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Summary: This is a crossover with Twilight and Navy CIS. It goes from the books until after Eddy leaves Bella and Bella finds out about the wolves. She never jumped from the cliff so Alice didn't see her and the Cullens never came back. Bella is Tony's little sister. She was in witness protection for about nine. Now Bella is nearly 19 and heartbroken when she is finally able to get back home to her family and friends. Can they help her out of her depression? Will the Cullens come back to her live? And why was she in witness protection in the first place?

Bella's POV

It's been nearly a year since Ed- he left. It still hurts to even think his name! I was depressive for a long time and I'm still not completely OK again but thanks to Jake and the pack I'm getting better. The nightmares are still there, though. I don't know what I would have done without the guys. No, I know. I would do nothing because Victoria would have gotten to me by now or Laurent would have killed me in that meadow. I am really grateful for what they're doing for me. And I feel bad because I have to lie to them every day. I don't want to. I really don't. But I don't have a choice. If the wrong people find out who I really am, I am as good as dead.

I finished high school last month and now I'm waiting for the answers of the colleges.

Right now I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner and waiting for Charlie to get home.

The phone rings.

"Swan.", I said.

"Bella? Is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me. Who is there?", I asked a bit nervous. This could be one of Victoria's tricks or someone from my past. Both NOT GOOD.

"Bella, calm down. My name is Jenny Sheppard. I'm the director of the NCIS. I hope you still know what that is?", she asked.

"Of course I still do. How could I forget! But why are you calling? Isn't it dangerous to contact me? Did something happen?", I asked worried.

"Dear, calm down. Everything is fine. I just called to let you know that it's over."

"It's... over? Does that mean...?"

"Yes, you can come home now."

Home. Home, home, home, home, home!

"I- I can really come back? I can go home?", I asked as the first tears rolled down my face.

"Yes, yes you can. OK, listen. Friday morning there are coming two of my agents to get you. Is that enough time for you to say goodbye to your friends?"

"Of course it is. Ehm... director?"


"Does Tony know?"

"No, not yet. I thought you might want to surprise him and Gibbs?"

"Yeah, I do. I wonder if they'll recognize me. Can I tell my friends the truth or do I have to lie?"

"Well, since everything is over now, I don't see why you shouldn't tell them the truth. Sorry, I've gotta go. I'll see you Friday then."

"OK, director. Bye.", I said and hung up. Home. Back home! I started crying as it sunk in completely.

This was all so surreal. I finally could go back.

Then my focus went back to the cooking food. I heard the front door open just as I started to put the food on the plates.

"Bells?", Charlie called.

I came out of the kitchen to greet him and saw that Billy and Jake were here, too.

"I brought Billy and Jake. Hope that's OK?", Charlie asked while getting out of his police jacket.

"Of course that's OK. There should be enough food for four persons.", I said, still smiling like an idiot.

"That's great-", Charlie began, but stopped, when he turned around and looked in my face.

I realized that I probably looked awful. I could still feel the tears on my cheeks so he could probably see them. On top of that I still had that idiotic grin on my face.

"Is everything alright?", asked Jake, who was now standing in front of me.

"Everything is just perfect!", I said as I flew my arms around his neck and hugged him as hard as I could.

Charlie, who helped Billy inside, cleared his throat.

"Not that I don't like to see you so happy, Bells, but why is that?"

"Oh, it's nothing big. I just got a call from D.C. that's all.", I said like I was talking about the weather or something.

"D.C.? But... they wouldn't... Why did they call?", he asked shocked and worried.

I walked over to him and put my hands on his shoulders.

"The director called me to tell me that it's over. It's over Charlie! It's finally over!"

I started crying again and I saw tears form in his eyes and a smile spread on his lips as he realized what I was saying.

Suddenly I was in his arms and he told me how happy he was for me.

When he let go of me, I saw two pairs of dark and very confused eyes.

"I think I should explain." I said. "How about we eat before it gets cold and while we eat, I tell you what's going on?"

