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What was she going to do? Tono, the idiot, was talking excitedly with Kich, while Lilith slithered up to Hikaru all cozy like. The angry feeling of jealously overwhelmed her for a second befgore she realized that she had no reason to feel anything. Except anger that Kich was in the same room as her right now.

He stepped right up to her and smiled. He still looked at the same. Same dark brown eyes that now just looked souless and dirty. Same dark colored eye that he swept to the side, and that same towering figure that loomed above her. It used to make her feel protected, but now it only made her want to slap him a good one.

"Hello, Kich." She was proud that her voice didn't betray her, but instead remained steady and even.

"Eleana. It's good to see you. You look great." He commented.

Of course she did. That's just what you said as you pinned her down against her will.

"It's good to see you, too, Kich." She answered, casting a look at Lilith. Hikaru wasn't looking too happy with her as she pouted and hung herself over him. That gave her a moment of pleasure.

"Elena?" Kich was talking to her again. "I was wondering if you would join me for dinner tomorrow night?"

"She'd love too!" Tamaki exclaimed before Elena could politely say no.

"No, I'll be busy..." she tried to say before Tamaki interuppted her again.

"Nonsense! Kich, pick her up at seven!"

Kich nodded and then leaned closer to Elena, his lips almost at her ear. "Can't wait for"

Elena shivered as both Kich and Lilith left the room. Then she pounced on Tamaki.

"How could you, Tono? You didn't even let me answer for myself!"

Tamaki showed no remorse. "Obsivously, he wanted to take you out."

"And I didn't want to go!"


"No, Hikaru, I didn't want to go and I'm not! Tono can't make me and neither can you!"

"Elena..." This time it was Haruhi. "What's wrong? Has Kich done something to you before?"

"Yes. He has." Elena snapped, feeling bad because Haruhi was her friend. "And I would rather not say."

"But daughter, he has clearly come to make ammends!" Tamkai was saying.

"No! He can not make up for rapping me!" With a cry, she turned on her heel and left the room, angirly wiping at her eyes.

"Elena!" She didn't have to guess who it was who called her name now.

"What!" She yelled, turning around just as Hikaru caught her by the arm.

"What was that back there? Why did you flip out like that?"

"That wasn't me flipping out, and nothing. It was nothing."

He crossed his arms, raising one eyebrow. "Right. Care to explain that one?"

Elena rolled her eyes, letting her breath rush out. "It doesn't matter anyway."

"I disagree. Talk to me, Elena."

"Why should I?" Elena challenged, her voice raising an octave. "Why on earth should I tell you anything, Hikaru? So you can run back to your little Lilith, who I think is a huge jerk by the way, or even better go make friends with the even bigger jerk she brought with her, Kich!"


"No! Leave me alone."

Hikaru took her arm one more time, pulling her closer to him, forcing her to look up. She couldn't meet his eyes, so she focused on his forehead where a few bangs were hanging loosely. "Listen, Elena. Is there something he did to you? Whatever it is, you can tell me."

"n-nothing. It's nothing."


A shiver went through her spine. She closed her eyes. "I can't tell you, Hikaru. I can't tell anyone. Just please. Let me go. Please."


"No." Elena shook her head. "Leave me alone, Hikaru. I'll see you back at the mansion." She turned away, but Hikaru grabbed her arm again. There was only a fraction of seconds left to realize that he had moved closer and now his mouth was on hers, pressing gently into her willing mouth. Her breath caught deeper as her cheeks flushed.

"No." She said softly, pulling away. "No." She turned around and this time no one came after her. Her cheeks were flaming as she walked, not even tireing. But all she could think of was to get away. Away as soon as she could.

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