I do not own anything, you hear me? Anything!, also no, there is no intention of profit with this.

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

-You are the one who has forgotten General.

-What the ?

-Witness the power of the Valkyria´s flame. Fed by the dying embers of her own life, it blossoms into hell´s own inferno.

-What are you doing? Shoot her! Gyaaaargh!

-Maximilian-sama... Farewell. All glory to you.

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

I wonder why my wounds keep hurting, thought Selvaria

-"Kyaaaaah! It´s bleeding!"

She opened her eyes startled by the shout. What the ... where the hell I am? Who is shouting?.

She realized that she was on her knees, and the first thing she saw is a surprised girl with strawberry blond hair, Incredible, its almost pink, looking a her as if She were a ghost. Actually, I should be a ghost. Why I am alive? The Valkyria´s flame should have reduced my body to ashes or even worse.

"Quickly call one of the water mage teachers, she needs a healer!"

A man´s voice, behind her. Mage? Selvaria turned her face to look at him. An older man, maybe in his forties, with a staff no less. Now that She carefully looked at them almost all are using a pointy hat. What a strange place, at least it looks like I´m not in danger at the moment.

"That will be not necessary, this wounds will be closed soon."

"Wha..., are you sure, those are gunshot wounds, no? They are very dangerous".

"I´m completely sure, look"

She pointed at one of the wounds in her left arm, and as she signaled it, the lead bullet fell to the ground, while the wound closed at remarkable speed.

"Am-amazing, high speed regeneration, sounds incredible... oh excuse me, what bad manners... my name is Jean Colbert, a teacher of this institution, Tristain Academy of Magic. And you are?"

"I am Brigadier General Selvaria Bles, under command of Prince Maximilian Gaius Von Reginrave, Commander in Chief all Imperial Forces in the Gallian front."

"A general? Were you a soldier?"

Were? Before She answered, and even before She had time to think about what have just heard the ( very short or quite young ) girl chose this moment to express herself rather loudly.

"It´s no matter what she was! She is now my familiar!"

Selvaria turned again to look at her with a surprised face, but before She had any time to say nothing the pink haired girl starts telling something that sounds like a spell, or incantation. As if I knew the difference between both, if there is a difference at all.

"My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers; bless this humble being, and make her my familiar."

She touched Selvaria with her stick. A wand? And got closer. What the ... I thought I seen almost anything this "wonderful" live could throw at me an then a little girl kiss me in the mouth without explanation at all, but Selvaria was so surprised that she reacted too late too stop her. She heard whistles and cat calls. Men.

"What the hell are you doing?" Selvaria asked, moving away the girl

"Shut up, do you think that I like it? And it was my first kiss too!",was the girl answer

This girl is crazy.

"You have failed 'Summon Servant' many times, but you have managed to succeed with 'Contract Servant' in one try," Colbert said happily.

Summon Servant?Contract? Its all this people crazy or what?...No, what he said about water mages ...

Suddenly a pain started burning in her left hand.


"It will be over soon, just wait. The Familiar's Runes are being inscribed," The girl, Louise said

"Familiar´s Runes? What are you talking about?" Getting more than a bit tired of all of this, Selvaria tried to get up, but failed. I suppose I´m more tired than I expected, almost dying can have that effect. Almost? I am still not completely sure I survived, even with the pain all this situation is so unreal that is unbelievable.

One moment later, the pain stopped, and as Selvaria took off her left hand glove, professor Colbert got near and started looking at it.

"That was quick..." The middle-aged mage checked the back of her left hand. There were unfamiliar symbols, completely different to Europa´s modern writing and even the Valkyria´s runes. Another mystery, thought the Valkyria

"These are very unusual Runes, can I copy them If is not an inconvenience?"

"Well, I don´t understand them at all, but I suppose there is no problem, go ahead" Selvaria answered "Can you explain me what is happening, to say I´m confused It´s a bit of an understatement..."

"I´m sorry I cannot answer you right now, but we are still on class time, ask Louise, your master, and if you have more questions, you can ask me after class is over" said Colbert "In fact I would love to keep talking to you, your regeneration, for example, its very interesting"

"I really love to talk a lot with her too... ouch" said a flamboyant blond kid before being cut at mid talk by another student, another blond, by the classic method of sticking her elbow in his belly "I ... I thought that her regeneration is very interesting Monmon"

And then all of them started to fly moving towards the medieval castle in the distance.

Where the hell I ended, thought for umpteenth time the Valkyria.

"Louise you´d better walk back"

Selvaria looked at the child that was talking and noticed that two of the kids near him were looking at her more intensely than the others, one a red head with a tanned skin that looked a bit more growth-up with a mich of admiration, surprise and jealousy, and the other, who looked as a 10 years old with a hair bluer than the Valkyrie with an strange, almost hollow look.

Is that a dragon?, thought Selvaria, turning her face fast to look at her "master" Curious face, a mix of sadness, envy and ...

