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Tony's P.O.V. At NCIS

Bella had been working at NCIS for about a week now and she die really well. Right now, she was reading some of the old case files, since there was nothing else to do. Every order she got, she did with ease and you could see that she loved, what she was doing. She was eager to learn about every aspect of our work and she even helped us with our last case. She had seen that in nearly every photo, the private detective had taken, the same man was watching the victim. Happened to be that man, that had stalked and killed the petty officer.

I am sure she is going to take the offer from the director and start her training next fall, though she hadn't said anything about it yet.

I looked at my watch – 2:30 pm. - the boys should be here soon.

I got a call from Charlie a couple of days ago. He said that Bella's friends from the reservation would come to bring the rest of of Bellas stuff. I knew that they were coming, but Bella had no idea. Everyone thought it would be a nice surprise for her.

Since I had nothing better to do right now, I watched Bella. Even though she had only been here for the better part of a week, she looked a lot better. She had already gained a bit of weight, the light and the sparkle, that I have always loved so much, had returned to her eyes and only sometimes they would cloud over with sadness. The rings under her eyes were not as dark as they used to be. She still had nightmares, but they weren't as bad anymore. She was still trashing and turning and mumbling about Edward, but she wasn't screaming anymore.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as I heard the familiar ding of the elevator doors. I looked up to see some giants of boys. They all looked native so I assumed they were Bella's friends.

They looked around. One of them saw Bella and he pointed at her. Yep, Bells friends.

They came towards us and one of them stepped forward and cleared his throat.

"I'm sorry, we're looking for a Ms DiNozzo. Apparently she has left a few things before she moved here.", he said and smiled wildly at Bella.

Bella on the other hand just stared at him in shock. Then it made click and she got off her seat, nearly screaming of joy and running towards him.

"Jake!", Bella cried as she jumped in the arms of the one that had spoken. He caught her and twirled her around. Then he sat her down and looked at her.

"Damn, you look good, Bells!", he said smiling down at her, while the others came closer.

Bella of course blushed at the compliment. J

"Bella!", one of the other two said smiling wildly.

"Seth! Oh my god! You have grown even more!"

They hugged each other and then Bella turned to the last boy.

"Hey Embry! You here, too?"

"Well, someone had to come to calm Jake down. I swear, he was so exited to see you again, that he nearly jumped up and down like a little girl."

Bella laughed out loud at that.

Meanwhile this Jake looked like he either wanted to disappear or to rip the others boys head off.

I got up and walked over to them.

"Hello. You must be the boys, Charlie talked about. I'm Tony DiNozzo, Bellas brother.", I greeted them.

Before they came here, I thought about doing this big-brother-thing in which I would shoo every boy away from my baby-sister. But now I highly doubt that I would even be able to shoo them away. At least without using my gun.

Honestly, these boys were huge! Were they on some sort of steroids or something?

"Yep, we are.", said the youngest-looking of them.

"I'm Seth, by the way, that's Embry and this is Jacob. It's nice to meet you.", he continued smiling.

"Nice to meet you, too. Bella told me about you guys. She seems pretty attached to you.", I said, shaking their hands. Boy, they were strong!

"Of course she is. Who wouldn't be?", said Embry, grinning.

That made Bella laugh again. I have to say, I'm happy that these boys are here. I can already see what Charlie meant when he said, they were helping her heal and I just met them five minutes ago!

"Boys,", Bella said, "not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you doing here?"

"Well, Charlie wanted to send you your stuff and we thought it would be a good opportunity to visit you, so we volunteered.", Jake said with a sheepish grin.

"Oh, and by the way, the others are saying hi and that they are sorry that they couldn't come. But you know how it is – someone has to work.", Embry said.

"And since we were death set on coming, the others had to stay at home.", Seth explained.

Bella shook her had in amusement and then asked:

"How long are you going to stay?"

"We thought about staying the night and leaving again sometime tomorrow morning.", Jake said.

Bellas face fell as she heard that.

"I know it's not much time, but we're really busy right now at home, ya know? But I promise, the next time I visit, I will stay longer."

She nodded in understanding.

"Okay, but you have to come back soon, you hear me?", she asked, pointing her index finger at his chest and the look, she gave him meant business. I knew that look just too well. She used it a lot when we were kids and she caught me, planning some prank.

The look had been scary back then but she really had perfected it over the years – and if I didn't knew what my sister was capable of, I would have a laughing fit right now.

This boy looked like a fittnestrainer and was over two heads taller than her – and he looked afraid, nearly terrified.

And that fear was justified. It may not show often, but Bella had a strong, hot, Italian temperament, if she wanted to have.

He gulped visibly and nodded his head.

Bellas face softened and she hugged him.

"Well, I guess that means family meeting at ours tonight?", she asked, turning to me.

"I suppose so. I'm sure you guys want to get to know the rest of the team? They definitely want to meet you."

They nodded.

"Well, it seems, as though I have to go grocery shopping, then.", Bella sighed.

"Why? You were just shopping two days ago.", I said confused.

She just laughed.

"You have no idea how much these boys can eat. What we eat together in two days is what each of them eats in one! They are always hungry.", she laughed.

I looked at her in disbelieve, raising both my eyebrows.

"No, she's right. We are always hungry. If we ever get ruined financially, it'll be 'cause we can't effort all the food we need.", Embry said smiling, which made Bella laugh.

I smiled at that. I really started to like these boys.

Bella's P.O.V. -

I can't believe that Jake and the boys were here. God, I'm so happy to see them again. It's just sad, that they can't stay any longer but it's understandable. I mean, Victoria is still on the loose (which is freaking me out slightly) and they need to protect their people and find her.

Since I had nothing more to do today, I left with the boys and we went shopping for the evening.

After that we went home, where the the boys were unpacking my stuff under my supervision.

I took the opportunity to ask them about Victoria as long as we were still around. There was no need for the team to find out, that a vengeful vampire wanted me dead. They would just freak. Especially Tony and Gibbs. They were already overprotective as it was. If they knew, I would probably not be allowed to go out of the apartment.

They told me that they still hadn't caught her, but that she was still trying to get to Forks.

That was – well, I don't really know if that was good or bad news.

It was good 'cause it meant that she believed me to be still in Forks, so I was fairly save here. Which leads to the not-so-good part. I was here, save and sound, while the inhabitants and and everyone around Forks was in danger because of me.

But Jake assured me, that it was better that way. It would be easier to catch her there, since the boys knew the landscape by heart and they had a big number of wolfs against one vampire.

If she would give up, trying to get to Fork, they would have to split. Because according to Jake I am part of the pack and they protect their own. So some of them would come here to made sure I was safe. And they would have to look for her, 'cause she was such a threat.

So all in all, it was better, that she was still in Forks.

We kept talking about the pack and random stuff, while I started dinner.