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-It was morning, again. Selvaria had finally self made a small bed with hay and some feathers that the servants have given to her, and lately she even could sleep a bit. As every morning, she waked up Louise, but since only two weeks ago, the small mage dressed with her "exercise" clothes why the hell are bloomers in a medieval world? and followed Selvaria in her morning workout. Even worse, the blond idiot, first, and then the rest of her friends are since then following her too.

She even remembered perfectly the first time that Guiche and Kirche had joined them. After the warm-up come on, only 30 laps to the academy´s building, that´s nothing … they could not even stay on her feet. And when she explained than this was only to loosen up, and that the actual exercises started at that moment the two of them had start complaining like kids wait, they are kids after all.

Selvaria was proud of Louise, maybe because she started a few days before the rest, but she did all the drill without complaining and with almost no problem, the other two were an enigma to the Valkyria, neither Tabitha nor Siesta said nothing at all, in fact she suspected they did some training on their own before. The maid usually had to leave quite before the rest to help prepare the breakfast, but it was the calm and almost peaceful way that she had to exercise that made the rest shut up and keep the effort. That was at first, and Selvaria knew that most of them had asked help to Montmorency for their many aches, now they could almost keep her rhythm with no problem. She expected that they would get tired and leave Louise and her alone ( maybe Siesta, and the serious Tabitha, to stay ) but she was almost sure the rest would abandon in 4 days, a week tops, but no, here they are, and since the blond guy have joined a group of "fans" had started to appear, something that pissed Montmorency a lot, and Selvaria too, for other reasons.

When she started the training, and after the wolves attacked them, she asked Louise to train together to never repeat that small fiasco, after all she doubted very much that they will have always near a shooting maid. The first days they trained for resistance, and Louise did not enjoy it at all, and spell fire while Selvaria covered her with the chatty Derflinger. Louise had almost no idea to cast spells at all, except for the ball of fiery destruction that always surged, no matter the spell she used. But in just a small time she could at least aim a bit and cast quite faster than before too.

Selvaria had no idea how to help the pink haired caster, so they asked Colbert sensei and Old Osmond for help, both of them told them to be patient and wait a bit, they supposedly were making their own research, and again asked them to not show her magic to no one. But everyone of the students have already seen her explosions … so now since they had audience they could not train magic in the morning, and have to wait until the night, lately the young mage was getting too tired for Selvaria´s liking, but she was to stubborn to recognize it. Selvaria tried to make her rest several days ago talking with Tabitha and Kirche until late, but that produced the opposite effect, because Louise just decided to invite them to the "extra" training, and again to Selvaria´s surprise, not only accepted, but they were damn good at fighting too, the Gallian girl was surely or a war veteran or at least had an incredible rough infancy, and the Germanian was not only very good with offense spells, but almost any tactic she saw, she was able to repeat or find a way to return back with interests.

Selvaria did not like the situation at all. Being from other countries, and one of them even from a rival family to boot, the chances they would met in a battlefield were too many to ignore, but she noted that Louise enjoyed those mock fights, Selvaria was almost sure that the pink haired girl had almost no friends before, at least in the Academy, and was taking pleasure of every minute with them. Selvaria was older than Louise, and did not want to left the mage alone, so just prayed to anyone who could hear her that they never had to be sorry for these small moments.

"No, Malicorne, you can not join our exercises until you can actually end the warm up" was saying Louise to a rather plump kid.

"But, this time I finished ten laps, more than that and I will die!"

"Don´t worry I´m sure that at that remarkable speed you will catch them, in twenty years or so ..." said playfully Montmorency.

"Don´t know, I think is very valiant of you to do all the practice" said the young girl that was with Guiche the first night "but why so much drill, I think you are exaggerating a bit ..."

"Just because we have magic does not mean that we have to neglect our bodies, we must need to be prepared to whatever this word could trow at us" said very seriously Louise, in a posture very recognizable to the Valkyria.

