but took a sip.

"Yup, he's not as wild," he nodded.

Mitsuko laughed, "Of course he's not, that's my mom's job," she smirked.

"When will we visit Obito?" Itachi threw in before the blonde really started to compare. He had a few of those speeches over the past week, thank you very much.

"Whenever you two are ready," Kakashi said.

Instantly, Mitsuko was up and heading to the door, "No time to waste then," she called over her shoulder.

The boys shook their heads and followed after the girl. She led them to the Hospital, and when they went in, they met the nurse that had escorted her before. Mitsuko grinned sweetly as they passed by the nurse. Soon, she was opening the door to the Uchiha's room.

"We're back!" she cheered when she saw Obito sitting up looking over a magazine.

The Uchiha smiled and closed it, "Mitsu!" he then looked behind and blinked, "Itachi," he said lower.

"Obito," the heir nodded back, climbing the bed next to Mitsuko and making himself comfortable. "How are you?" he asked after the silence had been too long.

The teen blinked, and smiled sheepishly, "Better, thank you," he said softly, giving him a small smile.

Mitsuko sighed, "When will you be able to get out of here?"

"Haven't been told yet," he frowned.

"Oh, well, what do you want to do?" she asked.

Obito shrugged, and turned to Kakashi, "How's Rin?"

The silver head blinked, "I haven't seen her," he said and sighed, "I'll go over to her house after this and tell you tomorrow. She'll visit, you know," he assured him. The Uchiha nodded, and looked at his cousin, "Is Mikoto-san still on her mission?"

"No," the younger Uchiha said, "she came back last night."

That made the teen blink, "Then how are you with Mitsuko?" he asked before he could think over his question. He smiled awkwardly, "I mean, I know she wouldn't let you just hang out with someone outside the clan, even if I think that's ridiculous. Of course, I don't disapprove, I actually love that you chose Mitsuko as your friend. She's really something, and she will help you a lot. Pretty much strip you from all the Uchiha clan's uptight rules and all. But I mean, Mikoto-san just wouldn't let you out of the house just like that…" he bit his lower lip.

Mitsuko beamed at him, "Don't worry, Obi-nii, hopefully, Itachi will stay with me until Fugaku comes back from his mission," she nodded.

Itachi looked between the two and had to smile a bit at their similarities. Obito freaked out about this, and pointed at his face, "You're smiling!" he exclaimed.

Now the boy glared, "And?" he asked.

Obito scratched the back of his head, "Well, truthfully, I haven't seen you smile for a long time, Itachi. I've known you since you were a baby, and I've rarely seen you smile," he said sadly. "I'm delighted you were able to meet this kid," he nodded towards the blonde, "because it has really lifted something from you. You've changed a bit, you know? And I hope you keep that up and change for the better." He grinned, "And Mitsu, don't give up on him. We Uchihas are quite stubborn as you've seen."

Mitsuko rolled her eyes, "Well, as if we hadn't seen that before. Right, Shi-nii?"

Kakashi laughed, "Nope, never before," he winked at her.

She giggled and smiled happily. She looked at three boys and smiled fondly, "I'm happy," she said.

The three blinked and couldn't help but smile at her, "Why's that?" Obito asked.

"Because I have all of you!" she grinned, jumping off of the bed and turned to look out the window. "It's nice," she whispered softly, a sad smile adorned her face.

The boys looked at each other confused and shrugged.

They started talking once more until dusk was close to the horizon, and Kushina picked them up. She told them that Itachi would be staying with them when Kakashi asked what the backpacks were for, and also that she had brought some pajamas for Obito.

Mitsuko was glad, at least she knew Itachi would be safe with them. They said good-bye to Obito and left the Hospital.

"Kakashi, do you want to have dinner with us?" Kushina asked, but he declined politely.

"Thank you, but I have to see how Rin is doing," he said and bid them good night.

After he disappeared, they went home. Kushina made dinner, and Minato came back while she was getting things ready.

"Daddy!" Mitsuko had greeted him after he walked through the door. Itachi had followed her and bowed his head a bit in greeting.

Minato laughed as he carried her to the kitchen and ruffled Itachi's hair as he passed by. The boy had no idea if to be mad or happy that his hair had been messed up, but the smile that crawled over his lips made the decision for him. He quickly followed them to the kitchen.

The blond put Mitsuko down and greeted his wife with a kiss on her cheek, while the children finished setting the table.

The small family and their guest eat while they talked about their day and what they had liked and disliked. They spoke of what would be going on tomorrow and what they could do.

For Itachi, this was different. The feeling he got from this dinner with them, and his family's was completely different. There was no tense, suffocating atmosphere of awkward silence. There was just warmth and happiness. This was what he began to love and appreciate. This is what Mitsuko had offered him with her friendship, but what was he offering?

There was nothing he was doing for her. While she had taken him from his clueless mother and lonely life, what had he given her? She had saved his life. She had made him feel special. She had made him feel wanted.

But what did Itachi give her and her family?

After they finished eating dinner, they were tired after the long day they had. Kushina said that Mitsuko's bed was big enough for the two and that she didn't want Itachi to sleep on the couch or floor. Minato had been against it, but the redhead asked him what could possibly go wrong, they were only four after all.

