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1. Hunt-Night

Surrounded by billions and billions of sparkling stars, the crescent moon hung low in the night´s dark, velvety sky. The silvery light stood next to no chance entering the thick and impassable forest at the southern borders of the western lands below it. It was a night of hunting, a night where all over the land every possible prey was better off hidden deep and as far away as possible.

One predator made his silent way through the underbrush. Without hurry, but with fitting speed he slid through bushes and trees. He was followed closely by his little pack. His pup sound sleep on her beloved mount, which was led by his loyal retainer.

Spreading his senses he took notice of their surroundings and the many threats around them. None would be stupid enough to bother him, but he had his pup with him and he was not willing to risk any harm to her.

Anew he sensed his vicinity and lifted one slender brow at the new found nuisance. Altering his way slightly he went to solve the circumstances. He stopped at the tree line of a very small clearing and gave his pack the signal to stay behind. Stepping out of the shadows, he was slightly surprised by the tableau in front of him.

A young human female sat between the roots of a giant tree, appearing so very delicate and breakable. The small fire in front of her was dying already and gave only a little light and warmth for her and her young in this quiet and cold spring night. Her weapons were on stand by in her hands, her young lay sound asleep in her lap, covered in a strange red fur.

It was still not without little amazement that he sensed no fear from the small woman. He felt the sadness that radiated around her small frame, the reservation and the caution, but no fear. For a moment he simply stood there and looked at the beings in front of him.

Without attracting her attention, he scented the air, detecting only hers and the young ones. Inhaling deeper he found the scent of her protector, noticing in an instant that it was fleeting and four, maybe five hours old.

"Miko," his deep voice was as chilly as the air surrounding them as it finally broke the silence between them.

"Sesshōmaru-sama," she replied, her eyes on his as she bowed her head in deep respect. The moment he had entered the clearing she had thought him a ghost with his long, silver mane and the pristine, white clothing.

"Where is he?" Since the day he had found her worthy enough to be saved from the poison-maker, he had watched over her from afar. But this was the last time and place he had expected to find her.

"With her." Her voice was soft and strangely calm while imparting this unsurprising news.

"The rest of your pack?" He could smell none of her other companions in the area.

"Sango´s weapon was damaged in our last fight." she avoided her normal, ebullient volume in deference to his sensitive hearing and the sleeping young. "Miroku went with her to the old village so they could repair left two days ago and should be back in another two."

"Are you aware of your surroundings?" Unsure of her ability to sense the threats around her, he looked into deep blue eyes, searching for any sign that she felt the things hiding in the darkness surrounding them.

"I am." She nodded holding his golden gaze. "I can feel them, that is the reason why I sit here with the tree in my back." Sighing softly she looked at her bow and arrows, now lying within reach at her side. "I´m hoping that it will help at least a little bit. The slayer told me that these nights were called Hunt-Nights."


"I´m aware that I could not protect myself and my kit if they decided to attack, but at least I hope to give him a little chance, even at the the cost of my own life." Gritting her teeth she locked her eyes with his. "So, why are you here? Were you hoping for an opportunity?"

"When will your mate return?" Holding her gaze he took his hand from the hilt of his sword where it had rested to show her without words that he bore no threat. Folding his hands into his sleeves he looked at her. He was still amazed at her courage. He knew what she said was true, she would protect her young with her life.

"He is not my mate," she nearly growled, "And I don´t know when he will drag himself back to our campsite." Her eyes had gotten hard. "He left as soon, as he thought I was asleep, not caring about our safety. I do not believe he will return anytime soon, he never does."

She watched as he openly sniffed the air, pulling in the scents she bore. A slight tightening of his eyes indicated he found her telling the truth. Though covered in the scents of both eligible males of her party, the miko was both untouched and unmated. It was incomprehensible to him why his half-brother travelled with such a powerful, strong being and was still seeking the undead.

Only a fool would leave a female of her caliber alone and unprotected in a forest full of predators. Not to mention the males that would use such an opportunity to force themselves on her to make her powers their own. He could only assume that the hanyō was brain-dead and blind not to mate or at least claim the stunning female as his.

Watching her in silence he mused whether he should leave her or not. He was an honorable male and he knew that this little miko was the key to Naraku´s demise. If he would leave her, she would be dead or broken in the morning, which was something he could not allow. She was part of his half-brother´s pack and with that, also part of his own, whether she knew it or not.

Coming to a decision he stepped over the dying fire and in front of her. He looked down at her for a short moment, pondering over his decision, then he bent down and scooped both the miko and the young up into his arms.