My, my, just some weeks and she starts to copy my poses and even my lectures, she probably will reach very high in this world, or so I hope...

"The breakfast time will start soon, lets go real fast so we can bath after"

Other of the changes, with so many sweated lady in the morning, is that now the bath was opened all the day for the girls, and who knows why, the boys had a magnificent new bath in the middle of nowhere, again with the chance to use it all the day. The speed with the new bath was made was both an impressive display of the power of magic and a probable result of her discovery that the tunnel was older than the brats had recognized. In fact she saw a nice hand shaped bruise in Old Osmond face, the next day, probably courtesy of a very pissed Mathilda, or how she liked to call herself here, Miss Longueville.

That was other surprise. She suspected that she would attract some attention from the big shots, but she did not expected what happened last night, not at all.

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

It was dark, and she finally had convinced an obsessive Louise that enough was enough and that she had to rest or she could have problems with her body and her magic. She was alone in the yard, trying to make some time. Even after all this time she still had problems to sleep, and she left Louise alone when she slept. She had stopped to cry several days ago, but still had some inner pain that could not get rid off. She had left the noisy sword in the bedroom too, tired of the continuous chatter. She just wanted to be alone for awhile.

Sadly that night was not going to be one of those nights.

"Hello again, Brigadier General Selvaria Bless, member of the Triumviri Drei Stern, under direct command of Price Maximilian Gaius Von Reginrave"

Surprised and more than a bit alarmed, the Valkyria turned to look at the person who had said those words. It was someone who definitely did not want to be seen, for was using a white cape with a hood that hid almost all of his/her body, and the face was covered with a metallic mask, probably magic, because she suspected that the strange tone of the voice, that could be male or female was being filtered by it.

"Who are you, why have you covered yourself so much, and how do you know my name and former titles"

"Who I am I will reserve, for awhile, but as your name and titles, it was told me by you, when you introduced yourself to me ..." and I have a really good memory, Valkyria.

"Sorry, but I´m quite sure I never mentioned before the Drei Stern, and I never presented myself to nobody except my master and Colbert sensei, and I really doubt you are neither"

A small laugh, strange but not very menacing, sounded in the night.

"What if I told you that you not only did it, but explained quite a bit of your powers, that ones that you still have not showed to your master, and even funnier, not a single lie has been told, tonight?"

Has this guy gone crazy, what is he talking about … wait other powers?

"Don´t you think is better if we make a small stroll in the night, I´m using spells to make sure that no one hears this conversation, but you should be surprised how good are some persons reading the lips at quite the distance"

Damn I should not left Delf behind …

"If you want your sword I can wait, and no, I can not read minds, but your face was the perfect example of suspicion"

"It´s okay, lets continue"

"Thank you"

After a small walk that left them far from the main building the strange person continued to talk.

"I know quite a bit of the Valkyries, and your conquer of Old Europa, and how did you play with history to suit yourselves, but well, I can ensure you that victors changing history is not a rare thing, neither in your Earth nor in Halkeginia.But I´m digressing, you arriving here, instead of dying in that cold fortress of Ghirlandaio is something that can and will change everything in this world, but nobody can serve two masters, you still yearn for your prince, even while helping the void mage, soon it will arrive a time when you will have to decide who do you want to follow, and that is a decision you alone have to take."

"Who are you and how can yo now all that"

"Most of it, you told me, and the rest … well, I´m a good observer, for example, Mr Colbert is not just the absentminded professor he likes to represent, and Miss Longueville, who´s real name is Mathilda of Saxe-Gotha has a quite dislike of nobility that makes her vulnerable to certain persuasion ..."

"?" Selvaria rolled her eyes "What the hell are you talking about, and why do you talk like some sort of diviner? Do you enjoy making a fool of other persons or what? And more important, because I´m getting tired of all this, what do you want of me?, or should I say ... of Louise?"

Again the strange laugh, harmonious while a bit of sad.

