Last time, Sasuke and everyone else was invited into the parking garage where all the best drivers and drifter in Tokyo come. As they were enjoying themselves, Sasuke got himself into a MMA fight. Sasuke was about to get his lights out, when DK came in and fought the opponent. In the end, DK won, as well revealing his face at end of the night. It was Naruto


A few minutes earlier

Naruto was working on Samui's car, when all of a sudden he heard panic. He then saw that a young teenager, about 2 years younger than him was beaten pretty badly. He was shocked since he knew who it was. It was a good friend of his named Shin.

Shin was a young teenager who had black hair and red eyes. Right now though, he looked like a beaten punching bag since his face was bloodied up. His friend dragged him to where Naruto is. He quickly looked at him, and then Yugito brought the emergence kit.

"Shin, what happened? Who did this to you? You look more beaten up then you were suppose to." said a concern Naruto

Just then Naruto looked up to see a few more fighters were beaten, but worse. One had to be taken the emergency room by his friends. Naruto wanted answers, since in here the MMA fights may be hard, but wasn't brutal like tonight.

"It was an out of town fighter. He came into the city tonight. He came to prove that he was the toughtest and strongest person in Japan. I heard that he already beaten people down south of Japan and was trying to make a name for him self here. I thought I could beat him, but he fought a lot more brutally by not obeying the rules." Said Shin to Naruto while breathing deeply to catch his breath, while Yugito quickly worked on his injuries

"Luna. Take Shin home once Yugito is finished patching him up." Said Naruto as he was ordering her, which she complied

Luna was Shin's girlfriend as well as one of Naruto's best computer analists, even if she was 15.

Naruto then went and gave Shin some water to drink. He then started to walk towards the cage floor. Samui then went up to him since he was glaring at the fighter who was now beating up a dark hair teenager. Naruto realized that it was Sasuke, but he didn't care about that right now.

"Naruto, what are you going to do?" said a concerned Samui

"I'm going to teach that morron a lesson." Said Naruto in angery tone

Samui just followed him. He walked towards the cage door and was ready to fight. Samui, right now, was worried for the other guy since she knew how dangerous Naruto can be when he fought. DK wasn't the only name he had in Tokyo, he was also known in the underground MMA as the fox.

Naruto kicked the steel cage door were he got the attention of everyone around him to pay attention as he entered the caged ring.


Present time

As Naruto finished his fight with the fighter, Sasuke, who was barely able to look through his eyes, saw that Naruto was standing infront of him. Naruto raised his arms up to signal that he was the winner. The people were cheering for him, as he beat the shameless fighter to a pulp. The fighter was lying down uncousicily. He then signal Sasuke to come up to him, like he was gonna congratulate on his guts. Sasuke did as Naruto signal him to, which he walked to him.

At that very moment, once he was close enough, Sasuke got something that he wasn't expecting. Shikamaru, Kiba, Sakura, every one of Naruto's class and schoolmates watched as they saw Naruto instantly did an R.K.O. on Sasuke. As Sasuke lay on the floor with his back on it, Naruto just stood on top of Sasuke with a look that spoke of domiance.

Shikamaru, Kiba, Sakura and everyone, couldn't believe what they were seeing. For Shikamaru and those who were friends with Naruto couldn't believe what Naruto just did. The Naruto they know was friendly, kinda, funny, and weak but alright. For Sakura, Ino, and all the girls that know Naruto, couldn't believe that this person was Naruto since Naruto was clumsly, nerdy, weak, and pathetic. Everyone had their own opionon of Naruto who knows him from school.

The Naruto that they were looking at, or the guy that looks like him, is completely different they know. Naruto was supremely confident, strong, dangerous, good cordination. Naruto eyes were also different. Naruto's eyes were softer, had confidents, as well as friendly, but this person eyes had not only confidents like Naruto, but was also peircing, strong, cool minded, and dangerous. His eyes were like Sasukes except his were a lot more piercing and more dangerous.

As Naruto finished his little victory pose, got his bandana and left the cage ring. As he walked out the ring, the crowd made room for him to leave. Hinata, Shikamaru and everyone else tried to get close to Naruto to talk to him, but the crowd was to big, since they in the somewhere in the front seat area. They saw him talking to the refree, which he then left to talk with the other fighters. At that moment, they went into the ring and dragged the bastard fighter as well as drag Sasuke out.

