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Looking around anxious as the head of their house dragged their heroic friend off, thoughts of what tragedy may soon befall him filled their now burdened minds. What were they all supposed to do now? Their instructor had just taken an injured, traumatized Neville to the hospital wing, and McGonagall had just taken Harry off to be dealt with accordingly for his disobedience. What would happen to him now? Would they seriously expel him? He hadn't done anything wrong; he had only been trying to do the right thing. And yet there he was about to suffer what Hermione would consider a fate worse than death.

All the students glance around nervously and awkwardly more concern with the fact that they might be scolded for not stopping their classmate than what would actually happen to said classmate. The five turned their expressions of blame and anger onto the cause of the current situation, though the cause seemed completely unfazed. He didn't seem to give a damn that he had just probably cause their friend to be expelled from school and likely given the rest of the class enough detentions to last the rest of their lives. In fact, he seemed immeasurably proud of himself, as though he had just single handedly won the house cup. He had just gotten his now sworn enemy reprimanded while not suffering any consequences himself for his own actions. His lingering jealousy and anger toward the fact that Harry had rejected his friendship developed into an immense distaste for the boy, and he seemed to be seeking vengeance.

Soon their flight instructor returned, and she ordered her students back into lines. As they reformed the line they had been in before the incident occurred, she noticed someone was missing a side from Neville. Looking around she noticed that it was the Potter boy whom was missing.

"Where's Harry Potter?" She inquired, shooting the class an expecting expression filled with great suspicion.

No one answered; no was foolish enough, or truly brave enough to tell her the tale of what she had missed during her trip to the hospital wing. They were nervous and blatantly terrified of the consequences they have been facing for actions that were not their own. Madam Hooch examined all their statures and expressions carefully; clearly they were all hiding something. And none of them were willing to tell her. She didn't know whether to dub them cowards or simply children. Either way, she needed the answer as to where her student had disappeared to.

"Madame," one child finally worked up the courage to tell her the full story of what had come to pass in her absence. She told her swiftly and quietly; her voice hitting new highs under the influence of her nervousness and new found docility. She even told the instructor about Malfoy's actions and how he had instigated the situation though she received some glares and threatening looks from Malfoy and his lackeys.

"I see," Madame Hooch said in contemplation. She would have to speak to Minerva later about what had truly happened, and there was also the matter of the Slytherin boy's transgressions, "Alright. Class, you are dismissed for today. We will pick the lesson up here tomorrow. Except you, Mr. Malfoy. I would still like to have a word with you."

Everyone scurried off in random directions, grateful to have escaped punishment. The group of five hesitated for a moment in the confusion and havoc their classmates were now creating, before speeding off in the direction Professor McGonagall and Harry had left in. They were anxious to find him. After all, they may have been cleared from punishment, but he hadn't been. He was still in just as much trouble as he had been before Madame Hooch's return. They rounded infinitely many corners while ascending and descending even more numerous staircases in search of their friend, and thus far they had been unable to locate him. They had yet to see any sign of him. They had even asked several students, teachers, and ghosts if they had seen him. They came back empty-handed thus far. They were so desperate they even asked Peeves, which they quickly came to regret. However despite all their efforts they were still unable to locate him. They were swiftly becoming more and more worried and fearful.

"This is becoming rather ridiculous," Henry said loudly in an exasperated tone.

"What's ridiculous?" a voice sounded from a few feet behind them causing them to jump in suprise. Spinning around they all came face to face with the very person they had been searching for.

"Harry!" Hermione exclaimed in relief, "Are you alright? What happened? What did McGonagall say? Did she take you to-?"

"Hermione, I'm fine."Harry said quickly stopping her barrage of questions instantaneously, "Really. I haven't been expelled or anything."

"Well, that's a relief, but you still haven't answered my questions." She shot back matter-of-factually.

And so Harry went on to explain briefly everything that had happened, about how McGonagall had taken him to see Oliver Wood, the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team, and about how he was their new seeker.

"Wow," Vlad said, a bit impressed if he were to be honest. He didn't know much about quidditch, but it sounded like a pretty fun game and for Harry to have been recruited, he must have been something.

"That's amazing, Harry!" Ron exclaimed.

"Congratulations, Harry," Joss said smiling sincerely.

Henry nodded in agreement, "I've never heard of a first year making the team before."

"They have," Hermione retorted, "it's just doesn't happen often."

"McGonagall said I was the youngest player in a century," Harry said somewhat nervously, "But I think that'll only raise the expectations. I mean what if I'm awful, or I freeze up and loose our house the game."

"You won't." Hermione reassured him knowingly.

"What makes you so sure?" Ron asked her, raising an eyebrow questioningly, "What if catching that remembral was just luck?"

Hermione rolled her eyes slightly at him and motioned for them to follow her. They didn't travel far before they came to cases filled with trophies and awards to students for different accomplishments at Hogwarts. She guided them through a little ways before stopping in front of a smaller sized case and pointed in at a plaque in the case, on it was Harry's father's name. He had also been a seeker during his time at Hogwarts. Harry looked in at it, mystified.

While the others examined and talked about the plaque, Vlad slowed before them to look at the awards and read some of the names and reasons for the award. He gave some more attention than other, but he stopped suddenly as he stared in at an award near the one that all the others were gathered around. The year was one year before he was born, 1979. He read the name over and over again, and yet he still couldn't wrap his mind around it. It simply wasn't possible. On the plaque was his mother's maiden name Mellina Anderson.