"I´m sorry, I just came to advice you a bit, the Princess, that by the way and out of the record is an old friend of Louise, is coming soon, and she brings a small present for her, but do not forget that Louise must not grow overconfident, even with the gift, I suppose that the training, for example is a good idea, and you should practice more with the maid, and visit Tarbes as soon as you can, you will thank me if you do it. With the gift the Princess will bring and old conflict too ..."

The strange person made a small stop, like considering his own words.

"And old conflict?"

"Yes, as in any other place, there are a lot of conflicts in Halkeginia, but there is one issue that keeps dividing the people since a lot of time" really a lot … "I will tell you that is not the same divide that you had in Europa between the Empire and the Federation but another even older dispute ..."

"The Darcsen, you are talking about the Darcsen ..." interrupted Selvaria.

"Heh, you are still as sharp as always, don´t you … but after all, the Darcsen are human, can you imagine the troubles they would have in your Europa if they were even not the same species?"

"The elves ..." it´s not like the poor Darcsen were treated like humans, dough "I did not hear much, but they seem to be feared and despised, so this dispute is because some hate them and some not?"

"If it were so simple ..."

That´s why you cover yourself? For your ears? Selvaria wanted to ask, but was sure that the strange person would not answer. "Why are you telling me all this? You should be talking with Louise, I´m just an add on, a small new factor in this strange ... world"

"She is too young" too young indeed "I doubt she is prepared for the approaching storm, and she will never survive without you help"

"I´m not some sort of super human, if you, as you say, know my history, you should know how much of a failure I am, I did not accomplished a single of my goals in life" at least I hope that fat bastard did not make it"

"Don´t worry, you will never be alone, by the way, do not trust anybody, almost every one here has its own agenda, including the dashing fiance of Louise"

"And you ..."

"But of course ..."

And with that the strange masked person disappeared.

If I remember correctly that is possible with an air spell … maybe it was human after all, I need to read about elven magic, and quickly. And what the hell I can I tell to Louise …

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

I still haven´t got a moment to speak clearly to Louise, not only about the masked person, but about her Valkyria´s powers, although without lance and shield I am quite limited. How could know so much about us, this night I have to take Louise for a walk and start talking, and fast, before everything get´s worse, and what was all about serving too masters? Could be a way to return to Europa? Maximilian sama … I fear it´s all over so I will not be of much help. But what about Louise … aaargh, I´m getting a headache, I´m not good at this...

"Sel, are you okay?" asked a worried Louise.

"Er, yes Louise, sorry I was thinking a bit ..."

"Well you should be careful, I could almost see the smoke from your ears ..." said a smiling Louise.

"He, I will be careful because I do not want to end like you when you get pissed"


"Joking, Joking, you are getting a lot of better, both in the mental and the body exercises"

"Thanks, I really think that I changed a lot since you arrived, thanks to you I can feel capable of anything!"

"That´s only because you are more confident in yourself, you only needed a bit of self-esteem, that´s all"

"Wait until this night, I have an idea to blow oomph ..."

"Louise darling, could you please not talk about blowing things in the middle of the class, thank you"

"Ah, that smile! I would like to smile soo scarily too!"


"Alright, alright, I will stop talking about blowing things to kingdom come …"

Selvaria could not stop to note several students looking sideways to the pink destroyer, looking more than a bit scared.

If they knew

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

It was quite late, and Louise, Selvaria, Tabitha and Kirche were training magic, specifically combat magic near the wall of the Academy. They were resting for a bit when Sylphid started roaring.

"Kyui, kyui kyui"

Well, if you could call roaring at that cute sound, anyway …

"What happens"

"Intruders" said Tabitha.

"Intruders?" damn I did not thought that the warning was about the next night or I wold have talked with Louise...


"Maybe its that Fouquet thief that rat of a shopkeeper was talking about" Louise said

"One Golem is nothing to Derflinger sama"

"Shut up, silence could be important if you do not learn to stay quiet when needed I will abandon you in a stable, got clear"

"Sure scary neechan"

"Stop calling … bah"

"Let´s go, I´m sure there will be a reward for capturing that thief, and it will be funnier than this training, that´s for sure" said the red headed Germanian.

