Plot: Rachel Berry and Noah Puckerman were always different; getting into glee club was their cover up. Try hiding your identity and bust some criminals while singing show tunes. But they had a job to do.

Their Secret

She was thankful that nobody ever came to her house because if they did, she would have a lot of explaining to do. Yes, her parents were gay and their names were Hiram and Leroy but they did not live in Lima. The pair were currently residing in Queensland, Australia, thousands of kilometers away from their 'known' location.

Now his mother and sister did in fact live in Lima because if the knowledge of two teenagers living alone got out, the entire thing was bust. His mother was always trying to keep her sons profile low and his sister was taught to keep her mouth shut, which took a lot of effort consider she was only 10.

Very few have ever done what these two have been doing for the past year. Many would just sit behind a desk with stacks of paperwork and every day, just getting that much closer to success while getting that much farther from sanity. They were young and they were good so it was without question why they were the ones chosen to carry out the operation. Very few knew of their occupation and even fewer knew of their current mission and they hoped that it would remain that way until the very end.

They walked through the school, waving and smile to people they knew. It was a year since entering William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio and they had managed to be accepted into their own individual groups of friends, well, he had any way. Then one word changed everything: Glee.