They nodded and I made my way to the kitchen, getting nervous.

After all, I lied to them. I lied to all my friends. What if they were angry at me. What if Jake didn't understand why I couldn't tell him the truth?

After I put the food on the plates, we started eating and I told them everything. Me being in witness protection, my real family, my home. The whole time they didn't interrupt me and I didn't look at them, too afraid of what I might see if I did.

After I finished my story, I closed my eyes for a few moments before I forced myself to look at them.

Charlie, despite the fact that he already knew, looked like he was starting to cry every moment.

Billy had an expression on his face, I couldn't place. It was a mix of shock, pain, sadness and anger. And I hoped that his anger wasn't directed at me.

I saw a single tear roll down Jakes right cheek. His facial expression matched his fathers, though he had a bit more disbelieve in his eyes.

I don't blame him. It was a lot to take in.

None of them spoke so I took a deep breathe and said:

"OK, guys. I know this I is a lot to take in and I understand if you need time to think about all of this. And I would understand if you were angry with me because I haven't told you sooner. I know you would've never told anybody but it was just too much of a risk. I'm so sorry I had to lie to you. I really am."

"Bella", Jake started "It's OK. I understand and I'm not angry at you. I couldn't be angry at you for trying to protect yourself. If somebody overheard us talking about it, it could have ended badly for you. I can't imagine what this must have been like. To lie to everyone you meet – it must be hard."

"It was. I felt bad, talking to someone who could be my friend and being forced to lie straight in their face. I'm just so happy that you understand." I said with a sad smile on my face as I was hugged by Jake.

"It's OK." he said. "I'm happy that this nightmare is over for you. So, you're leaving Friday? Well, then we better spend as much time together as possible because I am going to miss you like hell, baby."

"I'm going to miss you, too. But we we will stay in touch. I will call at least once a week and we will visit each other as often as we can, right?"

"Of course, Bells. Don't you worry. I couldn't bear to loose you. And I definitely want to meet those people you talked about." he assured me as we walked into the living room to talk a bit more. Billy was quiet for the most part but I guess he just needed a bit time to get used to this.

The days went by fast and suddenly it was Thursday evening and I settled for the night. I looked around the room. All my stuff was stowed away in moving boxes and there were three suitcases next to the door with the most important stuff. Charlie would send the rest later when everything was settled.

During the week I talked to everyone. The call I gave Renee was about two hours long because after I told her, there was still Phil who apparently stood next to her as she started to do a happy dance.

I heard him trying to get the phone.

I started laughing as I imagined the scene: two adults. The woman is talking to the phone and the next minute, she is dancing around herself all the while her companion is trying to get the phone out of her hand – all of that in the parking lot of a shopping center.

After Phil managed to get the phone I gave him the basics, leaving Renee to fill him in on the details.

Then all of my friends from school. After I told them, the girls were crying and the boys were somewhere between 'I want to go to my room and cry my eyes out' and 'I want to hit something so hard that it breaks'.

But all in all, they and Phil took it in really well. They weren't angry at me for lying to them and they promised, this whole thing wouldn't change anything between them and me.

Then there was my second family. The pack and the people from the res.

I managed to get the boys to stop patrolling for a while so I could tell them all at once.

After I finished my story, Emily was in tears and the boys looked like they would explode any at any moment. Literally.

But they as well were very understanding.

The small-town-talk began soon, though. But I couldn't care less. I would be out of here soon, anyway and I knew what my friends thought about it.

I spend my last days in Fork with Charlie and the pack. Jake helped me to pack my things.

It was all pretty exhausting and I had still these nightmares.

They got even worse. I was now not only running to find him, but I was also running from the monster who forced me into hiding. But I'm sure that won't last long. I just dream about it because I'm thinking about it a lot lately. Once everything calmed down, the dreams will turn back to normal.

I went to bed, trying to get a bit of sleep before my new – well, old – life began.