Sherlock Holmes and Conan Edogawa Fic

by: MKBianca


Ever since then, 17-year-old Kudo Shinichi was considered as the 'Greatest Detective of the East' and the 'Sherlock Holmes of the 21st Century'... Until he turned into a kid by an unknown organization. But although now a first grader, that won't stop him into solving cases using his childhood friend's father. Despite this, no one knows that his true identity is Kudo Shinichi, now he was addressed as 7-year-old Edogawa Conan. But what if the 'Greatest Detective of the Western Continent' appeared and discovered his identity in no time?


We all know Shinichi idolized the greatest detective in all times, Sherlock Holmes, who himself is a fictional detective and lived in the earlier century of London. But in this story, I consider it this way: Sherlock Holmes isn't a fictional detective, and lives in the current century with Dr. Watson, and travels in Japan. Shrunken Kudo Shinichi and Sherlock Holmes meet for the first time...


Beika Street, Tokyo, Japan - Detective Mouri Agency.

Edogawa Conan was silently watching the finale of the popular cartoon series Yaiba, on Detective Mouri's chair. The Detective Boys forced him to watch it, saying he will be left out if he hadn't. The series was popular even in their school, so it'll be a pity if no one watches the finale. So even Conan doesn't want to, he can't do anything then.

He opened a bag of chips bought on the way home, and silently munched on it. Even though he really is watching the series, his mind was off somewhere else. He's thinking that he should be spending his freetime solving cases, not by lying helplessly on the chair watching a nonsense flick. He recalled that Mouri Kogoro was out in a case, helping out the police investigate. It wasn't a murder, but it was noted a woman was missing. Even though Conan desperately wanted to go, he can't and he won't, since he need to watch the TV and Kogoro won't bring him. That's how it goes.

Mouri Ran, however, was on her karate class, and she won't be back home until after dinner time. So after Kogoro finished his case, both of them will eat on a restaurant instead. But knowing Kogoro... Will he really finish the case? Conan was in his desperate situation right now.

Realizing he wasn't paying attention to the series anymore, he shook his head to wake himself from daydreaming. He turned to the TV and to his surprise, the series has ended. His face turned blank, thinking he did watched, but he didn't understand a thing. He slapped his forehead, realizing the stupidity he committed. Now what? His efforts were turned to nothing. Now he was mad he didn't choose to sneak up with Kogoro instead.

To calm his mind, he tried to look for a channel with an interesting show. After a moment of looking, he found a news - the news of Kogoro's current case. He studied the news carefully, and he discovered that the woman missing was already found. She was been kidnapped by two bank robbers, insisting that they must have two billion yen to release the woman. But to his surprise, the woman was saved and the robbers were arrested, without having the ransom occur. How is this possible? How did the robbers accepted their defeat? The police must've done something, but what? They couldn't have threaten the robbers since they held a hostage... And the robbers doesn't seem to be injured at all. Conan kept of thinking different reasons how the case was done, without involving Kogoro. But now that he's out of options, it can't be... Kogoro really had done it?

He picked up the phone to try to contact Inspector Megure Juuzou, but before he was just to dial the number, the news caster on the TV has brought a man beside her... A very unusual man. Conan gets interested with the man, which was said to be the one to solve the case. Conan analyzed him, and concludes he was a foreign man with the attire that was popular in none other than London. The man's attire was like from 1900's - he has an old fashion sense. Instead of a cigarette, he has a pipe in his mouth, and that makes him more interesting. Conan was curious with the man who was able to solve the case wearing a rare attire like that.

The man's face was barely shown - his cap was covering the most of his face. But Conan can tell he was 30-50 years old, has a hooked nose and has a slim figure. He noticed that the man doesn't like to show himself very much, since he was covering much of his face from the camera. He won't also talk. He was a secretive man, to be exact. Then Conan heard the news caster ask him his name, and the man hesitates to answer. He was thought of as a silent-type of person. Who could this mysterious man be?

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