Spirit Loving By Delphine

I am with you, my son,
Though you cannot see me.
An invisible spirit, I am.
A guardian angel,
Your guardian angel.

I have looked after you
Ever since that day,
Fourteen years ago
When your father and I
Fell to a great evil.

I watched you live, a lonely child,
In that horrible house on Privet Drive
Raised by my cruel sister Petunia.
I saw how she treated you, like a burden,
And still you grew up good and kind.

Your happiness as you received
The letter that to Hogwarts. Oh,
The joy I felt for you at the turn!
I laughed as Hagrid cursed Dudley.
That child deserved it so!

Like your father you are,
There's no doubt about that.
The adventures you've had!
The people you've met!
How I wish I were alive...