"If you are bored why do you come here anyway?" answered quickly Louise.

Those two …

"Mage, up the golem ..."

"Nice eyesight, Tabitha" she will probably the only real help I´ll have if this ends in battle, I wish Siesta was here.

"Girls stay calm and wait for ..."



The spell was thrown with more accuracy than the wolves one, but again at too far of a distance, and between the shout and the pyrotechnics, the surprisingly agile monster dodged it, with so bad luck that the spell hit the wall behind the golem, making a small hole.

"Thanks for the help, little one, I was having problems with this" said a hooded person standing on the giant golem, just to disappear inside the building.

The voice was altered, as the masked one, but to Selvaria it looked like a woman´s voice.

How the hell do you fight a monster so big with a sword?

Selvaria ran with all her speed, that was no joke with the help of the strange runes and tried to hit the legs of the giant, just in time to see one of the arms trying to hit her and failing narrowly.

In that moment the thief reappeared with a long case in its hands.

"I´m really grateful for your help"

The golem start to run and Selvaria stopped, with no clear way to damage it without going too far of Louise. The only way to destroy it is with magic. "Louise ..." Where is Tabitha and the Germanian? Damn its too dark to star casting explosions, who knows what will be destroyed.

"It´s my fault, I made that hole that the thief used ..." started to say Louise, almost pouting.

"It was an accident, and as we were the only ones here with the thief, nobody has to know it ..."

"But, but ..."

"Don´t worry, it´s not your fault, seriously" where are those two?

They started to hear a flap, and soon the dragon could be seen near them, the two other girls with Sylphid.

"Forest … too dark"

"Yes, is better if we call the teachers" emough for tonight, what a sad defenses, anyway.

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

It was dawn before almost all of the teachers gathered together.

"What an absolute disaster, how can the teachers on guard let a thief enter the building, with a … a golem too, and steal the War-wand of Destruction, this a most unfortunate day" said Osmond.

"We should alert the Palace immediately, this is too serious" added Colbert.

"Nonsense, and to be laughingstock of the entire country, of Halkeginia?, Do not forget that we are the best Magic Academy! We must recover the artifact and detain the thief, as soon as possible … well now, who offers volunteer for this important mission?" said the old Headmaster.

A long silence followed this words, and Selvaria was not surprised these are teachers, not police officers or soldiers, wait what is that face that Louise is making … no Louise no …

"I will capture the evil Fouquet and recover the War-wand of … whatever!" said proudly the pink haired mage.

Too proudly ... sigh, I suppose that she feels responsible

"If a Vallière offers her help, a Zerbst will be no lesser that that, I will go too!" said Kirche.

Great, just great .

"Too..." was the only word that came out from Tabitha´s lips.

"Tabitha, but why?"


Ewww ... well at least she and Sylphid will be really useful.

"It´s decided, then those three idi... err those three brave students will sort out this embarrassing situation" said Osmond

"I will go too! Oomph, I think I localized the lair of the thief" said a recently arrived Miss Longueville

"But to send students ..."

"Want to go in their places?"


"Then its decided, good luck, and may the founder be with you four"

Still ignoring me, old geezer? How wonderful, three kids, a cute dragon, a really suspicious woman and a Valkyria without wings … Maybe if I convince Siesta to come? Or at least to lend me her G-1?

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .


Sigh, the conversation between Selvaria and the masked person keep getting longer and longer …

I fear I am giving Sel too much leadership, but its difficult to represent Louise like in the original FoZ, this time she has a regenerating oneesan, with a character between her two real sisters, that treats her well to boot, but in the end Louise still is the half pint brat with serious problems of confidence, and I try to show it from time to time, and the small changes bit a bit …

I not putting anything from this ( Saito ) Earth, being interchanged in this story with Selvaria´s Earth, but I´m not 100% sure too …