Title: Ninety-Three
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: James Potter / Severus Snape
Warnings: Hate sex, anal penetration.
Summary: James promises Severus that if Severus has sex with him 93 times, he will break up with Lilly and advocate that she date Severus.
Authoress' Notes: This was originally published on in December 2010. It was originally just one chapter that I never continued. I later rewrote it into a chaptered fic that I abandoned again. I've always wanted to finish it, but to do so I feel like I should completely start over and keep with the original idea. So, the original first chapter will remain relatively the same, but all chapters following will be brand new. You can still view the original unfinished version on my dreamwidth account under the username pickleddeath. Sorry for that I can't link it directly like I have on every other site. FF is an asshole.

Spells will be bold. Thoughts will be italicized.

I'll post a new chapter each Friday in the evening, EST.

Chapter One: Eighty-eight

"Aquamenti!" a young male voice yelled from across the courtyard.

Severus' head immediately snapped around to find the one who had uttered the spell. But, too late, the young Slytherin was slapped square in the back with a cold jet of water that sprayed up under his hair and leaked down the back of his robe to drip on the cobbled walkway beneath his feet. For a moment, a look of pallid surprise shook the boy's face before being forced to shut down into a cold blank expression.

'I'm already in my sixth year. I'm used to this. I'll light myself on fire before I let them get any satisfaction out of seeing me flinch,' Severus seethed to himself.

From behind him, Severus could hear the howling laughter of more than just a few people.

'I won't let them have the satisfaction of seeing a reaction,' Severus coached himself, as he slowly let out the breath that he hadn't realized he was holding.

He slowly put one foot in front of the other, hoping to walk calmly away before his tormentors recovered from their fits of hysterical laughter.

"Aw! Sorry, Snivellus!" a familiar voice called from among crows of cruel laughing. Severus hardened his expression and kept walking. "I was just practicing and caught you a bit there. You can send your cleaning bill to me," Sirius Black finished, barely getting the last words out before a bout of debilitating laughter overcame him.

"Cleaning bill?" another familiar voice asked incredulously. "If you even tried to put that tattered rag through the wash, it would just fall to pieces. Blimey, I'm amazed the touch of water didn't disintegrate the whole thing on the spot," James Potter went on, much to the raucous amusement of his peers.

Severus did his best not to listen and to keep his feet moving at a steady pace, even if his twisted nauseous stomach begged him to shoot out of there as quickly as he could. He cursed his ears as he rounded a corner and still managed to catch every last word of James Potter's joke, before the sound of laughter engulfed everything. Severus swallowed the knot in his throat. He just wasn't up to dealing with Potter. Not that day.

"Ah...!" a feminine gasp sounded from in front of him.

Looking up, Severus noticed Lily Evans with two other useless Gryffindor girls by her side. His eyes took her in completely, drunk in her visage like a desperately dehydrated man lost in the Sahara. Her flowing bright red hair, pale cream colored skin, and outstanding, shining, green eyes. As he looked at her he saw the familiar look of pity and anger wash over her face, only to be quickly covered by a mask of disinterest in the next instant.

Severus felt his blood leap into his cheeks at the sight of her sudden change. He didn't even try to apologize for the wrongdoing that brought such a cruel expression to her face, as the girl he had once called 'mudblood' brushed past him.

Severus just kept going.

"James!" he heard Lily shout fondly, as he climbed a few steps and pulled open a heavy door to quickly get inside.

He cursed under his breath, damning his own exceptional sense of hearing.

Severus wearily wrung the last few drops of water out of his robe. It was an old robe. His mother had gotten it from a thrift store, or an old friend, or something. The style wasn't anything like what the other students were wearing. There were large holes that he had patched himself (often with discolored thread or a piece of leftover cloth). It never bothered him, personally. He never cared much what he looked like. He still didn't think it mattered and often persisted in wearing the worst of his robes regularly, just to prove a point.

But, on that particular day, Severus had worn one of his best robes (it only had three holes in it and they weren't even that big). He had cleaned his hair early that morning and brushed it this way and that to try and make it look less greasy (but the brushing just seemed to make it shinier). He had kept his head down and had even taken different routes to class, hoping that he wouldn't meet up with anybody too foul. Perhaps he had tried too hard and had heightened their interests, because it obviously didn't work.

