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Nightly Love

In he years of the Future the age of vampires, werewolves, and other beings a war will begin all about young love.

It was nearly midnight when Katsuya was lightly holding on the rope of the cathedral, he was dreaming of what his life would be like if he wasn't a vampire, he was in deep thought when he heard the others jump on the railings by him "Hey why so glum jou?" yugi asked leaning over the edge. Katsuya looked up and slightly smiled "just wondering bout my past that's all no worries guys", Ryou and Malik looked over to Yugi and sighed "oh hey did you hear bout the new people in town I heard there gonna stay here for their stay." Ryou said sliding down, "besides I you weren't a vampire we wouldn't have meet you or still be alive c'mon it's almost sunlight." Katsuya slid down the robe and slowly walked to his room deep in thought.

It was early morning when Katsuya walked into the shrine and saw Yugi talking to a couple new people, "ah Jou meet the travelers staying in Domino this is Yami" the one who looked like yugi nodded, "Bakura and Marik" the ones who looked like ryou and malik stopped glaring at each other and creepily smiled, "and the last one is Seto Kaiba, they'll be staying here for a month or two." The tall brunet looked over at Katsuya and scowled "Mutt" and he turned around to leave the Cathedral.

Katsuya stood gapping at him and yelled, "I am not a Dog!" before turning and throwing the door open. Malik and Ryou were walking up the steps when they heard Katsuya and turned to Yugi, "explain please?" Yugi giggled, "One of the guys staying with us called jou a mutt" Yugi turned to Yami, Bakura, and Marik, "if you would like to see your rooms Ryou will show you the way." Ryou was leading the three down one of the back halls when he heard them talking "Yami when can we my back hurts it's almost dark" one of them whined, "Later not now and get over it Marik" Yami said turning back to Ryou "thank you for showing us the way Ryou is it" then they went in the room, Ryou thought about what they were talking about and ran to where he thought Katsuya was.

Katsuya was kneeling in front of an alter thinking about his past and all his mistakes;

{I was 17 about to turn 18 in Egypt when I had been assigned to be a priest on the pharaoh's court I was trained to be priest of the dragon and monsters to help the others control them like I had mine so quickly my day had been restless when I got a note from high priest Seth to meet him in the hall that night,

Ate you the one?

The traveler in time who has come

To heal my wounds to lead me to the sun

To wall this path with me until the end of time

Are you the one?

Who sparkles in the night like fireflies?

Eternity of evening sky

Facing the morning eye to eye

The high priest and I sort of had a secret romance for we had fallen in love over years growing up, we had met up in the hall "Katsuya my dear what a pleasure to see you" he said cupping my cheek I stifled a giggle "Seth my love it was you who told me to meet you here so it is" it happened so fast Seth had slid his arms around my waist and pushed me against the wall we were in a heavy make out session when things went bad,

Are you the one?

Who would share my life with me?

Who would dive into the sea with me?

Are you the one?

Who had had enough of pain?

And doesn't wish to feel the shame, anymore

Are you the one?

Are you the one?

Who'd love is like a flower that needs rain

To wash away the feeling of pain

Which sometimes can lead to the chain of fear?

Are you the one?

The pharaoh had seen us and summoned us to the throne room, "Seth I had expected of you to not fall for our substitutes seducing" he said as he walked over to me, "but Katsuya to seduce a priest that's un honorable what do you have to say for your self." I looked over to Seth and back at the pharaoh "I didn't seduce him the high priest and I are in love there's no crime against that" Seth turned away and scoffed "Love it was only pure passion and lust" the pharaoh turned to me "you are here by banished from Egypt leave!." I left Egypt with my favorite horse that night but not before sealing my Ka in my temple, I felt like I had traveled for a month when I was attacked by a man with the name of Dartz he turned me into a Vampire, I traveled the world many times but never back to my home and then over the years I met Yugi, Malik, and ten years ago I saved Ryou from dying}

Katsuya looked up at the cross on the wall, Seto was by the door leaning on a pillar watching him when Ryou came running in "Katsuya it's bad there not human there angels!" he yelled as soon as the sun set; Katsuya turned around his eyes in perfect slits and his skin a pearly white, fangs hanging over his teeth "Really now what a pleasant surprise" he said sliding down the stairs as soon as Yugi and Malik arrived.

To walk with me in the garden of stars

The universe, the galaxies and Mars

The supernova of our love is true