I as so sorry I am so late please forgive me

안녕, Hawaii! :D

I just wanna know what kind of animal you like, da-ze!

P.S: You originated in me! :D

Hi! Papa I know I am I can you papa and my favorite animal is wholphin a mix breed of a whale and dolphin. By the way hows N. Korea doing?

Dear Hawaii,

I'm in the USA NOW SO I CAN VISIT YOU AND YOU CAN ME MY TWIN SISTER ALYSSIA-NINI! :D Hehhehe... You don't have to worry about Russia now. I pulled a Belarus on him and also had an epic battle with him. Him pipe VS my cricket bat. Unfortunately i got a litttle injured. Okay i lied I'm may be in the US but in the hospital getting treated. Apparently I've got a punctured lung and some broken bones. Also i apparently passed out before the plane landed. but HEY RUSSIA-CHAN TAKEN CARE OF! :D

Arthur was really worried and is here right now as i write. When he I told him what happened he was mad yet really proud that i was able to actually have the guts ti fight Russia-chan. Hey if p-posible could you guys come and visit me... I'm in a hospital in Washington and DC is here so call her please.

Uhg I feel like crap. T.T and it's really hard to breath-


~The much worried Big sister of alice,


OMG! I hope you are okay. But don't worry Maryland and DC have the best medicine. Bu t to tell you the truth I can hold Russia off pretty well he is my step father after all. But the reason I scared right know is plz don't ell Russia I hiding Latvia right now. I ask Dad to visit as well. Because I am on a place to visit France right now whaaaaaa! He always wants to give me love. Tell England ask France to stop trying to molest me please I am the only one for goodness sakes. And Alyssia are you asking about the big brother DC or dad.

Lots of Aloha


Yo, sis, Alaska again! Nice to see you're getting so many reviews and such!

Wow, a lot of our relatives are here. :O I guess you've been getting a lot of visitors here, huh? France is visiting me right now and I was video-chatting with our sister Tennessee about an hour ago, but other than that nobody visits! :( It's a shame, too, cuz the Ice Palace is pretty awesome if I do say so myself, just ask France ;)

Anyhow, do you know if anyone's been in touch with Sweden? Haven't heard from that guy in a LONG time...

Peace, little sister!


Aloha big brother

Omg I am sounding like Switzerland's little sister. Anyway Keep France away from me France expects a visit from me. Oh yea you need to visit China later on. IT Hot over here come visit sometime bye. \

Hey sis, what's the weather like in your state? It's cold here. ~Ohio

Hi Ohio

All I can say its always hot.