Our Little Girl

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Chapter 4: The Kanon Wakeshima Concert

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Zero was waiting at the School Gate with Sayori and Sasu (in a stroller) for Kaname and the gang to appear and when they did, they were surprised to know that Zero had a great sense of style; he wore a pair of fainted gray jeans, a white shirt and a black jacket.
As for Sayori all she wore was just a short ten long sleeved dress with black leggings and Sasu was wearing a long red sleeved shirt with black pants (No dresses…!). And like Zero had instructed, they all had wore casual clothes.

"Ok, let's get going." Zero says.

"Wait a minute, what's Sayori doing here?" Kaname asked.

"Yori has official became Sasu's babysitter." Zero replies.

"Are you doing to be alright with being with us, you don't really know us?" Aidou questions.

"I'm ok with it and besides, I love Kanon." Sayori smiles at the Night Class Members and they smile back.

"Ok, let's get going." Zero turns to walk away and the others follow.


"Hi, Miss Alice
Anata garasu no
Me de donna yume wo
Mirareru no?
Mirareru no?

Mata atashi

ga sakete


Sukima ni sasaru
Hi, Miss Alice
Anata kajitsu no
Kuchi de dare ni ai wo
Nageteru no?
Nageteru no?

Mou atashi
Kotoba o tsumaku
Shita no netsu

Same kitte
Mederu outau mo

Still, you do not answer…"

"Thank you everyone for coming to My Park Concert Celebration, I hope you get my new CD, that's being passed put at the park exit! Goodbye!" Kanon Wakeshima shouts to her cheering fans. (A/N: She sang many other songs before this.)


"Oh My God, That was so great!"

"She is such a fantastic singer!"

"I'm so glad; we got her CD before leaving!"

"How did you like the Concert, Zero?" Kaname asks.

"I thought it was really good, she has a lovely voice. It's that right Sasu?" Zero asks the toddler and she giggles has a response for "Yes".

"We should get back to the Academy fast because it's getting pretty late." Sayori says and everyone agrees with a nod.


Once they past the School Gates, They all decided to go the Chairman's house because Zero had to feed Sasu and the rest just came along cause all had a really nice time with each other and wanted to continue their talk about the Concert.

Once Zero got to the door, he was about to open it with his keys until the door was suddenly opened by the Chairman himself!

"Oh shit!" Zero exclaimed, surprised by the Kaien's sudden appearance.

"Zero… Language! You shouldn't talk like that with a child around?" Kaname shouted.

"Sorry…" Zero apologized.

"Oh, hello Kaname-kun… Everyone?" Kaien greeted. "What are you all doing here?" He continued.

"Um… before this becomes a long conversation, can we all go inside so I can feed Sasu?" Zero says feeling restless, really wanting to feed his baby. 'My Baby? Oh man, I've really become attached to her but who can blame me?' He thought to himself.

"Of course Zero but who's Sasu?" Kaien asked.

Zero went to where Sayori was standing, unbuckled Sasu from the stroller and held her in his arms. "This is Sasu." Zero says pointing to the baby and then he headed inside.

As Zero was heading to the kitchen, he bumped into Yuuki and as she was trying to talk with him he said… "Sorry, I'm abit busy Yuuki, I have to feed Sasu." He moves Yuuki out of the way and goes into the fridge to retrieve a bottle of red milk.

'Red milk…? I wonder who the baby is, is it Zero's? No way, that's not possible… I hope Zero tells me' Yuuki's thought start to wonder as she heads to the living room to find Kaname, the gang and Sayori. 'Why are they all here! This is so weird…'

"What are you all doing here?" Yuuki asks very curious in knowing.

"How about we wait for Zero before we tell you what going on?" Aidou replies and that shocks both Yuuki and Kaien because they have never heard Aidou call Zero by his first name and he has never been this genuine.

Once Zero enters the room, he sits on the empty seat next to Kaname.

After moment, there seemed to be an aura of some kind and it was very awkward, until the Chairman coughed to gain attention on him, then he started with his questions "Ahem! Will you guys please tell me where you were, Why were you all with Zero and Who's the baby?"


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