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Bold in story is the past

The cloud loomed over behind Katsuya, as he bent down to help Ryou two pale white arms slowly reached around him. "KATSUYA!", snapping his head he saw Seto in the door way, "Se-" the two arms wrapped around his waist and covered his mouth and dragged him in the cloud before you could even blink. Seto whirled around and glared at a beaten up Yugi and Malik, "Who took him? What has been going on?" he roared. Yugi flinched and looked at Malik, "he needs to know they all do", Malik nodded and looked up at Seto, Call the others and grab Ryou we need to talk."

Hazel eyes blinked open and looked around him, slowly getting up Katsuya looked at the sand dunes all around him. "I'm in egypt!?", he started to dig as fast as he could before he heard laughter, "Who's there, show yourself", a voice called out, "You know exactly who I am Katsuya, the sun won't burn you in this world i won't let it. It's nice to be back home isn't it?", Katsuya looked to the sky, "No... it's not a lot of bad things happened here that i'd like to forget", the voice whispered in his ear, "Why don't i start with the first one." Katsuya steadied himself as the ground shook, a stone tablet rose from the ground, on that tablet...Red Eyes Black Dragon.

Seto, Bakura, Marik and Yami sat at the front of a stone table, Malik was trying to revive Ryou as Yugi was about to start speaking.

*It was when Yami was the Pharaoh (idk if spelt right) and I was queen, I had walked the halls trying to find Isis to talk to her about my head hurting when i heard voices, "I told you my golden light if you don't kill him i will", "No! i love Seth i won't do it anymore you don't own me", I heard something break and ran around the corner and saw Katsuya holding his arm to his chest, "Katsuya are you okay!" i whispered when i got close enough, his head snapped up and he shrugged, "Hey Yugi i just bumped into the vase, I'm fine", i don't know why he lied but something was up. After that night bad things started happen to Katsuya, one day after lunch i walked into the court-yard and saw him and Seth fighting, "It's not my fault Seth ", "Oh like nothing happening this week is your fault like always", Katsuya stopped and looked down, his bangs covering his eyes, "I'm scared Seth, Anya doesn't know what's happening i can't control her anymore", Seth walked over and hugged him, "We will find out what's going on Katsuya i promise you", smiling i walked out. That was when it happened, fire was everywhere, i couldn't find Yami and i didn't know where the others were, when i found Ryou and Malik, they were already dead with bite marks in their neck, I ran to the throne room and saw a man with silver hair hunched over Katsuya and when i tripped he turned to me, I've never seen silver eyes so cold.*

Katsuya walked to the tablet and barely touched it, "Anya i miss you", swirling around he saw a figure dressed head to toe in black as the figure removed his hood Katsuya got ready to run...

Yami jumped up, "If you really were turned into vampires then you lived with the person who made you, Please Yugi who was it?"

Yugi and Katsuya said the name...Pegasus...