Xion collapsed, but landed right in Roxas' arms.


"Roxas, I'm sorry… I…"

"Xion, why'd you want to fight me?"

"I felt… I had to go back… to Sora… so…"

"Go back to SORA? Are you SERIOUS? What about me? Axel? Organization XIII?"

"I belong to him, Roxas. We both are from him."

She went out of consciousness for 5 seconds.

But the 5 seconds she was out, Roxas asked her,

"Why? Why do you want to go to him and not me?"

Then a tear ran down his cheek.

Xion woke up.

"Roxas, is that a tear?"

"No! Why the heck would Nobodies have tears?"

"Because one is running down your cheek."

Then he felt it.

"Hey, that's weird," Roxas and Xion stated at the same time.

Xion took off her gloves and wiped the tear off his cheek.

"Roxas, don't cry."

"I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO. You're leaving me."

"I'm sorry." She started crying.


Then out of random randomness, she said,

"Roxas, you're my best friend."

"Xion, I've wanted to tell you something more than that all this time."

"I have to go, Roxas. Take care of Kingdom Hearts, and set all the hearts that I've captured free."

"Please! Three words! Just hear it!"

She closed her eyes and she started to crystallize.

Her hand fell from his cheek, but he caught it.

"I love you, Xion! Don't go!"

But it was too late.

She continued to crystallize until all the crystals just flew up to the air.

He was so devastated. He couldn't take the fact that Xion was gone. He loved her. She wouldn't come back.

And he had a small hope inside that she'd reply the same three words.

A/N: We all couldn't right? Unless, of course, you want Sora to wake up, and Roxas and Xion will be forever gone. AND SORA WON'T EVEN REMEMBER THE PROMISE HE GAVE TO NAMINE. YOU SUCK. It's SAD enough.