"What are you doing?" She was astounded, but to his satisfaction, still not afraid and keeping still.

"From here on, this Sesshōmaru will take you and your pup with him." Turning he gave Jaken a sign with his chin.

"But..." Stunned she watched as the imp stepped out of the forest, closely followed by Ah-Un with a sleeping Rin on his back.

"Your Alpha left you behind and unprotected. For this he has forsaken his right to be so. You need a protector and a strong Alpha. Since there is no other male worthy in this pack, this one will be from now on." This was definitely the longest statement she had ever heard from him. "Jaken, pack the miko´s belongings in Ah-Un´s bags. We'll leave."

Without another word he turned and proceeded on his way out of the forest. The female in his arm was too tired, too relieved that someone finally had come who would be able to take care of her that she simply huddled against his chest without any word and let him carry her away from risks and especially a unfaithful hanyō.

"You may contact your human comrades when they come back." He knew quite well how important her other comrades were, "But you will stay away from the half-breed from now on." He felt her nod, pleased she chose not to protest. He assumed that this night had been the final straw and his half-brother had lost her last bit of loyalty.

"He will come for me, as soon as he notices your scent overlapping my own," she said, peering up at his face. Hesitating for a second she went on, "I do not want to go back, nor I do want him to take me back. But I fear he will try. If there is any way you'll allow me to stay, anything I can do, please tell me." He stopped and stared down at her. She could see he was considering her words.

Here she gave him the chance to do something he had already considered in the past. He sought power, and the miko was nothing but pure power. Knowing he could never have the Tessaiga, he now had the chance to gain something else, something just as valuable, if not more so.

"This Sesshōmaru could do something that would prevent not only the hanyō from troubeling you, but will keeps others from doing the same." He slowly answered. "Once done, you will have to stay with me and obey me in everything I might demand. You will not be allowed to intervene in anything, unless I say so. Even if I decide to take the half-breed´s live. I will have the right to decide about anything in your life. You will have to dress and behave in a way I find appropriate. If you misbehave, I will punish you. I warn you, I will be strict, but also, fair. In return I will protect you, feed and clothe you. I will look after you like I look after Rin. Can you accept that?" Blue locked with gold and he could see and sense her inner fight. Just as he thought she would say no, she finally nodded.

"You came to my rescue when I felt sure, I would die." Kagome said with a firm nod. "Believe me, I know that this is not the second time. I have seen how you protect and care for what is yours and I´m sick and tired of being the second choice, just a shard detector. I´m 19 years old and all I want is someone who will care for me as the being I am. So, yes I´m willing to accept your terms, with three conditions. One is that it is my fate to find the shards of the Shikon No Tama and to free the world from its evil. Will you help me fulfill that fate?" He nodded and she smiled at him, "And will you extend your protection to my kit? I took him as my own and I´m not willing to leave him. He still needs a mother and if he were to go back to Inuyasha, he would probably die. I also request to be taught the prober way to behave as a member of an inu yōkai pack, so I do not inadvertently blunder about and embarrass you." Again he nodded at her. "Then I agree Sesshōmaru-sama. I will try my best for you and I will, if you allow it, take care of Rin as I do with my kit."

"That would be agreeable." Setting her on her feet, the kit all the while safe in her arms, he carefully pushed the collar of her shirt to the side. "I will place a mark here at your neck. It will signify to all demons, hanyō and even human that you are mine and not to be bothered with, or they will suffer my wrath." She felt his claw sinking in her neck. "It is very powerful and you will be in pain, maybe become feverish for two or three days because of your own powers, but don´t fear I will be there for you. With the mark on you the kit will be protected to. Through our close contact he also will soon smell of me and they will know not to harm him."

"Ok." She hissed in pain as she felt him injecting some of his poison and yōki in her neck.

"Good, don´t fight it," he said, catching her as her knees gave away, "Now sleep. I think you will like the appearance of your mark."

Looking down he took notice of her already closed eyes and the still sound asleep kit within her arms that had noticed nothing of what had occured around him. Snuggling her against his chest while he moved on, aware that the rest of the pack was close behind him.

A smirk played over his handsome features. His brother had no idea that his idiocy had cost him his most loyal comrade and played right in his hands. He would enjoy the encounter that was sure to come in the next few days.

Casting a last look at the sleeping beings in his arm, he left the forest and took of in the skies. As his yōki cloud formed beneath his feet, he tightened his hold on his special treasure.

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