Louise jumped a bit, surprised by Selvaria´s look. Scary... was the first thought in her mind

Yes I look pissed right? Is because I am, "Well master I think you and I have to talk, a loong talk. I´m sorry but as I said, I am a commander officer in an army, and for your information we were in the middle of a war, so I need, really need to return to my world, I cannot stay here more time" said Selvaria. I hope Maximilian-sama will be all right, If I remember correctly he was near deploying the Marmota

It can´t be, when finally I make a summon, a powerful warrior familiar that even regenerates her wounds by herself, and She wants to abandon me just after being summoned, ITS NOT JUST, why can´t I have a normal familiar... thought Louise. "I´m sorry but I don´t know how to do that, normally the summon brings forth magical beast or animals, and gives them a long live and several abilities useful to the summoner, and they be together till one of them dies, as far as I know, there is no way to un-summon a familiar".

"So even if you died its not sure that I returned to my land?" said Selvaria with a half-smile.

Definitely scary thought the young mage. "I … I´m telling you the truth, even if I have some problems with the practical part of wizardry I´m very well versed in the theory"

Problems? Not know, lets look for another way out, no chance in hell I´m going to be stuck in here, when my presence could chance everything in the Gallian front thought Selvaria, quickly trying to think in other possibilities. "What about the teachers, or the director of this school?, maybe they know something more about this summoning?"

"I am quite sure of what I just told you, and most of the teacher will be at class at this moment so they will not be happy to be interrupted" was the answer of the small wizard.

"And what about the director?, as I said I am a important part of the Empire´s army" said quickly Selvaria. Yeah, sure, important only as a weapon, but I am not going to reveal nothing to this brat. "Surely you will understand that it will be not very diplomatic to kidnap a general, second only to the Prince himself".

Enough thought angrily Louise "As I said its impossible, and stop answering me back you are my familiar and you will obey me, it´s clear?

"Or what?" answered angrily the Valkyria back Damn brat. "I will not be ANYONE´s slave, UNDERSTOOD?"

While talking and without even noticing, Selvaria started glowing in an eerie and beautiful blue tone. This is too much for the poor Louise and after taking a step back, stumbled and ended in the ground, with a sound THUMP.

Great, here I am, reduced to scare little girls enough to fall to the ground thought the Valkyria. "Sigh, I am sorry, I do not want to harm you, but you must understand that taking a person from her land and friends and expecting her to obey you only because you want to its not a healthy way to win friends and start relations, think what would you thought of the situation if it happened to you, so can we please talk to the director of this academy, Louise?"

Selvaria gave her hand to help her off the ground.

This is the first time she uses my name, and She is right, I will be royally pissed If it happened me. though Louise "Alright, I was sincere when I told you I think there is no way of going back, but if there is one, Old Osmond is one of the wisest persons in the land, he would know".

After getting again in her feet with the Valkyria´s help, she motioned her to follow.

When Selvaria started to follow the girl, she saw the moons, in plural. Oh no, know I am quite sure that I am in a really serious situation.

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

They arrived at the antechamber of the Director´s office, but there was no one in the aide´s desk.

"How strange, lets try knocking at the door" said Louise.

After several attempts, Selvaria heard what looked like a shout, and opened the door in a flash.

"Wait you cannot enter without ..." started to say Louise while following the Valkyria inside, but was interrupted by the image of Osmond´s aide hitting him repeatedly with her foot in his back.

Wisest person indeed … thought Selvaria trying hard not to laugh at the strange situation.

"Err I was giving Oldmond-sensei a backrub because he said it hurt very much, no sir?" said almost too fast the young woman.

"Cough, cough, exactly, exactly, thank you very much Miss Longueville, I will not need more of your help for the time being" said the old man, obviously Osmond himself. "And let me add that is quite rude of a student to enter the school´s faculty office without knocking first Miss ..." continued the director while too obviously looking at Selvaria´s assets.

"We called several times, maybe you were distracted by the backrub and did not hear it. I am Selvaria Bles, officer of the Imperial army and I was brought here without my permission, and I will very happy if you could send me back to my world, and also glad if you looked at my face, Mr. Oldmond" said with a killer glade Selvaria.

"Ahem, It´s Osmond" said very quietly the old man.

I´m glad its not me who´s been looked like that, for a change though Louise.

In the meantime the door opened again and Colbert-sensei entered with haste.

"Old Osmond!" almost shouted, "I have some big news!"

"Why can no one knock before enter?" sighed the director. "What news?"

"It´s about this woman that Miss De la Valliere summoned, or more correctly her runes" answered the professor. "Look at them, please"

At the moment the old man looked at the book, his expression changed.

So its not just an idiot, maybe he is more that I thought, I hope so, or my chances to get out of this crazy world are going to be almost nil thought the Valkyria.

"Miss Longueville, would you please excuse us?"

Miss Longueville stood up and left the room. Osmond spoke only after he confirmed she was properly outside.

"Now, why don´t we seat comfortably and you tree explain this to me with every detail, Mister Colbert, Miss Bles, Miss De la Valliere..."

. . . . . . . . .

The night had fallen in Halkeginia, for that was the name of the world in which she was, she was seated in the edge of the open window, looking at the two strange moons that shone in blue and pink, while Louise slept. She had a long and tough discussion with both men and her new master, no less, Why master and not mistress I wonder?, bah.

