Returning to him

What if, after getting caught by Madara, Kyuubi sends Naruto back? But what if he makes everything change, yet it gives Naruto a chance to set everything straight?

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Chapter 1:


October 10th

He ran through the forest with all of the speed he had. Even with his special technique, he forgot to place a seal of the Hiraishin seal near them. 'How was I stupid enough to forget it!' he asked as he finally got where he was needed the most. With the beginning of the war, he wasn't very sure when he would be called, but he was convinced that it would be after his kid was born.

After all, The Sandaime wasn't as cruel as to send him away when his wife would be in labor, and he wouldn't be stupid enough to send him away while he was the only one that could help his wife deliver their child without a problem. He landed in front of the two ANBU guarding the entrance; he nodded to them and went in just as he entered, his ears filled with more curses and threats towards him than ever before.

Who would be dumb enough to do that to recently named The Yellow Flash? Well, none other than his beautiful, pregnant wife… that had gone into labor a few hours ago.

Namikaze Minato walked in and almost ran to his beloved's side, "Hey Kushina," he said softly, but the panting redhead only glared at him.

"I swear that once I'm through with this, I will get you, and I will get you good!" she hissed and gasped as a contraction hit her hard.

The blond ninja whimpered at the sudden pressure on his hand, "'Shina, I need my hand," he told her with a bit of humor, but she only growled and let go, grabbing hold of the wood by her sides instead.

The seal master sighed and placed his right hand on top of her swollen belly, just where the seal of the Kyuubi rested and gripped his wrist with his left. Tsunade looked at him and nodded, "I need you to concentrate on the seal only; I don't care if she yells with pain or threatens you to castrate you. Your task is only the seal!" she told him seriously. Nodding he looked at his wife, "I'll do the rest, trust me, she won't go anywhere as long as I'm doing this," the blonde medic assured him.

Minato gulped and looked at the seal and glace at his redhead love every two minutes or so. Kushina was known for her endurance, but right now she looked as if she was in pain no one could bear, "Are you sure she's okay?" he asked worriedly, sweat starting to form on his forehead.

Tsunade glared at him, "Yes," she growled and turned back to her task.

Uzumaki grunted loudly and gripped the wood handles with amazing strength, her face flushed, and she shut her eyes tightly. Tsunade gasped, "Keep pushing! I see the head," she ordered. Minato glanced at his right side, and his breath hitched. He could see a small head filled with blonde and red locks.

He looked at his wife, "You can do it, Kushina!" he smiled, but then he felt the fox try to push his way out. "Don't you dare! Stay there, Kyuubi," he ordered with panic as Kushina whimpered and arched a bit. "Come one, kid. Hurry up and get out," he pleaded as he added more chakra to the seal; he watched as Tsunade caught a little body and pulled it out. He gasped when he heard the small cries of his kid. Kushina panted, her legs trembled, and Kushina looked at the baby in Tsunade's hands. The little body of her precious soul was cover with blood and placenta; she watched as the baby was handed to her midwife to clean them up.

She gasped and fell on the mat, her breaths ruffed, and she felt the pressure of the demon. Minato snapped back into reality and quickly redid the seal, "It's okay, love. I've got it," he told her as he closed the seal shut.

The redhead sighed as she felt the lit back on, on the fox. A warm hand came to grab her, and she smiled, "Where…?" she asked, but both saw Tsunade come close with their kid.

"Congratulations, it's a beautiful girl!" Tsunade praised as she placed the still crying girl to her arms.

Both admired the life they had created, the little girl had blond hair, yet red highlights, "It seems she a perfect mix of The Namikaze and Uzumaki clans," the Sannin told them with a gentle smile.

Minato nodded, "Thank you," he said without looking at her, he only had eyes for his little girl. Kushina looked at him with teary eyes, "You did great," he whispered gently, kissing her forehead and brushed a finger on the baby's face.

A set of perfect pink lips trembled a bit, faint marks on her cheeks and a small nose, "She's perfect," Kushina said.

Minato laughed, "Yes, she is, we did a pretty good job," he stated proudly.

"Heck of a good looking girl," she agreed.

Tsunade left them to clean up the hidden cave and to give the new family some alone time. Of one thing they were right, they made one good looking girl; but she will have to be careful if she doesn't want an overprotective father.

The red habanero looked at Minato with shining eyes, "Thank you!" she said and kissed him softly.

The blond shook his head, "No, thank you," he stated with a smile. He looked at his daughter, "No matter what she does; she will always be pure," he said and looked at his Uzumaki, "Mitsuko… our Mitsuko!" he declared, and she nodded.

"That's a beautiful name, our child of light," she smiled.

Minato nodded, smiling at them, and sighed contently. All he needed now was to wait until he was called for duty.

4 Years later…

A blonde girl ran down the street, no one was in it, as the war kept going. She had started to remember all parts of her life as Uzumaki Naruto, yet she felt like this is how it should have been in the first place.

