Hi, everyone! Sorry this took longer to get up, but I was busy with finals and got sick afterwards as a result. Anyways, I'm back, and with my return, we reach the end of American Woman. It's sad to see this story end, but like I said, this isn't exactly the end for the characters-per-say, because...well, I don't want to say anything about what happens. I'll let you read it for yourself. I WILL say that as a reminder, last time Abby's team was slaughtered and when she found comfort in True Hero, the Motherfucker arrived and revealed that True Hero was his cousin the whole time! There is a reference to fellow fanfic writer Rurrlock-God of Power's Omega Kid series in here, where Abby has thrice appeared in. I thank Rurrlock for letting me reference his story as the seeds to this revelation are mentioned in Chapter 33, which he and I wrote together. If you want to see if you can find it in there, please do so. Other than that, read on, and prepare for the end. Oh, and I own NOTHING but my OC's. This is for FAN-PURPOPSES only, so please don't sue! Other than that, enjoy!

I pulled the sheets over my body gasping in shock. I turned from the Motherfucker back to True Hero a couple of times, before staring at him seriously.

"True Hero…" I asked, "What the hell is he talking about?"

"I…" True Hero said, lost for words for the first time I had ever seen in the time I'd known him in, "I don't know…"

"Oh, come on…" The Motherfucker laughed as some of the goons restrained me and True Hero, "You didn't hear me the first time?! He's my cousin, Billy."

He walked over to him and grabbed his mask.

"Chris!" He yelled, "DON'T…"

The Motherfucker pulled off his mask as I gasped finally gazing upon his true face.

"THAT was for calling me by my real name." He sneered turning to me, "Take a good look, American Woman. THIS is the guy you were just making out with."

I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it, but it was real. True Hero's real face exposed to me now fully revealed the face of a 16-year-old boy with messy black hair and the faintest hint of facial hair beginning to grow around his chin. His eyes were blue and looking at me with deep regret.

"His parents are still alive, by the way." Chris added, "My Mom had dinner with his Mom a while back, and I always visited him on Christmas. He always did like comic books. Perhaps even more than me, admittedly. So when I decided to turn evil, I figured I'd give him funding to help his little dream come true and then use him to capture some idiot female superhero. I thought when I fought you that you'd be naive enough to fall for him if you thought he was Tony Stark or Bruce Wane."

He shoved Billy's head into the wall while keeping one of his cousin's hands pressed hard behind his back.

"EXCEPT…when that super villain Black-Ops kidnapped you, he made up that note and mentioned that he was WITH his parents in the Bahamas on a cruise! Fortunately, nobody realized the typo he made, and you never learned the truth until now."

I looked at him horrified.

"You used me?" I asked.

I could see that he was beginning to get teary eyed, but I didn't have any pity for him. He practically handed me over to the Motherfucker on a plate and I hated him for it. I wasn't just about to become his girlfriend, I wanted to also be his best friend. This was all like getting stabbed right through the chest.

"American Woman…" He said, "I never wanted to…"

"Save it!" Chris declared, "I'm taking you for execution!"

The goons hauled me away, as I only began to wonder what was going to happen next.

The people had forced me into a van and made me redress in my costume. I was outnumbered and there were guns, so I had to play along for now until I could find a way to escape. I was shoved into the ground face-first as I looked up. This appeared to be some sort of old warehouse, and it was all old and decrepit. I didn't know what was about to happen, but it was clear this was to be no picnic.

I suddenly heard a thumping noise and looked up shocked.

"Oh, you gotta be frickin kidding me…" I said as I saw an over-muscled thug approach me.

This dude was wearing a Luchador-spandex costume with skulls all over it. His muscle size would give Bane and Doomsday a run for their money.


Everyone cheered as I suddenly felt a bit unsure of myself. Today, my team was killed, I had been betrayed by my boyfriend/lover, and I was now completely out of my league here.

I tried punching the goon in his sack, (it was the only weak spot I could think of,) but it barely phased him as he just headbutted me in the nose, breaking it.

I was pushed back a few feet, and felt my nose, realizing it was bleeding.

Oh, god! I though, He broke my nose with one headbutt! How strong is this a…

I was cut off when the big guy grabbed my leg, and flung me over his head, slamming me face-first into the ground hard. The impact made me cry out in pain, as he threw me up in the air and then kneed me in the chest.

I cried in pain again, and this time, there was blood that spurted out of my mouth. This was WAY too much for me now.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worst, the big goon, grabbed me by my neck and delivered a blow to my face. Then another. And another. And so on. I lost count of how many times he hit me because I was in too much pain. Eventually, he ceased this and grabbed my head, making me realize he was going to pull a Khan from Star Trek: Into Darkness.

As the crowd cheered around me, I realized I was going to die. And it was all because I went out to become a hero, when I could've stayed normal. If I had, maybe none of this would've happened. And I wouldn't have caused so much pain and death. It seemed to occur to me now that as much good I did, I did bad things also. Memories flashed before my eyes of such examples; Black-Ops, helping the Lasses of Justice torture Barry Tells and his men, Adam Quell getting arrested…these were all bad people, yes, but did I have the right to kill or jail on my own authority? Was it any of my business to begin with before I became American Woman.

