Jade West was standing next to her scissor-covered locker at the prestigious Hollywood Arts High school. Standing right next to her were her friends (their words not hers), Cat Valentine, Andre Harris, and Robbie Shapiro. Cat kept talking on and on and on about how her family was going on a trip and she didn't want to go. Oh boo her.

"And I really really don't want to go, so can I stay with one of you guys? I promise I won't eat your peanut butter!" Cat begged, batting her wide doe-like eyes.

Jade sighed and took a swig of her coffee, when she put her cup down she noticed all three of them were looking at her expectantly.

"What?" she said angrily.

"Well," Andre started, "Robbie and I are guys…."

Robbie squirmed.

"And I don't think-"

"Robbie ain't a guy!" Rex blurted from his position on Robbie's arm.

"Hey!" Robbie protested. Andre shook his head while Cat giggled.

Jade sneered, there was absolutely no way that Cat was sleeping over. She loved Cat and all; she was one of Jade's closest friends. But couldn't she sleep at Vega's or something?

"Cat, I really don't-" Jade began.

"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!" Cat began to wail louder and louder.

"Really, Cat, I don't think-" Jadde tried again.


"FINE!" Jade screamed.

Cat suddenly smiled and said "Thank you, thank you! I'll bring my own peanut butter!" Then she skipped off.

Jade scowled.

"Anyone know what's up with here and peanut butter?" Robbie asked.

"Shut up," Jade said and walked away to get another coffee.

On her way she saw Beck getting out of his car.

Smiling for the first time that day she walked toward him.

Then her scowl returned when she saw who was getting out of the car as well.

Jade raised both her eye brows in surprise.

Oh hell no.


Beck Oliver grimaced the second he saw his girlfriend wearing a scowl.

"Looks like Jade isn't very happy," Tori murmured.

"I know," Beck said, "And what's funny is I think she hates you again.

Tori furrowed her eyebrows; she and Jade had been on friendly terms ever since she had helped them out at Karaoke Dokie. She probably didn't want to mess that up.

"Excuse me!"

Beck groaned, he forgot that Trina had hitched a ride with them too.

"I said excuse me!" Trina said.

"What do you want, Tri?" Tori asked.

"You guys are in my way!"

"Then we'll move," Beck said. He took a deep breath and began to walk to his angry (but still very attractive) girlfriend.

"Hey babe!" Beck greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

The scowl was still there.

"Look, I know it looks weird, but-" Beck began.

"Why the heck was she and that thing in your car?"

"Thing? Oh you mean Trina, well here's the story. Uh, Trina and, erm, Tori needed a ride and, uh," Beck has trouble speaking because Jade kept looking at him like she wanted him to die. Beck took a deep breath and started over.

"Look, I just gave them a lift to school. It's no biggie!"

"Really? Check your phone, I called you four times. Why didn't you answer?" Jade asked, her eyes still blazing.

Beck rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone.



"Okay, so what's your point?" Beck asked.

"Why didn't you answer?" Jade demanded.

"I was driving!" Beck exclaimed.

Suddenly Tori came up, "Jade I know you're upset, but this is nothing to get upset over. He just gave me a ride and-"

"Shut it, Vega."

"Jade," Beck scolded.


Beck turned and faced Jade, he looked into her eyes. Jade started back with the same intensity.

After a few seconds Jade looked away and turned to Tori. "Fine, I'm sorry Tori."

Tori looked relived, "It's okay."

Beck grinned; he won.

"And who else do you owe an apology to?" Beck asked, implying himself.

Jade looked at him and raised an eyebrow as if to say 'Don't push it.'

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"Never mind," Beck said quickly.

Jade smiled and walked away.

When she had gotten out of hearing range, Tori sai, "Your girlfriend is a piece of work."

"Tell me about it," Beck replied and threw his book bag over his shoulder and went to catch up with his somewhat angry girlfriend.

What a great way to start the day.

Later on….


Jade was stabbing her salad with a fork while she listened to Tori and Cat make plans for the weekend. It was a total bore.

She glanced over to the empty seat next to her. Beck apparently had to stay after class to rehearse a play with some other people. And as usual Jade put up a fight, which of course ended with her throwing a notebook at his head.

Well, what was she supposed to do? He was rehearsing with Laura Wells. A very pretty girl, who was practically the biggest flirt in school. Laura was one of those girls who made Jade what to shred a turtle and feed it to some crocodiles.

The only reason she was a B-lister was because her sister was an alumni.

She wondered what play they were rehearsing for.

"Tori! What play is Beck doing?" Jade asked.

"Uh…" Tori quickly looked at Andre.

"Alright! Who here likes cheese?" Andre asked, obviously trying to change the subject.

Jade looked at Tori, "Vega."

Tori looked uncomfortable, "Well…"

Andre cut in, "Jade he told us not to tell you."

Jade widened her eyes. "Why?"

Andre glanced at Tori; they obviously knew something that Jade didn't.

"Because, uh, he wants it to be a surprise."

Jade eyes softened, a surprise? She liked surprises, even though she said she hated them. Like that one time when Beck brought her roses for no reason.

Jade went off into dreamland wondering what the surprise could be.

But then Cat goes "Oh, I thought it was because he didn't want her to get all overly jealous and possessive because he's playing Romeo and Laura is playing Juliet!"

Jade snapped back to reality. "What did he call me?"

Andre slapped his face with his hand dramatically, "Cat!"

"What'd I do?"

"You just blew it!" Tori almost yelled.

"You're so mean to me!" Cat pouted and left the table in a huff.

Jade felt anger mix with jealousy. How dare he call her overly jealous and possessive! Did he not trust her with things like this? Did he just automatically assume that she would be totally pissed?

Jade stomped over to the drama class room, where they were rehearsing.

She retched the door open and stomped inside, not caring that she was interrupting a scene.

"Hey. We need to talk." Jade announced.

Beck looked at his girlfriend and then at Lane. Lane nodded his head, indicating that he could go out and talk.

"Jade, you realize you're not allowed here, right?" Laura said in a nasally voice that made Jade think of nails on a chalk board.

Jade turned to face Laura, "And do you realize that I gag when I see your face?" "Woah, let's take this outside," Beck grabbed Jade's arm and dragged her into the empty hallway.

"Are you insane?" Beck yelled once the door was closed.

"NO!" Jade said, "Why didn't you tell me you were doing Romeo and Juliet?"

Beck looked at her curiously, "How'd you know that?"

"Well it was no thanks to you!" Jade replied, crossing her arms.

"Babe, I didn't tell you 'cause I knew you'd be angry?"

"So what, you don't trust me?" Jade asked.

"No, yes- I mean, it's not like you trust me!" Beck said feeling agitated.

"What are you talking about?" Jade asked.

"You never trust me with anything! Like this morning, you were about ready to kill me and Tori!"

"Was not!"

Beck scoffed, "Oh really?"

"Yes, really!" Jade said back.

Beck rolled his eyes. "Look, let's talk about this later. Right now I need to finish this play." He turned away from her.

Jade felt more anger. What was he doing? Was he actually walking away?

"You know what? We're done!" Jade yelled.

Beck stopped walking and turned around, "Are you serious?"

"You know what? I think I am."

"Fine." Beck said quietly, "I hope we can still be friends."

Jade didn't hear him. She had already walked away.


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Revenge is Sweet