She laughed humorlessly as she passed the vacant streets of Konoha. Sure, things were looking up for her in the matter of family, but in this era, she could not be happy.

With the things she has seen now, she understood why Itachi had been the way he was. Why he did what he did. She admired and respected him greatly, yet, she could change so much, starting with the attack that's coming up in a year and a few months. With the body of a 4-year-old by then five-year-old and the mind of a 16-year-old, she could do so much. Especially when she remembered all of her old techniques.

She had thought that without Kyuubi inside of her, she would lose a considerable amount of chakra, but it was something she could deal without. After all, after she re-masters Sage mode, it would be as easy as pie to get Rasengan down. Still, she never would have imagined having as much chakra as she did back in her time as Naruto; it was something she was grateful.

Uzumaki Mitsuko ran to a remote part of the village; she forced her little legs to go as quickly as they could.

It was a time of war, and no one could tell if the enemy could get in and attack, but she was well trained… at least of what she remembered as Naruto. This part of the village was on the east part of Konoha, by Inuzaka Clan Compound –though it was a bit far- and the river; Training ground 8.

She was sneaky, maybe as she used to be, or perhaps just a little more. She couldn't believe how much difference her parents made in her life; Mitsuko was being praised by the Third Hokage and the two Sannin -Tsunade and Jiraiya- for being a prodigy. She knew it had a lot to help with her memories, but still. It was so much easier to accomplish something when asking her father –her mother was as bad as she was- for help or to answer a question.

She was going to train the simple task of 'do not move.' She knew it would be very hard without the oil, but she had managed so far and has gotten some extreme results. Just at the tender age of four and she was only transforming a bit into a toad, just a bit less than Jiraiya, but that was good. Mitsuko was very surprised when she found out how good she was at controlling her chakra… it might have to do with Kyuubi not being inside of her, or something.

Four months of practicing, and she was able to collect enough nature chakra to rip a tree from the ground and throw it 100 yards away at the height of 50 yards. She was proud of herself and was excited to see her parent's faces when she showed them.

When she got to her destination, she saw all the piled snow and smiled; she had always admired it for its pureness. She sighed as she walked to a tree and sat down and started her training. Ten minutes later, she opened her eyes, and they were golden, slightly red shade on her temples and eyelids, nose slightly sharp, and her skin was somewhat rough. She sighed; it was the closest she had gotten since her training, and she could feel the energy of… well, everything.

Mitsuko got up and flexed, she warmed up and started to use Frog Kata with two Kage bunshin she learned long ago.

All of the time, she felt the coming and going energy of birds and small animals, but then she felt a source of chakra heading her way. She closed her eyes and tried to guess how far it was and how much time it would reach her. To her surprise, it was from a kid about her age. She sighed, and her clones puffed away; she slowly let go of the nature chakra she had collected after one more scan over the area.

She waited for the expected five minutes to reach where she was, and five more, but no one showed up. The blonde-red head frowned; she looked at the way the kid had been coming from and headed that way.

A few minutes later, she found a boy. He had deep gray, almost black hair that reached above his shoulders, olive skin, sharp, beautiful obsidian eyes with two small lines going down the sides of his nose… Uchiha Itachi stood a few yards away from her. She moved forward slowly, trying to see what he was doing out in the open. He was looking at the water for a long time. He was still unaware of her.

The Uzumaki tilted her head to the side in wonder, what was he looking at? What was he trying to find? These and more questions popped into her curious mind. She stopped on the other side of the river and placed her hands behind her back, intertwining her fingers; she looked at him curiously, but Itachi didn't acknowledge her presence.

The Uchiha was so concentrated in the river that he was unaware of his surroundings. It had been only a few days that he felt like the water was… calling him. He had stayed in baths for more extended periods, yet he felt it wasn't enough. Now, here he was by the river that ran through Konoha.

Itachi was feeling something new that he wanted to explore and figure out so that he could go back to reading the scrolls his father had assigned for him while he was away in missions. He looked up to find a girl looking at him, he blinked and straightened up. The girl –that must be about his age- had wavy blonde hair with red locks that reached mid-back, big and innocent azure orbs that made him lose his reality and could only stare at them dumbly; vibrant tan skin, high cheekbones that were colored pink with the cold and three faint whiskers-like marks on her cheeks, small nose, and pink lips.

The girl was wearing blue ninja boots and long socks that reach mid-thigh while blue short-shorts and a blue and orange jacket. The girl in question tilted her head to the side, "What are you doing out here?" she asked in a sweet voice.

The Uchiha had to concentrate not to get dazed by her, "I could ask you the same," he replied passively.

She frowned and then smiled lightly, "Well, what do you usually do in training grounds?" she asked and smirked at him. The young boy blinked and then glared at her, "So, what are you doing here?" she inquired once more.

He was unable to look at the water and sighed, "I don't know," he told her truthfully as he gazed back into her pools of light.

