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Chapter One

"Do you know which one is which?"

The little girl stared at the two twins, her eyes wide, and her cheeks red from the cold winter air.

"Well," She said slowly. "I think you're Hikaru." She answered, pointing to the one on the right."And your Kaoru." She said pointing to the boy on the left.

The twins stared at her with their own wide eyes. She had gotten it wrong. But of course she had. They were twins, identical twins to be precise. No one could tell them apart.

Hikaru Hitachiin stretched out in his bed, letting the mattress catch his folds, as he relaxed. He wasn't sure what had brought that memory back to him, but it was one of those reoccurring ones that would just appear out of nowhere in moments like that.

No one ever been able to tell him and his twin, Kaoru, apart. Through all of their seventeen years together, no on could tell them apart...except one.

Haruhi Fujoka.

They had met her in their third year, and immediately both of them had been drawn her into presence. She had been the first one besides Tamaki Suoh (though he had gotten right by a guess), to tell them apart just by being them. It didn't matter if they changed their hair part or switched clothes in the middle of the day, Haruhi still knew. Maybe that was why he had fallen in love with her. But things had changed after Tamaki had almost left them to go to France with the horrible Eclair Tonnerre. Haruhi realized that she loved Tamaki and he loved her back. The happy couple had been together for over a year now, and Hikaru wondered if he should ever let someone get close to him again.

Love makes you weak. Friends aren't needed. They just leave eventually. A phone call here or there, a text or two. Hell, maybe even a dinner or late date. But eventually, they'll stop coming around. You'll never see them again. What was the point of letting someone else in? Kaoru is all I need.

A cool breeze of air conditioning air lifted a tendril of loose wavy brown hair off the young girl's neck as she stared out the window to the car, her forehead pressed against the windowpane. She stared out at the building that had been her home for the past twelve years. Mrs. Fujisaki stood at the wrought-iron gates, a smile on her wrinkled face. She felt her eyes tear up as she looked.

"Wait." She told the driver as she quickly unbuckled her seat belt and ran from the door. She engulfed the old woman who had been the closest thing she had to a Mom as tight as she could. Mrs. Fujisaki rubbed small circles on her back, just like she had done when Elena had first came to the orphanage as a small five year old.

"You'll be fine, Elena. And so will we. You go to that school and make us proud."

"Thank you." She whispered, finally letting go and getting back in the car. She would make them proud. She had too.

Ouran High School was normally for rich, snobby people, but Elena had received a scholarship for her writing. She was afraid that she wouldn't fit in there, but she didn't really need them. She wasn't there to impress anyone or make new friends, though she had to admit, that would be nice. To be able to keep up her scholarship though, she had to work a job before and after school hours. She had applied for the job as a maid for the Hitachiin family. Cleaning was something she could easily do, seeing as she was one of the oldest in the Fujisaki household.

"We're here Miss." The driver announced to her from his seat, craning his neck back so she could hear better.

"Oh, thank you." Elena said, getting out of the car and taking her brown and blue duffel bag with her. This is it! I'm finally here! Who cares that I'll be cleaning up after a bunch of snotty people! I'm finally here at Ouran!

She stepped out of the car, and looked around her surroundings, shielding her eyes with her hand. Though it was cold, the sun shone brightly, a bright spot in the otherwise gray area.

She walked up to the large double wide French doors and slapped the knocker onto the door three times. She hastily tucked her hair behind her ears as she shifted her weight back and forth, rising on and off the balls of her feet.

It didn't long before someone greeted the door. A woman with fierce orange hair that fell down her back win long waves, greeted her with a warm smile.

"Hi. You must be Elena, I'm Yuzuha Hitachiin. It's so nice to meet you." She said, pulling Elena into a hug, an act that surprised her. She had barely met this woman, yet she was going around, hugging her?

"I'm sorry that my husband isn't here, he had some extra work to do." Mrs. Hitachiin told Elena, shutting the door. "He's a travel agent, and is usually away on business at times like these."

"Oh, it's okay, Mrs. Hitachiin." Elena said with a brief wave of her hand.

"Well, Elena, why don't you go ahead and unpack your things? I'm sure you're tired. Just go up the stairs and turn to your right. It's the second door on your left." Mrs. Hitachiin explained with a warm smile.

"Okay." Elena answered weakly, walking upstairs, and hoping against hope she could remember those directions.

She turned right when she reached the top of the stairs and promptly ran into someone opening a door. She ell to the floor on her butt, rubbing her head.

"Oh man, hey, I'm sorry." A light male voice said to her. She looked up, squinting with one eyes. Then her eyes widened. There were two of them, identical twins. The male that spoke to her was leaning down with a crooked smile, hand outstretched and she let him pull her to her feet. She tried to ignore the flush that heated her cheeks. "I didn't see you there."

"Obviously." She muttered under her breath.

He heard her. "I'm Kaoru, and this is my brother, Hikaru. It's nice to meet you."


