Ebony Eyes (inspired by Sweeney Todd)

Ebony eyes
Pierce through my soul
Fill me with fear
Yet have control

Love pounds my heart
Blazing like fire
Burning my veins
Painful desire

I see the blade
Silvery light
Sharp and deadly
No will to fight

Icy-cold fear
Engulfing sea
Danger somehow
Infatuates me

Razor is high
Resistance low
Hand on my neck
Wait for the blow

Tension is high
Patience is low
Heartbeat is fast
Time seems so slow

Cold steel blade
Flirts with my skin
Caresses throat
Starts to dig in

Crimson droplet
Soft flesh appalls
Sharp clattering
The razor falls

The wound is small
The pain is great
Ignorant love
Is not too late

As our lips meet
Passion does rise
Mad love lies in
Ebony eyes