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"You have to help them," Bella Black pleaded with her husband, Jacob. "What James is doing to Alice… to Jasper… it's wrong."

Jacob sighed, running a tanned hand through his shoulder length hair. He didn't like Bella interfering with the lives of other people but he also knew that this was who Bella was. She would do anything for her friends, Alice and Jasper, even if it meant sacrificing their own happiness. Jacob knew that Bella would be forever tied to Jasper. They had a son together. It was only natural that she wanted to do whatever she could to protect Jasper. No matter how much Jacob begged and pleaded with Bella to stop interfering, it always fell upon deaf ears. Bella had too big of a heart to let things go.

"Please, Jake," Bella said. She approached her husband, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist. "I know James is dead but we both know that neither Alice nor Jasper had anything to do with it."

"Let the police handle it," Jacob told her.

"I've given them enough chances," Bella snapped, quickly pulling from Jacob. "My father is getting old and Mike has his head so far shoved up his ass that he is already convinced that Alice killed James."

"And what about us? You're so worried about them that you've put our marriage, our life, on the backburner."

"You know it's not like that, Jake. You know I love you but Alice… she's like my sister and Jasper…"

"…Is Damon's father, I know."

"Just please. Please help them and I promise that I will stop meddling in their lives. Just help them out long enough to find Laurent and get the evidence that will get Alice off."

Jacob looked down into Bella's beautiful, doe-like brown eyes. "Alright," he finally agreed. He shook his head before bending down and pressing his lips to Bella's forehead. "I'll do this but after Alice and Jasper come back home, this is it. No more interfering, Bella. I mean it."

Bella's face broke out into a huge grin and she threw her arms around her husband's neck, hugging him close to her. "Thank you, Jacob. Thank you. I love you."

"I love you too, Bells… Forever and ever."