Meeting the Sisters

A/N: This is a plotbunny that came from a random video that someone I subscribed to on Youtube posted. It is called: Panty and Stocking Music Video - D City Rock. I had never heard of the song or band but it got stuck in my head. The music video was done anime-style though the artist sang in perfect English. The two girls that they showed in the video looked like they had interesting personalities and some of the scenes showed gave an interesting idea to me.

Update to that statement. I just found out it is from anime that Gainax released. The two girls are called Panty and Stocking and they create weapons from the clothes that match their name (Panty creates a gun from a pair of her panties and Stocking creates a katana from one of her stockings). I think we have just found the next FLCL, though whether or not it lives up to FLCL has yet to be seen. It does remind me a bit of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GO! though none of the three were made by the same company, they just have a similar art style.

I can already tell I am going to have to make the two a little OOC since Panty is almost TOO...well I'll let you figure out what I mean. The humor will still remain but certain things will change. I don't know how much of the story will follow what there is of the canon but I'm thinking of it mostly being AU.

A/N (2/20/11): I have decided to add a bit more detail to the story. Panty and Stocking WILL be OOC in this story and many occurrences will change. Also, this takes place during the first episode so they have not met Brief yet and Stocking never fell in love with that Ghost.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Panty and Stocking.


On the roof of a tall building, a blonde man watched over the city below. He was garbed in a cloak that covered most of his body below his neck and had what appear as a kitsune-style porcelain mask, the type that was popular at Japanese festivals. As he removed his mask, his piercing blue eyes seemed to glow in the night with the lights from below just barely illuminating his body. He hooked a finger under the top of the face mask that covered the bottom half of his head, from just above the nose to the bottom of his neck, and pulled it down to reveal the bottom half of his face and six unusually markings that adorned his cheeks.

This was Naruto Uzumaki, former shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato and Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It had been a couple of years since his banishment from the Elemental Countries and the beginning of his exploration of the new world around him. He had traveled some of the world in those years but he had started to stay in Daten City in Japan.

Naruto looked out at Daten City, a place that was overrun with demonic energy. The humans of the city were by no means pure and, as such, the city could almost be called a modern day Sodom or Gamorah. The place was constantly attacked by things called "Ghosts" though they held no appearance similar to those that he had seen bearing the same name. This seemed to be the city that heaven had forgotten. As screams reached his ears, Naruto pulled up his face mask to just over his nose and placed the kitsune mask back over his face. "Time to get to work." In a whirlwind of leaves, Naruto disappeared from sight and was on his way to the source of the screams.

As a whirlwind of leaves scattered on the ground, Naruto appeared and looked at the source of the screams: a Ghost that had started to attack the humans of the city. Just as Naruto was about to deal with it, two girls caught his eyes as well as the enrapturing song that played out of no where. One had long flowing blonde hair and the other had a mix of blue and pink hair, both having similar cyan colored eyes as well. Halos appeared above their heads and then over their bodies as white clothes appeared. The blonde in a short skirt and top while the bluenette had a white and blue dress and similar colored striped stockings while both had a pair of ethereal blue wings appearing from their backs. A blush appeared on his face as Naruto watched the two move on the two poles that had appeared out of no where and as the blonde took off her panties and the bluenette removed one of her stockings only to amaze him as the panties turned into a gun and the stocking turned into a katana. 'Who are these two?'

The blonde woman sent a single shot into the head of the ghost and the bluenette slashed at it and it was sliced into pieces. The Ghost then exploded into bits of goo and a bell began to ring. Naruto was slightly amazed by the ease that they had destroyed the Ghost but also noticed aura that came from the two girls, it was almost holy. He decided to seal away his cloak, kitsune mask, and face mask away in a scroll revealing that he had a pair of black pants on and was wearing an orange muscle shirt that clings to his body, he also had a pair of black running shoes on.

The blonde girl took a look at Naruto and instantly had hearts in her eyes. 'What a hunk, not only does he look sexy but he could probably last a long time~. Maybe I should introduce myself to him.'

Unknown to the blonde girl, the bluenette was having similar but different thoughts. 'Oh my, usually Panty is the one to look at a guy like this but...he is just too cute. Get a hold of yourself, Stocking. If you want any chance with the blonde cutie, you are going to make sure Panty doesn't turn him into another one of her one-night stands.'

The two started to walk over to Naruto and the blonde girl spoke first. "Hello there, handsome, I'm Panty Anarchy. It's so nice to meet a sexy man like yourself. You know, it just isn't right for an amazing guy like yourself to be all on his own on a night like this."

Panty was interrupted by the bluenette though. "And I'm Stocking Anarchy. What my sister meant to say was that we were wondering if you would like to go somewhere with us."

Panty looked at her sister in shock and started jumping to conclusions. 'Wait, she actually wants to join in this? She NEVER wanted ANYTHING to do with the other guys I brought home. This one really may be different. Who knows, if he is good enough I may actually go for a second time around with him.'

Naruto blushed a bit at the offer Stocking had made but could tell by her voice and body language that she didn't mean anything like what Panty had implied. After a short internal debate, Naruto made up his mind. "I would be honored, you two. I know this cafe not too far from here that has some of the best late-night drinks and food. I'm Naruto by the way, Naruto Uzumaki. " He gave them his "foxy smile" as some of his old friends had called it back in Konoha.

While Panty was a little disappointed in it not being a motel or his house, she was still determined to try her best to get him. Stocking though had a small smile, not a smirk or a mean grin like usual for her, but a real smile no matter how small it was. 'Not only did he not take Panty up on her offer as soon as it escaped her lips but he is also looking at the both of us like people rather than pieces of meat, though his eyes did wander a little which is actually kind of nice to see.'

Naruto gave a slightly exaggerated bow before offering his arms to the two sisters. Panty and Stocking gladly accepted his offered arms but brought another blush to his face as they each pressed an arm between their cleavage. As the three walked together, Naruto couldn't help but remember the first and only date that he shared with Ino and Tenten before his banishment. The thought made him long for his old home but he knew that it was no longer his place and that he would have to make the most of his life in this new world, but if today was anything to go by, he was going to be enjoying it a lot.


This first chapter is short for a reason other than it just being the prologue of the story, I wanted to start the next chapter with them at the cafe or just a little after. I am glad to see that I have done something truly original as this is the first, and currently only, NarutoxPanty and Stocking crossover on the site.