She frowned at him, "What's your name?" she questioned him softly, as if afraid to scare him away.

"… Uchiha Itachi," he answered with a bit of hesitance. For a second, he thought that she was different, but now, he was positive that she would start to ask a million questions.

He was surprised by her cheerful smile, "Well, I'm Mitsuko, Uzumaki Mitsuko!" she told him and kept on smiling. Itachi was confused. Up until now, it only took his last name to send girls chasing after him, but here was a girl that did nothing to approach him in that matter. The blonde looked down at the water and bent down slowly to dip her hand on the cold water, "It's calling," she whispered to the air, but he heard her making him stand in shock.

"What?" he inquired.

Mitsuko looked at him, "It's cooling," she told him with a grin.

Itachi sighed and nodded, "Of course, it's almost November," he said in a matter of fact tone.

The girl snorted, "I know that, but it's cooling faster… there might be a storm nearby," she told him as she got up. Itachi looked at her with a crook brow, "What?" she asked with a bit of sarcasm, he shook his head sideways and looked at the sky, sure enough, the clouds seemed a deep gray.

He turned his attention back to her, and she was about to take a step towards the river, "Stop!" he almost yelled, but she didn't.

The blonde step on top of the river and walked over it. Mitsuko smiled at him when she reached him, "Haha, don't worry about small things… well, it was nice meeting you. I have to go," she said and started to walk away. The young boy followed her with his eyes, and she stopped, she turned to look at Itachi and her eyes were serious and a bit sad before they became calm, "See ya around, Itachi!" and with that, she ran off to her home.

Uchiha Itachi stood dumbly by the river, staring after the first girl that dared called him by his name only. His lips twitched, and then they formed a soft smile, "Later, Mitsuko," he whispered to the air and nodded.

He turned back to the river, and then he smirked, turned around, and went home. There must be some water element scroll at home; if not, he'll go to the library some other day.

Mitsuko opened the door of her house and went in; she smiled as the scent of her mother's delicious meal filled her senses. The little girl took off her boots and walked in only to see her dad's team there. She frowned, but then slipped on her grin, "I'm home!" she called cheerfully.

Kushina turned around to look at her daughter and frowned a bit, "What have I told you about running off on your own?" she scolded lightly.

"To not do it," she replied with a laugh, Obito grinned, Rin frowned, and Kakashi looked elsewhere.

The redhead glared at her daughter and then at Obito, "Don't encourage her, and you miss, go wash your hands. We'll talk about this later," she told her just as Minato walked in.

"Talk about what?" he asked as his little sunshine washed her hands in the kitchen sink.

"She was out alone again," she answered flatly.

Minato frowned, "Mitsu,' what have we told you about that?" his father asked seriously.

The four-year-old sighed, "To not do it unless you, mommy, Obi-nii, Rin, or Kaka-kun are with me," she answered softly.

"And what do you do?" he asked with a crook brow.

"I still do it?" she asked with an innocent smile.

"Yes, you do, but you won't will you?" he asked her as she sat down, all of the others watched at the two exchanged words.

"… But I can take care of myself," Mitsuko whispered lowly.

"Mitsuko," Minato said sternly, she looked at him from under her eyelashes.

"Daddy," she replied with a pout.

Both Namikaze's looked at one another until Minato sighed, "At least tell the both of us when you go out," he grumbled, and she beamed.

"Will do!" she agreed, Kushina sighed, and his team laughed, -Kakashi snorted once and looked away- then they sat down to eat. Mitsuko looked at her dad after they finished eating, "How long will this mission last?" she asked passively.

Minato looked at her for a second with surprise, but he was starting to get used to it. After she turned three, she began to talk on a whole other level. It was like talking to someone older, like a young adult, not three; now it was normal, but still a bit shocking. "We have two, one will be for about a week, we might come back to report, and if they give us the okay, then we'll set off to destroy a bride for mission two," he told his daughter, and she froze.

All of them looked at her worried –they knew she wasn't that affected by the ninja world; she just didn't like the way it was run- and Minato and Kushina shared a glance, "What bridge?" their daughter asked after a minute.

Minato looked at his team for a second and sighed, "The Kannabi Bridge," he stated, and the little girl turned a bit pale and quickly glace at Obito, then at Kakashi and back to her father.

Minato narrowed his eyes as he saw her nod, "Good luck," she said and got up, "Excuse me," she mumbled and left the kitchen.

Kushina and Minato looked at one another, and then the way Mitsuko left, "I'll talk to her later, you have to go," Kushina told her husband, and he nodded.

"Alright, let's go," he said, and they left.

Mitsuko was looking out the window of her room. She saw the three teens and her dad leave the house and made their way to the gates; she sighed and fell on top of her bed. The blonde stared at her ceiling, worriedly, 'What do I do? If I don't talk to dad, then Obito will die…' she thought and went into deep thought until she fell asleep.

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