This takes place after Kingdom Hearts 2.

Sora and the gang probably won't show up for a long time, but the worlds and the world's character will of course show up.

I do not own any Kingdom Hearts or the character of Kingdom Hearts. Just the OC's I own.


I walked slowly to my house from the bus stop. After another school day, I survived…I was about to pass out. Bratty kids roam all over school. Always getting what they want, when they wanted… Not everyone has that. But they believe that everyone's rich…HA funny…

I just wanted to talk with my friends again even if they're far, far away…I miss them…

But every other day, we talk on chat. It's nice seeing what they have to say about their day.

One thing we all loved was Kingdom Hearts the game. I don't know why but it seems so real sometimes…even though it's just a game. Maybe I'm crazy. Or maybe not? I don't know. You tell me.

I walked unevenly in the icily snow. One of my head phones slipped off my ear. I reached up to put the head phone back into my ear. I stopped and reached out my hand. I took in a deep breath.

'Come on…' I grab the air, hoping that a key blade would be in my hands after.

Nothing happened. I sighed…I should just give up the idea of Kingdom Hearts being real.


After finishing homework I got on the computer. I click on Facebook and look at the chat.

"Yes!" I whispered in a happy tone of voice.

Alexie: 'Hey guys!'

Aiden: 'Hey lexie!'

James: 'Fiiinally! Ok which one hair style is better? Roxas' or Sora's?'

I rolled my eyes at the question asked.

Alexie: 'Roxas.'

I heard a taping at the window…. It feels like someone's watching me…

Aiden: 'told ya!'

Alexie: 'I think someones watching me'

Aiden: 'weeird, maybe it's a secret admirer! Lol jkjk'

James: 'hahaha'


After chatting I went off to bed. I shouldn't be afraid of the darkness now, since I'm 13...but still.

I flipped up the switch to my night light. The fish started to turn around and around. Swimming endlessly.

I hear a sound that woke me up from a dream, I can not recall. The nightlight soon faded into darkness. I shivered. Someone called my name. I climbed down from my top bunk.

"Hello?" I called out, wondering if it was my parents. No answer.

"Come…come help us." I walked closer to the voice.

I saw the picture I drew. It must have fallen off the table. I picked it up from the ground.

"Xia…" I said my character name out loud.

"You wish to be like her? Saving worlds from darkness…being a hero." The voice said.

"Yeah…but, I'm weak. I'm not fit to be a hero." I reply to the voice

"Let's see about that." the voice said while the world lit up in white sparkles.

"What's happening?" I asked the voice. No answer. I was lost in warm light


I really hope you like it! Now its confusing , I know that, but soon enough every thing well fall into place, just wait and see!