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What Ifs and Plot Holes


Inuyasha sat in Kagome's room listening to her say good night to her friends. The trio had trapped them in the miko's bedchamber and questioned the half demon until he thought Kagome was going to expire. She had her reasons for keeping his heritage a secret from them and he figured it was best all things considered that they didn't know that he was part youkai.

When she returned, he took off the dust rag hiding his ears and stretched them. If he listened carefully, he could still hear the friends jabbering away about how they thought he was so cool, whatever that meant. "They're really clueless, you know."

"Dense," his priestess corrected. "I wonder what it would take for them to figure out the truth."

"Let's not find out," Inuyasha said, ready to go home.

"I know but I can't help but think about their reactions if they saw such cute ears." Kagome made to touch them in a playful manner but wasn't surprised when he fended her off.

"That'll never happen as long as I keep them covered."

Kagome had sighed in relief when she saw the other students dressed as youkai during the school's cultural festival. She had thought Inuyasha's true identity had been discovered when Ayumi had seen Inuyasha without his hat. Perhaps he was right and her friends really were clueless.

Otherwise, how could they possibly have imagined those adorable furry triangles were anything but real?