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Conan's POV:

Okay, so Dr. Watson's in a hospital. Like who couldn't see that coming? According to what I saw of him when we met, there's no significant emergency in any way that would send him to a hospital, so it probably has something to do with his own profession. W-Well, of course I would've known that in the first place if only I had seen the papers he has. Up until now, I still can't believe I have nearsightedness.

"Don't let it bother you too much." Mr. Holmes muttered as we enter the lodgings. As soon as I stepped inside, a smell of newly-cooked beef steak aroused through our noses enveloping the tensed atmosphere. The place looks like the usual apartments in Japan, but this one looks a little hoarier than the others. I glance at Mr. Holmes as he quietly walked towards his unit. Their place is very cozy even at the corridors no matter how petite it's built… The only strange thing about it is the coincidence of his location back in London.

I remained quiet the whole time, placidly observing my companion as he worked on opening his room door. I keep on looking around in sight of anything unusual and I know he's aware of my uneasiness. However, I shouldn't be too defenseless; he's still a complete stranger and I should yet know who he really is.

As he opened the door, nothing inside surprises me. It's still customary for a lodge room but for what I've observed of him so far doesn't really suit him to be in this kind of place. He is aware of Japan's customs for he removes his shoes before entering and knows exactly how to do with tatami mats all over the living room. A sliding door separates the latter and the kitchen, and I believe the bedroom is somewhere under those curtains in the far end. It's relatively convenient enough for only two residents. This proves he really favored simplicity and doesn't prefer too much visitors.

He gently left his carryings on the kitchen table, including the couple of fish he caught, and surrendered himself on the floor in fatigue. He caressed the mats as if it's the bed and forgetting me present, all the respect and poise he has within him has disappeared.

"Don't just stand there, sit," he waved unto a free space opposite him. Due to a small table in the center of the room, the space is really enough for two.

I knelt down with a bit of hesitation, but I didn't show him my uncertainty. It just really feels very awkward being with a moody stranger like him.

"You don't have to be so uncomfortable around me." He spouted as if he knows what I feel. "As they say, make yourself at home. You're free to do anything you want, just don't go inside my room."

His room! That built a little intensity in me. Now that very request made me curious and want to see his room. Or maybe he did that intentionally?

As a mere child, I let the cat out of the bag. "Why? What's inside your room?"

His expression looks like he's going to answer me sarcastically, but he composed himself. "Let's just say it doesn't suit a child like you."

Now, is that sarcasm or what? That made me more curious. There probably is a billion questions I want to ask him, mainly about who he really is, why he came to Japan, how he solved Uncle Kogoro's case…

Wait a minute… Uncle Kogoro! Ran!

I suddenly panicked, surprising Mr. Holmes as well, and screamed, "What time is it? What time is it?"

I looked at my watch, and it's written 6:46 P.M.. Oh no, I forgot I should be back before dinner time! Ran's going to kill me so bad. I became so carried away it all passed me. Without any hesitation, I disappeared from the scene, having a last sight of Mr. Holmes with his blank expression.

: End of POV

Ran stares at the wall clock in their living room as she comfortably rests on the sofa. Simultaneously glancing on her phone and at the door, she lets out a deep sigh of impatience. Silence is deafening; this motionless feat isn't any of help. She's continuously tapping her foot on the floor as she perused at the clock that reads: 7:24 P.M.. Finally, breaking the silence, she asked herself, "Where on earth is Conan?"

She stood up and picked up the phone from her father's desk. When she called Professor Agasa, he replies that Conan's with a friend and he'll be back soon. But there's something that doesn't seem right. She called every single one of Conan's friends, hoping for any news, but they unfortunately have no clue of where he is too.

"Where is he?"

Ran suddenly thought of calling the headquarters, but she doesn't know what to say. Conan's not missing at all, so it's no case, but her anxiety fears her of some sort. Her father, however, is in the headquarters too, but she won't dare to interrupt since he's in the middle of talking about his recent case. Besides, it'll be no use since he would just say the same thing Agasa said. Now what's she gonna do?

She thought of going to Professor Agasa's house and wait for Conan there. But what if he suddenly comes home? Oh, wait. He has the key to the house. But what if he calls for some emergency? It's so hard to decide; Ran will definitely be mad at him and scold him when he comes back. But right now, she needs to make sure Conan's safe.

Certainly, Conan's been to so many cases with her father, and this wasn't the first time he went missing, but this case is different. She really feels so anxious and her body is trembling so badly. She's breathing so fast and her heart is pounding hard. Ran feels this isn't normal and fears it's something to do with Conan.

She decided she would go and look for him, not caring where he is. She will then call the police if there's no luck. She quickly changes her clothes and instantly leaves the place.

It is dark. The moon is hardly visible, and the streetlights are slowly fading. It's not that silent at all since there are howls of stray dogs and buzzes of flies, keeping Ran company. She's not afraid of anything at all, no matter who appear before her and commit some crime since she can manage them herself. She's just hoping not to see any supernatural being on the street, though.

As she walks, she thought of heading straight to Agasa's house and interrogating him who Conan really is with, because she has this strong feeling they're hiding something from her. Then something struck her mind.

The call from before.

She stopped at the thought. She remembers someone called their residence and Conan answers it, claiming it's Agasa, but it's pretty obvious it's not. Then he thought of going to Agasa's house afterwards. What's going on with him? Why is he totally acting weird? It's not that he…


Ran came up with her senses when she realized she was just horribly shoved by a person. The person seems retarded in some way, the way he acts and looks, and immediately fell on the ground as he bumped her. Ran was shocked.

"Sir! Sir, are you all right? Can you stand up? I'm so sorry…"

The man, looking highly suspicious, wears this big coat and pants, boots, tattered shirt, and a bonnet covering half of his face. He groans in reply and threw a snobby look at Ran. As Ran stares at him, she noticed he has wonderful eyes.

"I'm all right, I'm all right," he replies in cold voice with his eyes away from her. He stares at her palm instead, and quickly raises it up.

"Oh, you have a dark fortune, young lady!" He suddenly shrieked; Ran's eyes widened. "You are to encounter some serious situation, but your fate is completely blurred. You're going to meet several people who will change your life. You have met the one before, and you're going to meet him again… But you will not like it."

"W-What?" Ran asked, completely confused like some other people would react.

"Be careful… Be careful!"

"No, no wait!" Ran exclaimed as the mysterious man continued to run away as if the devil's after him, and disappeared in the darkness. As she tries to follow, the atmosphere became so tensed and the darkness overcame her. Her remaining vigor slowly disappeared when she started feeling eerily cold and strange thoughts buried her mind. Whether or not it's her imagination, screaming people is heard overhead, hallucinations of panicking people came running to her, with one woman even clinging to her arm. Ran's face is clearly shocked of what's going on – wanting to scream but she can't. Series of voices kept deafening her. When she clearly had enough, tears came running down and blurted out the only word she can muster.


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