Sasuke friends helped Sasuke to leave the party. Sakura and Karin tried to be at Sasuke's side to help him, but were arguing with each other. Kiba and his friends followed Naruto to try and talk to him as well as Ino, Hinata and everybody else followed but stopped when Naruto went at the car area, where guards were making sure that no one follows.

They then saw Naruto talking to Samui and Yugito, which they then got into their cars and decided to leave. The night was long and full of surprises as well they knew if they stayed out even longer their parents would ring them up by their necks. With this, they asked Han to take them back to their cars. With that, they left.

10 minutes earlier

Naruto had just finished his fight with the fighter inside the steel cage. He then gave Sasuke the R.K.O. to put his lghts out.

"Glad to see the Uchia gotta good beating." Thought Naruto, while smirking mentally as he saw Sasuke's blood slowly dripping out his mouth

Naruto then saw when he looked around the cage, like he was absorbing the cheers, but in fact to check the area. But in truth, he was actually looking around to see if other familiar faces were in the crowd. He then spotted Shikamaru and the rest of his classmates, while he looked like he was following the chatting of the cheer audience.

He then left the ring and walked throw an open path that was made for him. He stopped and talk to the referee.

"Tell the others to get rid of the bastard and take the bloody pretty boy to his friends to take home."said Naruto to the referee

The referee acknowlegded Naruto's request in which he did so immediately. He then went up to Samui and Yugito.

"So how's Shin, Yugito?" said Naruto with a questioning gaze

"He'll be alright, he avoid serious injuries, but he won't be fighting for little while." Calmly said Yugito

"Knowing him, he try and come back tomorrow night just to regain his pride." Said Samui while smirking, but keeping her cold demeaner

"I better talk to him tomorrow so he doesn't do that, after I'm afraid on what Luna might do to him than the fighters here." All 3 chuckle "More importantly, I think its best we called it a night, since I have problems right now." Said Naruto in a serious tone

Yugito and Samui were wondering about that, but then found out that Naruto's classmates are here, which surprised them since he was pretty sure that none of them new about this place. Both Yugito and Samui agreed easily since they have stuff to do tomorrow and would like to be fresh tomorrow morning.

Once they have agreed, they said good bye to their friends and got into their cars. Naruto inside his car, while Yugito and Samui inside Samui's car. All 3 drove of into the night.

Naruto apartment

Naruto drove towards his apartment, which was an alright neighborhood. But this wasn't really his house, since he usually sleeps in his car shop since he renovated to have not only a bed for him, but a kitchen, bath and what else he needed to live comfortably. For any other person, their shop would be target by thieves, but since he was in good terms with the policce, they always made sure there was one squad car going around the area as well as his own personal secruity system kept his home safe when ever he is not home.

He invited Samui and Yugito in to freshin up before they go home to their apartment. Plus he also wanted to ask them to get take his greased up clothes with them since, if he knew his friends from school they would come to see if he was DK.


Lemon scene (above 18 year old only)

Naruto went to his kitchen to get a drink ready, which is when he heard his shower turn on; he knew that they were both having a shower. As he got himself some water to drink, he turned around to see Yugito and Samui were in front of him, only wearing a towel over their body.

"Hey Naruto, how about you join us in the shower. We can help wash away some of the fatigue you have on, as well as get rid of the tempary tattoo in your arm." Said Yugito in sedactive manner

"Plus, I can always use a man's help massaging my shoulders." Said Samui exotically

"Sounds nice you 2, but I don't want to keep you up all night you know plus I have work to do with my friends tomorrow morning." Said Naruto with little concern about it

"That's okay since we all don't have anything important to do tomorrow morning." Said Yugito while moving like a cat around Naruto's body

The way Yugito moved was very cat like around made Naruto moan a little in pleasure. Samui then came up to him and gave him kiss on his chest then up to his lips. With that they persuasively move Naruto to the shower, where they were going to make him unwhine as well as make not only him, but themselves stress-free.

They slowly strip off Naruto's clothes to reveal his, somewhat, flawless body to them which had small invisible scars. Naruto slowly started to move his hands around their bodies and remove the towel that covered the both of them. As he was moving his hands around their body, he gently and smoothly moved them into specific spots that made Samui and Yugito shiver in pleasure.

He then grabbed some soap and started to scrub very gently on both of them, which Samui like. He got every knook and cranny of the both of them. He went from their backs to their ample breasts to their clits and ass to finally their arms and legs. As the shower continues to bath them and wash the soap away from their bodies, Samui and Yugito took their turn to scrub Naruto down for him. Samui scrub some of the soap on her breasts, which she then got down to her knees and place his already hard, 13 inch cock between her breasts. She then started to pressing between her boutiful mounds and sucking on it as she was giving Naruto a tit fuck.