"Are you the new student for Ouran High?"

"Yeah that's me."

The male grinned. "Then welcome." He looked pointedly at his brother who sighed.

"Hey." He said shortly.

Elena decided that she didn't particularly like this other twin. He didn't seem as friendly as his brother. His arms were crossed and he was looking away as he spoke.

"Um, excuse me? Don't you know it's better to look at someone when you talk to them?" Elena said a little curtly.

Kaoru chuckled and his brother shot him a look. Then looked at her.


Elena smiled. "Very much."

"Whatever." He muttered but Elena heard him. She was choosing to ignore him this time as she opened the door to her room and set her bag down on the bed. If this was a guest bedroom, she didn't even what to know what the real bedrooms looked like. Everything was swathed in green and brown with golden baseboards, and was easily twice the size of the whole Fujisaki house.

She pulled out the only keepsake she had brought with her besides her clothes and books: a photo of her and everyone at Mrs. Fujisaki's. She ruefully twisted her mouth as she set it down on the bed stand before flopping down on the bed. It had been a long, rough day for her. Closing her eyes, she pretended she was already at Ouran High, the place where her Mother had gone, she had been told. She needed to feel close to her Mother and this was the only way she could think of.

Something was buzzing. She swatted at it like she would swat a fly. But it didn't stop.

Rolling over, she smacked it as hard as she could, only to jerk up when she realized what it was. Her annoying alarm clock had been going off and had awaken her peaceful sleep.

Ugh, I want to go back to sleep, Elena thought, as she rolled completely out of bed, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. But she had work to do. Her job had come with a list of things needed to be done in the morning and after school. Along with actually going to school and studying for that, she was barely going to have time for anything else. She walked to the dresser and, sitting on her knees, pulled put a pair of jeans, a black tank, and a chocolate brown hoodie which she promptly pulled on. She saw her sneakers at the foot of her bed, and slipped them on, finding comfort in the familiarity of them.

She walked down the stairs, hoping to catch a bite to eat first before she started the morning chores. Walking to the Kitchen, she saw on the twins, sitting at a bar stool, eating breakfast.

"Morning." Elena greeted, politely.

"Oh, morning." Hikaru replied, going back to what he was doing. "You want any?" Kaoru asked her with a smile, putting the pan he was using back in the sink.

"Oh...well, no, I'm not a big fan of breakfast foods. I didn't mean to bother you or anything. I was just going to grab an apple or something like that."

"How can you not like breakfast foods?" Kaoru asked her with a surprised look on his face. "It's the most important meal of the day."

Elena playfully rolled her eyes. "Gee, thanks Dr. Oz."

He did a pretend bow.

"Kaoru," the other twin finally spoke up, interrupting their playful banter. "Shouldn't our maid being wearing her uniform?"

Elena looked at him with surprise. "It didn't say I had a uniform."

He grinned and she thought of the word mischievous when he did so.

"All maids wear them, right, Kaoru?"

His twin agreed and Elena was now thoroughly shocked. She had thought Kaoru would be different than his brother.

"Um, no way am I wearing an uniform."

"Alright..then, you'll just-"

"Have to play a game." Kaoru finished. Elena was now stunned. They really did seem like one person now.

"And what game is that?" She asked warily.

"The which one is Hikaru game!" They said in unison, covering their hair and looking at her.

"If you get it right," Hikaru said. "You can wear what you want. Otherwise, you have to wear the maids outfit."

She pointed to the boy on her left. "You're Hikaru. And you're Kaoru." She said in a bored tone.


She shook her head. "Nope. I'm right. Hikaru stands with his feet pointed slightly outward, and Kaoru has a slight tilt to the right. It's easy enough to figure out if you pay attention." The two boys looked at her in surprise. "You know, you two might look a little alike, well, a lot, but I can see the difference. And from what I've seen so far, you're really different." Elena muttered, picking up an apple from the fruit basket.

Kaoru looked up at her surprised. "Really?"

"Yeah." Elena said just as the door opened and young girl about her age with long wavy brown hair and green eyes walked in.

"Hi, you guys. You would never believe traffic this morning. It was...who is she?" Lilith asked, tossing her purse onto the kitchen table as Elena turned to start the dishes.

"Oh, Lilith, this is our maid, Elena. She's a new student at Ouran. Elena, this is my fiancé, Lilith." Hikaru with a clipped tone, as if he had spoken the words many times before.

Fiancé? Elena thought. Isn't he a little young for that? He has his whole world ahead of him! "Nice to meet you."

"Oh no, the pleasure is mine." Lilith said, shaking her hand, "So, Hikaru, Kaoru, ready to go? My driver's waiting outside for you guys."

"Yeah, I just need to get my jacket." Hikaru answered.

"See you later, Elena." Kaoru added, smiling at her and leaving with a little wave.

Guess I'll find my own way to school. Elena thought as she hurried with the running water.

End Chapter