I am so sorry this is so late please don't stop sending questions I will try to get these up faster. Christina dosnt own Hetalia she only owns me since she created me since I am now an official oc for her now.

Hey Hawaii! Is Hawaiin pizza really Hawaiin, or is it just a marketing gimmick? Also, I will be visiting next week, so I'm breaking out the Hawaiin shirts and flip-flops! Are you excited I'm coming?


Aloha Ohio,

Its not at all its just dad putting pineapples and meat on the pizza saying it Hawaiian so it's a market gimmick. Really that's great and I will be at the airport waiting for you and I am very exiceted.

From you little sister,


Hey Hawaii,

Lot's of love from me but, I have one question are you okay with our SSHOLE of a governer. God I hate him. My ma's a teacher so yeaaaah any way lot's of love from you average Hawaiian Citizen.

~Epic Tiare


Its nice to hear from one of my citizens and to tell you the truth I don't really care for this one really but I cant complain he is my boss after all, So don't worry we might get a new one soon. Many people are upset so if you need to talk come up to me don't be a stranger.

From a state who want to make her people happy