As Samui was titty fucking him, Yugito was making out with Naruto as their tongues were trying to gain domiance, which Yugito was losing to. Naruto had one his spare hands touching and fingering her clit, which Yugito moaned in pleasure. While one of his hands was finger fucking Yugito, the other hand had Samui head as she continue to gorge on his pride. Samui continue to rub her breasts until she felt that Naruto was ready to release his orgasm on her. After a few minutes, Naruto let out a groin while making out with Yugito, as he let out his orgasim and let his cum land on Samui face and chest. She then stopped sucking on his pride and began to lick some of his spunck that she wasn't able to swallow in her mouth. She used her finger to lick up and rub what was on her breasts.

Naruto and Yugito stopped making out after he let out his orgasm. Yugito then got down to her knees and began to lick Samui's breasts where Naruto release his cum at it. As she began to suck on it, Samui moaned on how Yugito was licking and biting on her nipples. Once Yugito finished licking her breasts, she began to kiss her face and then made out with Samui as the shower continues to wash all there bodies. After for about 15 mintues in the shower, they all decided to continue their little relaxitaion method of Samui and Yugito.


Naruto's room

Right now, Naruto was on his bed and above him was Samui, as she fondeled her breasts, while he was licking and sucking on her clit. Below him was Yugito, who was sucking on his cock to get him hard again, while finger fucking herslef as she did that. As Yugito continue to working on his pride, Samui bend down and helped her out, which only add more pleasure to Naruto.

Once Naruto was hard again, Samui and Yugito got into a 69 position with each other, where they began to lick and suck each others clits. Naruto goot above Yugito and was ready to plunge his hard on in her.

"Tell me Yugito. Do you want it? Said Naruto smirking evily

"Y-yes! Naruto please put in me. Please?" said Yugito while stuttering and moaning for pleasure

Naruto abliged and entered her sweet honey pot of a pussy in her. He moved slowly into her, which made her moan and suffer in pleasure, since she wanted it hard and fast. As he continue to pump her, Samui not only suck and lick Yugito, but also licked on Naruto's cock, which she was able to taste both Naruto and Yugito's juices.

"No More! Shouted in desperation "Naruto, make me cum! Fuck me hard and fast!"Said Yugito while still licking and sucking on Samui

Naruto did what she asked, which he then started to move faster and harder inside Yugito. As Yugito was screaming in pleasure, Samui stopped licking Yugito and Naruto; she went up and started to make out with Naruto. Naruto stopped the make out session and started to suck and fondel her breast with his mouth. He had his hands on both Yugito's hips as he continues to continue to pound her vagina with his hard on. After a few more minutes, all three had an orgasm. Samui cummed all over Yugito's face, which Yugito tried drink all of Samui's sweet juices. But at the same moment, Yugito came as well from Naruto's hard cock, which she let out a loud scream. Naruto just came inside Yugito, letting his hot spunk spew inside her womb, which made Yugito scream so much in pleasure.

After their orgasms, Yugito was breathing heavily in pleasure as she used one of her hands to touch her clit to get at Naruto's cum, which was leaking out of her pussy. She licked in her mouth to enjoy the taste of her and Naruto mixed juices. Samui was just lying next to Yugito, while she was facing Yugito's pussy. Naruto was breathing heavily, as he pulled out his cock from Yugito, which caused her to moan a little. As he did, he saw his cum starting too leak out of Yugtio.

Immediatily, Samui went at Yugito's clit to lick out Naruto's cum that she was seeing leaking out of her. As she did this, Yugito moaned in pleasure as she knew that it was Samui, who was licking her. Yugito would have done something to Samui, but she was still exhausted from her incredible orgasm that Naruto just gave her. As Samui was licking her, Naruto got a hard on again from watching Samui licking his cum out of Yugito. Naruto then moved around from Yugito to face Samui's pussy. As she watched, Naruto position himself to enter Samui. He let his cock rub outside Samui's pussy, which made the girl moan in pleasure.

"Do you want it Samui? Tell me you want it? Do you want to feel the same pleasure as Yugito did with the same cock that made her scream?" Said Naruto while teasing her

"Yes" stuttering "Yes I want to cum from your cock. I want to scream. I want to feel you're cum in my womb. Please, fuck me." Said Samui in desperation

Naruto did as she requested and plunge his cock inside Samui's pussy nice and hard, which made the girl gasp in pleasure.