Just that one day, Severus had wanted to be left alone. And, just that one day, he had been 'accidentally spelled' three times. That was two more than usual and it wasn't even dinner time yet.

Severus sighed heavily and leaned against the cool tiles of the bathroom wall. The tiles were cold against his back, the chill quickly bleeding through his threadbare t-shirt.

"Crying in the boy's room is a bad habit, Snivellus," James Potter snorted from the doorway.

Severus opened his eyes slowly, thinking that he must have done something in a past life to deserve such a cruel divine punishment as James Potter's attention.

James laughed softly and unfolded his arms from across his chest as he crossed the moss encrusted tiles towards his classmate.

"Man, Lily used to hate you, but now I don't think she even sees you anymore, you know?" James was saying. "She usually scolds me at least a little for picking on you, so I try not to do it in front of her. But, today you were so pathetic, I couldn't help myself. And, she didn't say a word! Almost like she didn't even see you!" James finished, laughing with his mouth, even if his hazel eyes were fixed and cold.

Severus didn't say anything. His day was bad, and he had expected it to get worse. His expectations were correct.

"Hey," James said huskily, putting his hands against the tiles on either side of Severus' head and leaning in close, so that the smaller boy could smell the faint aroma of cherries on his breath. "You really love her, right?"

Severus closed his eyes. 'Any day, but today...' he was thinking over and over.

James' lips brushed against the shell of his ear. He said, "How many times, already? Eighty-seven?" so softly that even someone with their ear a foot away wouldn't have heard. "That's six more until she's yours."

James' lips drifted over Severus' brow and made movements as soft as a moth's wings against the thin skin of his closed eyelids. "A promise is a promise, after all. Not that I think she'd have you, after your little outburst last year. You should just give it up."

'Anything to get your dirty paws off her,' Severus thought with venom, as James' lip came down to brush against the tips of his eye lashes.

James pulled back a bit, looking at Severus with the same expression he might if Sirius didn't get one of his jokes.

"What's wrong with you today? No snappy come backs at all?" James asked, sounding disappointed.

"Would you just get on with it, you insufferable twat," Severus spat out, hoping a little venom would shut James Potter's endlessly moving mouth.

Unbelievable as it was, it did just that. The surprised look on James Potter's face stretched into a satisfied and hungry grin as he looked down at Severus. The Slytherin's look of disdain never wavered for a moment.

Severus' breath came in pained hitched gasps as James' Potter thrusted inside of him again and again. For the eighty-eighth time, James was fucking him hard. As per usual, he was also taking a stupidly long time to finish. So far, Severus had found no way to get around this pointed failing in his manner of intercourse, with the exception of trying to last as long as the Gryffindor (because, dealing with James' enthusiastic penetration after flaccid was not something he particularly enjoyed).

The young Slytherin's arms were trembling at the elbows, where he was braced against the lid of the toilet they were rutting on. His stomach muscles were twitching as well and sweat ran down his flushed face and dripped from his jaw onto his chest. His robe was lying somewhere out in the main area of the washroom, where it had been thrown by his partner, along with his tie. His shirt was still hanging on around his wrists, while his pants, socks, and shoes, had been left on the floor around James' feet.

There were only a few things that James Potter demanded about sex. The only real rule of their engagement was that James was always on top. But, he often insisted on Severus completely (or, at least, almost completely) disrobing. He was also rather pugnacious about making Severus face him during the act, as well.

Severus found these demands exceedingly strange and distasteful, but he endured them. It wasn't as if he was in a position to barter, either way.

James' hazel eyes bore into Severus' black ones. This was another queer trait of James' manner of having sex that made Severus very nervous. He would have liked to pretend that their encounters were impersonal ones, much like being bitten by a stray dog. But, it was hard to ignore his partner when he so pointedly stared him down.

Severus let his eyes slide away nervously. They moved down to look at James' hand hanging onto his leg, above the knee. As they did, he saw James' hand twitch, then lock down hard on his thigh. The pace sped up painfully.

"Uh!" Severus grunted.