I closed my eyes preparing for the end, but before the pressure could reach the final breaking point, I heard something getting stabbed, and the big guy released me.

"FLORENCE!" The Motherfucker screamed "WHAT THE HELL?!"

I quickly began regaining consciousness as I looked up to see Florence drop down to the ground. A butterfly dagger lodged deep in his skull.

As soon as he fell, the figure of Hit-Girl was revealed behind his corpse along with a figure whom I had seen before.

"Kick-Ass?" I asked weakly.

"Get up, American Woman." Hit-Girl told me, pulling the dagger out of Florence's head as Kick-Ass readied his batons, "Remember what I taught you. The ass-wipes like this jerk-off only last speechless for so-long."

"GET THEM!" The Motherfucker yelled.

Hit-Girl quickly took some kind of sphere from her pocket and threw it on the ground. Instantly, a smokescreen engulfed the room as she and Kick-Ass took on the goons closest to them.

I was disoriented, but I took on the closest to me.

Now, it's hard to say how many I took down especially…especially considering what happened next.

I remembered taking down one of them and then I heard the Motherfucker screaming.

Instincts made me look back to see him running up with a Katana.

There wasn't enough time for me to dodge or roll out of the way, so this was most likely the end.

I closed my eyes and was ready to die, but when I heard the shank, I felt nothing.

Opening my eyes, I screamed in horror.

The Motherfucker's blade had pierced someone, but it wasn't me.

It was Billy.

The Motherfucker's blade had pierced Billy's heart and he was lying on the ground as The Motherfucker looked equally surprised.

"BILLY!" I screamed.

"WHAT THE SHIT, CUZ?!" The Motherfucker asked.

He took off, but I didn't care. Kick-Ass and Hit Girl were taking care of everyone around us, but I had to get him to safety, so I grabbed his arms and pulled him away outside, and knelt down next to him, as I looked at him horrified.

"Ohmygod, Billy!" I declared, "Why'd you do that?!"

"I didn't…" Billy groaned, coughing hard, "I didn't do it for you to love me. I did it because…because it was right. I guess I was right, wasn't I?"

"Billy…" I said, frantically, "Stay still. Don't try moving. The sword might rupture something, and we can still get you to a hospital…"

Billy laughed, coughing again as he turned to me.

"For someone who got to meet Scarlett Johansson…" He smiled, "You sure didn't…didn't pay attention to The Avengers…."

His eyes rolled upwards as he stopped breathing.

"No…" I said, feeling his pulse, "No, no, no!"

There was nothing. It was official now. I killed a young 16-Year-Old boy. I killed some people before, yeah, but this was different. I had killed a boy who loved me and even gave his life to save mine. Maybe my hand wasn't on the trigger, but the message was true. If I hadn't been American Woman, Billy might suddenly be alive.

If only…

"American Woman!" Hit-Girl said, "We took care of the ass-wipes in there, but where's The Motherfucker?"

"Gone." I said quietly, falling to my knees in front of Billy.

"What?" Kick-Ass said.

"He's gone and I don't care where he is now." I said, tears beginning to swell in my eyes, "I'm done."

"What do you mean you're done?!" Hit-Girl asked, "We have to track him down and…


"American Woman…" Hit-Girl tried to say.

"NO!" I declared, "I DON'T WANT IT! It might not be today, or tomorrow, or even for years, but the fact remains. I've been wrongly pardoned. I've been to wrapped up in my life to see that eventually, someone's going to say that I don't have the right to kill or arrest like I did. And you know what?! They're probably right! I can't throw away my life now! I don't want to be a superhero forever! I want to be a normal person with a job and family! Therefore; SCREW THIS!"

I stormed off as I uttered nine words.

"From now on… I am American Woman no more."

Eventually, I graduated High School, but at the Valedictorian Speech, I couldn't muster the words I wanted to say. I left crying. Everyone called it emotional instability. They couldn't know the truth.

Despite everything that happened, I got high enough grades to get into a college in Florida that I had considered. I decided that's where I would go. I wanted to be as far away from New York as possible and I wanted to forget American Woman for the rest of my life.

After the graduation, I took my costume and everything I had kept on American Woman and threw it into a briefcase. I then wrote up the notice on my hero-help page telling everyone that I couldn't be American Woman any more. I told them it was because I had "my own reasons." I then shut the site down and deleted any contacts to any of my hero friends I had.

After my parents had gone to bed, I snuck out of the house and took the briefcase with me over to the East River. I looked at the briefcase, anger building up at what I had caused and I chucked the thing into the river, watching as it went flowing away until it was completely out of sight.

I then went home.

American Woman was dead.

From now on, I was only Abby Adriene.

And that was the story of how American Woman died.

The End.

But Abby Adriene will return in…


Coming 2014!

Well, that's all. This is the final chapter in American Woman. Abby's alter-ego is dead, but her journey is not finished. So what is this One-Man story I have planned? Well, without giving too much away, it's the continuation of American Woman, which will pick up some time after the events of Kick-Ass 2, which will feature an all-new lead named Doug Iancruz, and Abby appearing as a side-character. So if you liked this story, be sure to check out the sequel in 2014, because Abby isn't through with her superhero life as much as she had hoped. Until then, have a happy holidays!