The discussion had not gone very well for her, neither for her intent to return to her world. Louise had not lied to her, there had never been any summoning in history that had taken a person from other world before her, and in any case they told her that even if she got back to Europa, Louise probably will summon her again.

And she would have to do it. It seems like the only other registered case in history of a summoning of a self-aware being was the legendary Brimir, founder of all the magic rites that ruled the wizardry in this world, including the summoning itself, and sort of a religious legend himself, and furthermore they thought that the importance of another "Gandalfr", the equally legendary familiar of the Founder could mean something very important, crucial even, to this world history. The old man was no fool, that´s for sure, he noticed that I was not interested at all in being the maidservant of a little brat, and explained in quite simple terms that if I left her she would be kidnapped or worse, for her magic was something special. Even more, he explained too that Louise was the daughter of a Duke, one of the most important lords in this strange country of this stranger world, and his and her contacts in the court could be the only chance she could have to return to her world "after finished helping her". I had an insane desire to hit the old man when he said that .

Completely defeated, that is the only way to define the situation. When the man had finished to crush her hopes, he started to ask questions about her world, and at the same time painted her the new world she was in.

The two worlds incredibly have many things in common, the country she was was called Tristain, and both situation and size was a lot like The Principality of Gallia, at the West there was a country called Germania, and again by size and position looked a lot Like the Imperial Alliance she belonged, and in the South there was a country called Gallia, to add confusion, like in her world, but here it was the equivalent of her world Atlantic Federation. Most surprising was that the island country of Dekkum was independent in this world, but not only It was an island too, it was a frigging floating island.

Maybe she should not rule out being dead and in hell yet, because she was having serious problems to understand everything it was happening.

She had a small chat with Louise after arriving at her room, small because it was real late when they arrived and the teenager girl, she was 16 I still cannot believe it, had agreed to be partners for the moment, and until she brought another bed, they agreed to sleep together in the huge bed. The small girl was a bit of a mystery too. She was at times an utter bitch, at times a scared little girl and at times a quite intelligent, even brilliant, person. Some of the things she explained at the reunion were understood faster by her than the two older man, and when she explained a bit her relation with prince Maximilian she had suddenly started to support her and bowed to helped to return to him.

Selvaria noted that her face was getting a bit red again. What a strange girl.

Although she was tired too, blowing herself is a good reason for it, she needed to walk alone for a bit, because she had far too many things in her mind.

Leaving the room silently she went down again to the courtyard, seeing the rude blonde kid of this afternoon courting a girl, but ignored him and went to the closed gates. She stopped herself and started thinking seriously in the thing she was most worried and at the same time the thing she was trying harder not to think.

Maximilian-sama must be at this moment assaulting Gallia´s capital with the Marmota, I told him that it was a very strong risk, and that he should left that mission to another person, what if he is defeated, that Gallian Vakyria defeated me, she was very strong, what if he dies, what …

Selvaria Bles, Valkyria and General of the Empire, knelt down and started the only thing she promised herself she would never do after meeting Him.

"Kyui, what is she doing onee-sama" asked someone flying at a considerable distance.

"... crying" answered the small mage mounted in her.

"Why she is crying? Stomachache? Kyui?"

"... sad"

"Irukukuu is sad too, kyui, can we help her, kyui"

"... back"

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .


This is my first fan fiction, so please be nice, but I would enjoy a lot constructive critics. I suck at English so anything you see, don´t doubt to tell me. I have written stories(non fan fiction) before, but never finished nothing, I will try that this one is the first ( that is why I uploaded it in , if I can do it is another thing altogether ).

All the blame and the reason why this thing was started is of course Gabriel Blessing´s "The Hill of Swords", before reading his awesome story I knew of Zero no Tsukaima, but I was not really interested in this world, two quite stupid brats as protagonists with almost no development destroyed a premise that well developed ( as Gabriel demonstrated ) could be a very interesting story ( although the books are a bit better in that matter than the anime ).

I have the idea well defined already, and its going to deviate quite a lot from the original story, but obviously at the first the changes are going to be just a few.

When I decided to write a crossover, I had 3 ideas, the first was Berserk´s Gatsu/Guts, but It had the small problem that if it was too soon in his story, he was a "simple" merc and not too interesting by itself, and if too late … it gave me literal nightmares. The second was Negima´s Evangeline Athanasia Katherina McDowell, and I thought it was an awesome but flawed idea because if she was interested in help Louise ( goddess of the vampires knows why ) she literally could curb stomp everything and everyone in FoZ, and if it she was not interested, it was only good for a ( really funny ) crack fic, not what I was looking for. The third obviously, was this. In some aspects Selvaria is a dangerously broken character like the other two, but I think I could write it without making a boring story. Of course it will not be as good as HoS, and many other new stories, but I will try to write this story the best I can. And as her story in Valkyria´s Chronicles is quite finished, I kind of wanted to gave her a second chance in life.

Lastly, but not less important, the worst part writing this story was making Sylphid sad, making sad the cutest dragon and most likely character in all FoZ was HARD ( and I never thought I would ever write cute and dragon in the same sentence, but that´s life for you ).