He peered at the award. There was always the possibility that it wasn't really her. That it was another girl with the same name and the same age with connections to the wizarding world. The more and more he examined the similarities, the likelihood of her being anyone but his mother became less and less. But won't this be something they would have told him? Then again they had hidden the whole pravus thing from him as well, though that was probably in his best interest not to know. But this was something he had to know; he needed some kind of confirmation. So he asked the closes person who may have some answers for him.

"Uh Hermione?" Vlad called her, hesitantly, "Do you know who this girl is? The name sounds familiar."

"Who?" she asked walked over to him.

He pointed to his mother's name in response.

"You mean Mellina Anderson," she told him as she looked in at the plaque. He detected a distinct lack of surprise in her voice.

"She's famous around here," she continued, "I'd honestly be surprised if you had never heard of her."

"Well, I've never heard of her."

"Me either."

"Neither have I."

She looked at them all half surprised, half expecting that response.

"I've heard of her," Ron said.

She gave a look of pure shock in his direction.

"What? I know some things, y'know! Especially someone like her."

"I'm impressed, Ron," she told him honestly, before turning back to Vlad to answer his question, "Mellina was a student here before any of us were born. She excelled greatly in academics, and the only thing about her more impressive than her O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. scores, were her skills in quidditch. She is said to the greatest chaser Hogwarts ever saw. No one's ever broken her records, or scored as many point as her in a game, and her team won nearly every game during her last year. Everyone expected her to join one of the major teams after graduation.

But that same year, right before the final game, she disappeared. No one knows what really happened to her. All her year-mates said they had seen her earlier that day and all her belonging were left behind exactly the same as they usually were, without a single item missing. It was as if she had simply vanished, leaving no trace or hint as to where she had gone behind."

They all listened intently to her throughout her tale, gradually becoming more immersed in it. Vlad felt an uneasiness settle in his stomach as she finished speaking. The possibilities and the fears rampaging through his mind; he didn't want to hear anymore. His mother had simply vanished? Why? What role had his father played in it?

"So what did happen to her?" Joss asked her, hunting for answers. It could be something important that could help further his research in the school. There was a possibility vampires were involved as they often were in mysterious disappearances.

Hermione sighed. "No one knows for sure. There are rumors and theories though I don't particularly believe any of them," she paused for a moment looking around at her intent listeners.

"If only they were this interested in their school work…"

"Some say she ran off with another student though other would argue it was a teacher. Another rumor is that Mellina went into the Forbidden Forest on a dare and never came out. There are many ideas; some more farfetched than others. However, I find this one to be the least unlikely.

A few, though only a few, believe that she was actually taken by a radical vampire to be the mother of the pravus. Though I will admit, it has been a popular practice throughout history for vampires that believed that they were entitled to ruling over humans and other magical creatures. But even with that being true, the events aren't connected, and there is no actual proof that it's true."

Vlad remained silent staring in at the award in the case that had brought about his questions. He was beginning to wonder why he had asked. He should have learned by now that questions about his life only brought about answers like this that made him feel as though his very existence shouldn't be. Without even being aware of it, he may have caused his mother to suffer a terrible fate. But if that were true what did it mean for the life he had lived so far and the father who had raised him until one year prior. Had everything been one big lie?

No. That didn't have to be true there was still the possibility that his parents had truly loved each other and that she had run to be with him, that she loved him as her son as well. And so that array of hope he would hold onto and use as a life line if he needed. He tore his eyes away from his mother's name, to look at the others.

"Thanks, Hermione. I was just curious. I'm a bit tired so I think I'll turn in early. See you all back at the common room," Vlad told them before heading back to his room. He needed someone to talk to, someone who knew his parents well from before he was born; he needed to talk to Nelly. He would have to write her a letter. It had been awhile since he had last written her anyway, and she would probably reprimand him from not writing more often.

Hermione watched Vlad go, analyzing his reaction to everything. What she had seen, only served to raise her suspicions of him. He wasn't a good liar; in fact he was awful at it. He hadn't just heard the name mentioned. And what was with all the contemplation and emotions playing in his eyes? He was more than familiar with the name; it was likely he was familiar with the person behind it as well. He must have known her well and the truth shocked him.

She wondered if she should be digging at him like this. She wanted her answers, that was true enough, but she also wanted his friendship. If she were to be honest, he was nothing like what she would have expected of a future tyrant. He was a very kind and caring person, more so than most, and he seemed very complicated to. It was then that she decided that if she were to find that he was, in fact, the pravus, she would go straight to him about it and no one else. She would tell no one if he minded, it was his secret after all.

Henry watched his friend go with a feeling of worry weighing on him. Vlad was his best friend, had been since they were eight, and he didn't like to see him like that. But things were getting complicated and he knew Vlad. At times like this, he needed his space and time to sort things out. He would have time to talk to him later about everything.

As Vlad walked toward Gryffindor tower, he could feel the others' eyes on his back, watching him go. But he didn't stop or look back; he simply kept walking. It had been a long first day, and he felt the need for sleep take over. He thought he would be hungry due to the smaller amounts of blood he had now, but he wasn't. In actuality, he felt a bit sick even after he had tried to bat away his suspicions and fears.

As he reviewed the day's events in his mind, he heard a voice call out behind him, "Vlad."

He stopped walking and turned to find one of the mythology professors, Mr. Otis standing behind him.

"Could I have a word with you?"

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