James had thrown Severus' knees tight against his chest, causing the Slytherin to lose his grip on the toilet seat and slip, the exposed piping behind hitting him between the shoulders with bruising force.

"Like that," James grunted out above him. "Make some noises."

Severus bit his lip, tasting blood as he did so, though he wasn't sure if it was the bite or the way his teeth had clacked together when he fell that caused it. He wasn't about to make any embarrassing noises for James Potter. It hadn't been one of his requirements and he wasn't about to let himself be bullied into it, either.

After a short pause in communications (but none in the rhythm), James' thrusts became even rougher. Severus' stomach muscles clenched, an uneasy ache beginning in his lower abdomen.

This cruel pace was not surprising to Severus. He had come to realize that James Potter, considered the harmless class clown and social head of their class, had a lot more problems than anyone could have guessed. Severus considered it his bad luck that most of it came out during sex.

With a sudden finality characteristic to his outbursts, James let go of Severus' legs, causing the boy to almost fall again, and grasped his hip with one hand and tangled the other in Severus' hair. James used both of his hands as leverage to slam into Severus with new force, causing the boy's eyes to go wide with the new depth, strength, and pain of each thrust.

Big salty drops started to trail down Severus' face as his mind became encased in a hormone thick cloud. Strangled mewling noises crawled out from the back of Severus' throat, despite his own distant attempts to squash them. They were barely audible over the sound of slapping flesh.

James growled, a feral sound in the back of his throat. He used his grip on Severus' head to yank the boy closer to him. For a single second, his face went soft, hazel eyes that once looked gray shining with golds and greens. An agile pink tongue darted out from James' mouth and licked up a single long trail of tears.

"Severus..." James grunted, before coming hard into the Slytherin boy beneath him.

"So, are you going to tell me what was important enough to get the Severus Snape to dress up in his Sunday best?" James joked, as he leaned against a sink and watched the boy he had just ravished struggle to button up his shirt.

Of course, Severus would sooner cut out his own tongue than tell such a thing to James Potter.

Severus had to remain sitting half in and half out of the stall they had just screwed in, because his legs couldn't hold his weight yet. Though his partner was already cleaned up and fully clothed, Severus was still sitting on the cold damp tile floor, with only his shirt left to cover his bruised and still flushed flesh.

James sauntered over to Severus' place on the floor, leaning over to take up a lock of his hair and rub it between his fingers. "I think you even washed your hair. Don't tell me you got all gussied up and scurried around with your head down just to drive me crazy," James joked, only earning Severus' ire, as the smaller boy smacked away his hand.

There was a long, pregnant pause in which James looked down at Severus with an unreadable expression and Severus continued trying to push the small buttons of his shirt through their loops with trembling hands.

"You really are acting strange today," James muttered, before turning and walking away.

Severus endured two more spells being shot his way (successfully dodging one) and a few more cases of ridicule before he finally finished classes for the day and returned to the Slytherin dorm. He decided to forego the fiasco he expected dinner in the Great Hall to be and instead closed himself in his own dorm room.

He sat down heavily on his bed. He felt so tired and beaten down that even his bones seemed to ache. He slowly pulled open his robe and kicked off his shoes. He put his nice robe and his pants in the laundry basket and pushed his shoes under his bed before climbing into it. He curled into a ball under the covers.

His ass and his back still ached from earlier in the day. He wanted to take a shower, but didn't want to see the bruises he expected on his hips and his legs from James' ridiculously strong grip.

Severus let a watery sigh push out of him, only allowing it in the silence and privacy of his own empty room. He thought about how he should work on his homework before he crawled in bed. He thought about how the sun was still up and that it was way to early to be in bed at all. He thought maybe he should write his mother. But, what in the world would he say?

"Mother, I had a really terrible day. It maybe even made me want to come home, which is something I never thought I would say," Severus whispered wryly to himself.

"This is probably the most terrible birthday I've ever had," Severus said very quietly to the inside of his comforter, closing his eyes at the weight of words traveling past his lips. "Ever worse than that time you accidentally put teeth in my birthday cake," he laughed to himself, his own laugh sounding too close to a sob for even his own liking.

Severus squeezed his eyes shut and wished for sleep. He just wanted the day to finally be over.