Dear Readers!

I would just like to inform you all that the sequel (and last part) of the Undercover series is in progress. Just thought you would all like to have a heads up as many of you are probably thinking I've been murdered, or forgotten my password, it would possibly be the later if I haven't responded in over three months. The thing is this time, I am going to finish the whole blooming thing before posting it so that is going to take a while. Why? Because I am going to be very busy this year and I would rather post the story in equal periods of time then having it broken off into weeks, days, months, you get the idea. It would just be in the name of a better flowing story if you get my drift.

Thanks to everyone who has kept up with me. Here are some mini notes if you would like to know what has been buzzing around in my head.

Santana has joined the NYPD.
The rest of the Glee gang will be involved.
It is now a futuristic AU.
Lima will be the focus setting.
Puckleberry Romance? I have not decided. Depends on how many people want it I guess.
Return of the NYPD characters? Perhaps, or just a mention.
OCs? Most definitely, although I will try to keep them simple, by that, easy to follow and not too many, well, that you have to worry about anyway.

Want to contribute to the story line effort? Feel free to PM me whenever you have an opinion. I might just take it into consideration, you're name/profile name will then make it into the A/N at the end.