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Saturday the 14th of August, 2010. That was today's date, I had reminded myself upon waking this morning. Awake, fed and dressed by 9am, it was as if somebody had lit a firecracker underneath my toes - my meeting with Vince MacMahon wasn't until midday, and it wasn't far to travel either.

"Belinda?" I heard my brother call out to me from the hallway. "Are you alright?" he added, brotherly concern evident in his voice. I'd felt a little nauseous last night due to nerves, so his questioning was well within reason.

"Ummmm yeah, I'm fine" I replied hastily, not wanting him to come barging in just yet. I just wanted a quiet moment to myself in the hotel bedroom I'd travelled to yesterday. I'd envisioned a day like this so many times in my mind and I couldn't bring myself to leave just yet. This room just felt like a safe haven, and having no clue what would happen today scared me shitless.

"Well when you're ready, I'll be waiting downstairs" Mike called out, obviously sensing my nerves. I stood up from the edge of my bed, and took one last look in the mirror adjacent to the double bed I'd had all to myself. I fluffed out my wavy blonde hair, smiling at the ever-present lavender streak that stood out amongst it. After picking up my handbag, I took one last look at my watch. Ten o'clock, it read - that gave us two hours to get to our destination, for me to meet my fate. It was time.

I bolted downstairs on a sudden surge of adrenaline, and hugged my brother. "I'm ready" I whispered, and he smiled down at me as we walked out to my car. I climbed into the driver's seat and started the car as soon as we were both buckled in, Mike giving me directions as we went.

One and a half hours later, we were there. The Staples Center, Los Angeles, just one day before the annual Summerslam pay-per-view. I almost couldn't believe it. Sighing dreamily as I parked the car, I caught my handbag as Mike tossed it over, and he walked me inside. We made our way upstairs in total silence, as I tried desperately not to throw up the contents of my stomach. Finding a chair just outside Vince's office, we sat down together and waited for my name to be called.

After what felt like forever, I heard the all-too familiar voice of one Vincent Kennedy MacMahon call out "Belinda? You may come in now..." I stood up, brushing non-existent specks of dust off my dress as Mike patted me on the back encouragingly. "It's going to be just fine, I can feel it" he whispered, hugging me quickly before I walked into the office I had been called into. I knew Mike would be there no matter what, which did calm me somewhat.

I closed the door behind me, taking a seat in front of Mr MacMahon's desk. He cleared his throat quickly, and smiled; I then greeted him by saying "Good afternoon Mr MacMahon, thanks for calling me". He chuckled heartily and replied "My pleasure Miss Mizanin..."

I chuckled nervously at his use of my surname; it felt so formal, which was really making me nervous. I smiled slightly and hastily said "Oh goodness... No need to call me that! Please, just call me Belinda... Or Belle, your choice". Vince smiled understanding and nodded, replying "Alright then... Belle, I expect we'll be talking much more often now". I raised an eyebrow in confusion and asked "What do you mean by that?"

Vince looked straight into my eyes for a few seconds. A look of concern passed through his, as if he understood I was genuinely confused now. He settled back in his seat and asked "Belle, why do you think I called you in today?" I bit my lip nervously, my mind suddenly flooding once again with a million different possibilities. "I don't know, Sir..." I managed to say. Which was absolutely true. All I'd been told was that I had to have an urgent meeting with Vince, a message conveyed to me by an assistant of sorts.

Vince sighed softly and shook his head in amusement. He exhaled deeply and said "Well i'll tell you... I remember when you first started training in OVW, the head trainers said they were all very impressed with you. I know we cut some talent when we closed OVW and shifted everyone to FCW, but there's a reason we kept you. We don't have any other women quite like you on the developmental roster, Belinda... Every Diva has their own flair, and you are no exception. I know of a fair few people on the WWE roster who would love to compete with you, and due to your impressive talent I think it is high time that they got that chance".

I gasped suddenly, barely able to believe what I had just heard. Surely it could only mean one thing. My face displayed the widest of smiles as I whispered "You mean...?"

Vince replied "Yes, ma'am..." and pulled out a pen, and what appeared to be a contract, pushing them over to me. "It's time for you to make your debut as a WWE Diva. You'll be pleased to know that, like your brother, I am signing you to the RAW brand" he said with a wide smile, already knowing I would be pleased by this.

Almost jumping out of my chair in excitement, I fist-pumped the air and exclaimed "YEEEESSSSS!". After I eventually realised just how loud I had been, I sat back down and said "I mean, that's wonderful, Vince. I'm very grateful for your consideration". He chuckled heartily once again. He shook his head and said "It's no problem Belle".

I flipped through the many pages of the contract, often pausing to ask Vince a question about something. We spent about ten minutes discussing everything in regards to traveling, accommodation and whatever else I needed to know. It was a bit lengthy, but it was absolutely necessary because without knowing these things, I'd be totally screwed.

Once we had finished the discussion, Vince looked at me and said "Now that we've discussed everything, all that's left is for you to sign". I eagerly picked up the expensive-looking pen and signed my name in cursive on the dotted line. He stood up and extended his hand, which I took in mine, shaking firmly. In a booming voice, he proclaimed "Congratulations Belinda Mizanin, you are officially a WWE Diva. We have a show Monday night in this very city, you won't be having a match but you will be cutting a promo and your brother will be introducing you to the crowd". Smiling gleefully, I exclaimed "Wow that is perfect! I'm so excited..." as I stood up from my seat. He replied "That's just what I love to hear... We'll be in this arena for both the pay-per-view and the show the next day. As soon as you both arrive on Monday afternoon, you'll need to report to the GM's office and discuss the finer details of the night... Then you can go get ready for your appearance and go over your lines. Anything else you wish to know?"

Straightening out my shirt a little, I replied softly "No, i think it's all clear now, I'm staying and traveling with Mike, so I am totally covered". Vince nodded in understanding and said "I think that settles everything... You are free to go now, Miss Mizanin".

As I made my way to the door, I blurted out "Thankyou so much Mr MacMahon... Vince... You are not going to regret this!" Vince laughed merrily and said "I know... Run along now, Mike's probably waiting in the hall for you".

As soon as I shut the door behind myself once again, I closed my eyes for a few seconds as I silently thanked God for giving me such an amazing chance. Then I bounded over to Mike and threw my arms around him in a massive bear hug, squealing excitedly. He asked casually, "Sooooo, how'd it go?" I looked up and told him "I'm DEBUTING ON MONDAY NIGHT!"

Sounding just as surprised as I felt, Mike jumped for joy, shouting "Holy shit, are you for real? THATS AWESOME!", hugging me even tighter than he already was. I began raving excitedly. "Oh my god I cant believe it, this is amazing..." I breathed. Mike replied by saying "Come on, we're going out for lunch, to celebrate..."

I nodded in agreement and followed Mike all the way back down to the carpark, clutching my handbag tightly, feeling giddy with glee. Mike had one arm around my shoulders, holding me close in a brotherly fashion. We stayed like this until we reached my car; I decided to let him drive as the amount of excitement I felt was making me too jittery to successfully navigate a car through the streets again. He started the car, and we drove out instantly.

As we left the building, I had to pinch myself a few times just to make sure I was awake, and not in a fantasy i would soon be cruelly awaken from. But nothing changed, disappeared before my eyes, or screamed at me to stop dreaming This really was my life now, the life I had always dreamed of living. And I was going to enjoy every damn minute of it.

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