And so, that's how they ended up lying on the same bed, with a comfortable silence.

Just when Itachi had been about to pass out, Mitsuko spoke softly, "You know I won't ask you for anything. But you being my friend is all I will ever ask; that's all I need, and I will accept nothing less. You don't have to give me anything more than your friendship, Itachi."

Itachi bit his bottom lip, a warm feeling was bubbling inside of him, and he didn't want it to ever disappear. To be cared for like this… he had never had the chance to. And he didn't want it ever to end. With a soft "thank you," he went to sleep, followed closely by Mitsuko.

The green chakra glowing against the chest was dimming. The person was dying, and there was nothing that could be done. The wound was far too lethal, and there was nothing else to be done. Why couldn't she save anyone? Why did she have to lose someone again?

She rose from her spot and went to another medic to ask what else there was to do. She was told to keep on looking for wounded shinobi and try to heal them, but not to wander outside their perimeters. She rushed through groaning bodies and kept her hard work. It had been a day since the mission had begun, and they were making little progress.

The mission will be over tomorrow for her. After all, she needed her rest. Being a medic was important, especially for missions like this one. There had only been ten medics that were able to come, four which would leave tomorrow, and six would stay.

Her job was essential. She had to stay alive in order to do her task. Her work was harder than others, whatever happened, she could not die. Many others would follow after her if she died, just because she could not live longer to save others.

She was working so hard, but one of her most beloved had died. Just because she had been weak. But it had been his duty. A medic was the most important of the group; if she died, there would be no one to anchor the group.

But she couldn't think of that now, she had to concentrate and keep her guard up. It would be no good if she were to-

Blood tainted the ground once more. But this time, she had to get out of this herself. Leaving behind her charge, she went and hid. Quickly healing her wound, she took a deep breath before diving into her work again.

Four would go home tomorrow. She had to stay alive for six more hours, then she'd be able to go back.

The light lit up as footsteps echoed through the room. It was cold, even with all the little flames heating the glass containers.

Today had been a fascinating day, even if it was one of the ones he added to his most-hated-days list. It was bad enough that a shinobi, barely 23 years old, was made Hokage apprentice instead of him! How dare that old fool pick Minato instead of him?

But no matter, he had come to realize that he no longer wanted to be Kage. He had a new ambition. Yes, those blue eyes encouraged him to finally accept the little idea he had been toying for a while, swimming around his head. But the boy… oh, the boy would serve him well. The incredible eyes of the Uchiha would help him in his search for power. His unlimited hunger for knowledge would finally be satisfied with the Sharingan.

How else would he be able to master all jutsus in the world? And the boy's body would help as well. His little experiment that he had begun a few months ago would be able to progress magnificently by the contribution of Uchiha Itachi.

Now the problem, how would he get his hands on the boy? It would be difficult since he was the heir of the Uchiha, but as of now, Fugaku wasn't in town. He'll be able to get away with it. After all, Mikoto wasn't that powerful. Sure, she was a jonin, but he knew better.

But what of the little blonde? She had something that he wanted, but he couldn't place his finger on it. She would be strong, he knew. She would be gain power by time, an incredible power that no one would be able to control unless studied correctly. And he was sure once he knew what had made his curiosity perked up, he would be able to control the same power.

Knowledge was everything in this world. If you had the answers no one else knew, you'd always win. Strength is knowledge, and he could never get enough. He wanted to learn more, to become stronger, and once he was, destroy the place where he had been denied too many times already. He would become the leader of his own village and gather the best of the best to become the greatest.

There will be no one to stop him, no such Yondaime Hokage or stupid old fools. He would be the only one. No one would beat him, no one would have the power to hurt him.

He would be invincible! But first, he had to get his hands on a certain Uchiha Itachi and the blonde girl.

Now, his first move would be to find out who that girl was and a plan to get both children under his control. It would be easy enough, there were only four or so.

He'll train them, and when they were powerful enough, he'll take everything from them.

Yes, that sounded like an excellent plan, and no one would know.

No one.

Kakashi knocked on the door again, and finally, a woman came out. "Kakashi-kun, how can I help you?" the brunette asked.

"Can I speak with Rin?" he asked softly.

Rin's mother blinked, "She's on a mission. All medics available were called for assistance," she replied.

"Oh," he didn't know what to say. Kakashi looked at her, "When Rin gets home, could you tell her to meet me at Sensei's place?" he asked her, and she nodded.

"Of course," she smiled, "she should be here tomorrow."

"Thank you, ma'am," he bowed and left. That was weird; he didn't remember Minato mention anything about that mission. Maybe the Sandaime had ordered it; that seemed more likely. Well, tomorrow he would tell her that Obito survived, and well on the road of recovery. Then they could visit him with Mitsuko and Itachi.

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Ps: Also, there will be slash on this (I wasn't planning on it, but like always, my writing got the best of me and wrote itself in the fic), but at the most, I will show a kiss between the two; it'll mostly be heavily hinted. I plan to do a side story about them if not many are okay with me integrating it in the main story. Let me know if I should post it aside or incorporate it here.

There is a poll and I will close it Feb. 10, 2021 to see if you guys want me to add the two below or keep them separate from this story!

Drum roll! It's KakaObi/ObiKaka