heyy~ i told you i'd comment on your fic sis!

:D so i have questions for you!

1) do you like being under papa america's rule? or do you miss your independent days?

2) do you really wear them grass skirt things?

3) does kiku like you cause a large popultion of his people live in you (haha that sounded dirty!)

Can't think of anymore questions so later! immma gonna go fist pumping! later~

-New Jersey

Heey back to you to

I rather be under dads rule

yes and it is used for hula

No he is like my brother\

And thank you for responding ( gives ice cream )

Hey Hawaii it's Cherokee Nation could you please tell your dad to stop breaking into my house just to play with my slot machines and oh um what's your favorite food.


Well I will try to tell my dad to stop but no guarantees he will listen to me.

My favorite food has to be Lau Lau a dish that contains fish and pork.


Okay I do have a question how many sisters and brothers do you have? who do you prefer to hang out with the most?

Well I have 49 brothers and sisters some of them are fun some of them are just plain mean

I usaly get along with my brother Alaska and sister Florida

Q:is ur gemany brother person cute lolz cuz i wanna date'em hahaha

WHAT Germany is not my brother please don't confuse

Okay, here's my question for Hawaii: Do you miss being your own country and having your own royalty?

Ummmm sometime but I don't remember that much sorry

Dear Comrade Hawaii,

Would you like to become one with Russia? It be worth your wild~ Kolkolkol

Love Russia

I have to ask my dad (scared)

Hello Hawaii how are you? This is England's daughter Bermuda but just call me Alice. I was wondering what is it like having Ni~San as your dad?

Well Alice all I can say it is fun. But he spends more time in the mainland then here

Hawaii! Hey sis, what's up! It's me, your bro Alaska! You've got your own Q&A show going here, huh? Good for you! Say, you seen Dad lately? Heaven help us if he's with Japan again, am I right, sis? Let's just hope that if he is, they keep the horror movies to a minimum. -_-

Keep going with the show sis! Your doing great!


Sorry bro I haven't did you ask New Mexico he should know cant wait for you to visit

Ah! I know! Which of your brother and sister states to you hang out with the most? Are there any of your state siblings that you don't get along with? Ha! That's two questions! Thanks, Hawaii/Lily, answer soon!

Well I get along with Alaska and Florida and I don't get along with New York but he still my brother that will never change

Thank you so much for doing this I am still hope for some more reviews. Well Aloha