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Part 1

The quiet of the late morning was disturbed when the large moving van rolled through the normally peaceful neighborhood. The noise drew the attention of the two companions lying on the living room floor, and the pile of building blocks was forgotten in favor of exploring the source of the disruption.

Carradine Guerin hauled himself up on the window seat, resting on his knees as he pressed his hands flat against the cool window panes and peered out. Snow, the American Eskimo dog he had received for Christmas the year before jumped up to sit beside his young master and he sniffed the window before giving it an experimental lick.

"Stop that 'fore you get us in trouble again," Carradine mumbled, pushing the dog back just enough for him to stop licking the glass. He looked around to make sure Mama wasn't where she could see him before he grabbed one of the girly pillows that Daddy always complained about and used it to dry the dog slobber off of the window.

He hurried to shove the pillow back into the corner of the window seat when he heard Mama coming down the hall. She was singing quietly and he knew from the sound of her voice that it meant that Daddy would be home soon for lunch.

His interest was piqued when he saw the people getting out of the car that had followed the moving van and his eyebrows lifted when he saw the small figure clamber out of the backseat and run towards the house. The new people had a little boy! he thought, excited at the prospect of making a new friend. This deserved a closer look.

He jumped down off of the window seat and Snow followed him, barking as they ran through the house to find Mama.


Maria looked up when the sound of small feet pounding through the house accompanied by the click-click of nails upset the quiet and she shook her head when her son and his dog came to a sudden stop near the island in the center of the kitchen.

"How many times do I have to tell you that we do not run in the house?"

"I'm gonna go outside, 'kay, Mama?"

She forced her expression to remain stern. "I just asked you a question, young man."

Carradine dragged the toe of his shoe across the floor as his right hand came up to latch onto the edge of the island. "Sorry, Mama," he mumbled as he stared at the floor. "Can I go outside now?"

He was as bad as Michael, she thought as she sighed and shook her head. She walked over to kneel down in front of him to zip his coat up. One-track minds both of them. She pulled his hood up over his head, covering the wool cap he was already wearing and she couldn't hide the smile when he started to fidget. "Go on, but do not leave the yard, Carey."

He made it to the doorway and turned the corner into the hall before he and Snow took off running again. The front door slammed shut moments later and she moved to the window to watch him as he ran around the house. She knew the new neighbors moving in had captured his attention and in true Guerin fashion he was on his way to investigate.


Carradine walked along the white picket fence that surrounded the front yard, looking between the slats since he wasn't quite tall enough to see over them yet. He watched the men in the uniforms as they carried furniture and boxes from the moving van into the house and he tipped his head to one side in curiosity when a woman stepped outside and spoke using words he didn't recognize or understand.

Snow jumped up to brace his front paws against the fence as he pressed his nose between the slats and snuffled loudly before lifting his head and sniffing the air. The dog could sense the excitement in his master and his bushy tail started to wag as he barked once and danced around on his back paws.

The little boy crept along the fence as he did his best to follow the woman who was still standing on the porch. He still didn't know what she was saying but he was pretty sure somebody was in trouble; it was the same tone Mama used when he had done something that he wasn't supposed to do.

Carradine dropped down in the snow to duck behind the row of bushes at the end of the picket fence, planted there to create a living fence when the woman turned to look in his direction. He wrapped his arm around Snow's neck as he pressed his gloved hand over the dog's muzzle. "Shhh," he hissed. "We gotta be quiet now."

Snow shook free and licked the boy's cheek before barking joyfully and running across the yard to pick up a stick that had fallen from one of the trees in the yard. Carradine shook his head at his pet's goofy behavior and he was just about to get up and look over the bushes when he heard a sniffing sound behind him. Maybe the new people had a dog, too!

He slowly turned around and peeked through the sparse bush in an attempt to locate the source of the sound. He frowned when he couldn't see anything and he slowly shifted onto his hands and knees and crawled to the edge of the bushes to look around them. He saw the blue coat first and he stood, squeezing between the hedge and the neighbor's house. His eyebrows lifted in interest when he saw his potential new friend sitting on the ground and he wondered if that was why his mother had been fussing. Mama always yelled when she caught him sitting on the ground when it was cold outside, too.

"Hey," he greeted, unconsciously echoing his father. "I live – " Before he could get any further with his opening, the new kid surged to his feet and hit him before shoving him back to his own side of the hedge.

"Don't come over here!"

Carradine was in the process of surging to his feet when the voice startled him and he fell down on his backside again. He stared up in shock as he realized that the new kid was not a boy… it was a girl! Yuck, who wanted a girl around?

"I'm tellin' my daddy that you was on our side of the fence!" she threatened.

"Oh, yeah?" He scrambled to his feet and faced off with her over the hedge. "I'm tellin' my dad you hit me an' then you're gonna be in trouble!"

She had the nerve to snort at his statement. "So? My dad can beat your dad up."

"Huh-uh, you better take that back!"

"Nope… wuss!" She shoved a handful of snow off of the top of the hedge, coating him in a dusting of snow.

Carradine's hands clenched into fists at his sides as he glared at her. He knew better than to hit a girl and he was saved from having to say anything else when Snow ran between them and jumped up against the hedge, barking loud enough to make the girl move back.

She stuck her tongue out at him and marched back up to her front porch. "I'm tellin' on you… my mom will tell your mom somethin'!"

He turned away and kicked a stick across the yard. Why did it have to be a girl? Why couldn't the new neighbors have a boy instead? Girls sucked. He stalked up to the front door and went inside, kicking his boots off and jerking his coat, had and gloves off before stomping into the living room. He was just settling down for a good sulk when he heard the back door open and a moment later Daddy's voice announced his arrival for lunch.