Naruto admitted to himself that fucking Samui was pretty good, since Samui has an hour glass body. He wasn't against Yugito or anything; she was just as appealing as Samui. Yugito had an average body with the exception of having her breasts, and her firm ass, but she was very cat-like when he fucked her. She would often rub places which felt good to both him and her. Samui on the other hand had an amazing body that a lot of women would kill for. Samui had a 106 chest, 25 waist and 36 hips. Naruto admitted that he enjoyed holding onto Samui's large plump breasts when he suck and fondel her. He also enjoyed fucking her since he was able to grab her ass, which was nicely round and firm, which made it easier to pump her with his cock, since you know what they say "More cushion for the pushing". The very common thing that both women have with each other was their legs since they were both smooth and soft to the touch, but still strong and firm.

Of course, no one has ever been able to touch them since they have high standards and they only wanted a man to touch them. Of course, every guy tried to get to them, but all has failed since no one can show them how a real man acts except Naruto Namikaze. He showed them how much of man he is when he beat them in a drifting race, where he did some of the most dangerous stunts that no one, not even them would do. When it was over, they thought Naruto would glute over his victory over them, but instead he congratulated both of them with respect on will fought race. They both saw his eyes were not only kind, but strong and piercing. They could see the passion in his soul was showing them when he was looking at them. With that, they both fell in love with him and they both began to date him, but it didn't last since they didn't have spark going on with him, but of course that didn't stopped them from having sex with each other. Now they did agree on having a sex session with him just to enjoy the feeling. On that, all three became sex friends.

As Naruto continue to pound Samui with his hard cock, Yugito just laid on the bed with satisfaction and watched Samui moaning in pleasure, be treated like a lover. Samui then brought herself up from her being in on her hands to her knees, as she used her right arm to hold on to Naruto's neck, while she used her left to fondel her breast. After a few minutes of pounding, Naruto just then lifted Samui from her legs to pound his cokc deeper into her womb. Samui turned her neck around to make out with him, which he did.

They stopped for a moment, to change position, which Naruto then put his cock back into her clit. She moaned as she rapped her arms around Naruto's neck as he moved slowly just to give her a breather, but then it pick up in pace again. She screamed in pleasure as she felt Naruto pride hitting her womb.

"Oh Kami, I- I'm go-going to cum!" said a crying Samui

"Then cum Samui! Cum!" said Naruto as he gruntted to her

He pounded in her even faster, which she could feel it. He was ready to let it out and he could feel Samui was reaching her limit, as he felt her vaginal wall get tighter. As He was about to cum, he talked to Samui.

"Where do you want it Samui? You want me cum inside your womb or outside on your nice round ass?" said Naruto teasingly

"I want it inside! Let inside me!" said screaming Samui

Naruto complied and continue to pound Samui's inner wall. Samui screamed and moan.

"Y-yes! I- I'm cumming!" said a screaming Samui

"Meet to!" said Naruto while groaning in pleasure

End of Lemon scene

They both fell on the bed, next to Yugito, with Samui's back turned to her. She held onto Naruto's back with both her arms and legs around him. She digged her fingers into Naruto back, as she had a silent scream out as she let out her orgasm in pure pleasure. Naruto hold onto Samui's ass tightly as he let out his cum inside Samui, making sure not to let out a single drop. Naruto saw Samui's face as he could see her silently scream out.

After their session, Samui let go of Naruto and just fell a sleep next to Yugito. Before Samui slept, Samui could feel the hot cum that Naruto released in her leaking out of her pussy like a small stream. As she slept, Naruto saw Samui smiling next to Yugito, who was also wearing the smile of satisfaction. Naruto took this chance and cover them with a blanket. He was going to join them, but he had something to do 1st.

He took a quick look at his digital clock that was next to his bed to see that it was 4:40 in the morning. He 1st got his clothes for the night and places them in a bag. He then wrote a letter to Samui and Yugito, if they wake up before him, is to take his clothes in the bag with them, since he had an idea on what tomorrow would bring, as well as letting Yugito drive his car back to her apartment. Once he finished with his things to do, he quickly went back to his bed, where he saw Yugito and Samui snuggling next to each other with their naked bodies. Naruto went up to bed next to them and went under the blanket and slept with them. He places his arm around Yugito, just like Samui did. As he slept, he went to thinking.

"I better come up with a good cover story like usual or they our going to have a lot of question on what I'm doing at night."Thought Naruto as he slowly drifts to sleep

Till next Chapter

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