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"You're getting creamed!" Kono crowed, before she chanced a glance over at her competition and sent him a triumphant grin.

"Not yet!" Danny retorted through gritted teeth as he leaned into a turn with his controller and prayed that his racer would soon edge out Kono's so that he wouldn't have to admit that he really had lost to her. Three times.

"Wait for it…" Kono murmured, and before Danny knew it she had nailed a few buttons on her controller and was over the finish line. She let out a screech before leaping off the couch and waving her arms victoriously. "That's right! Winner over here, you got owned brah!" She laughed as Danny slammed his fist into a pillow before burying his head in his hands.

"You've got to be kidding me." He growled as he shot a withering look at her celebration. "Third time, and you really have to dance like that? Again?"

"Oh come on, don't be a sore loser," Chin called out as he made his way over to a recliner and propped the bag of chips he had near the sofa. "The kid's always had skills with video games."

"Surfing and video games. Got any other talents I should know about?" Steve grinned as he entered the room and everyone turned at the sound of his voice. "Sounds like there's quite a party going on over here."

"Just getting started," Kono replied with a smirk as she settled in on the floor with her back against the couch.

"You know is it just me, or is it a little weird to be having play-dates with your co-workers?" Danny ventured as he tossed his feet onto the coffee table and reached for the bag of chips.

"It's not a play date. It's called team bonding, and no one had any other plans for the weekend so why not? You look like your enjoying yourself already." Chin commented before he shoved Danny's feet off the table with a smirk.

"Right, right, team bonding," Danny grimaced at a glowing Kono who sent him an innocent smile before she looked over at Steve.

"He's just salty because I beat him in this video game. The haole's got no skills!" She shoved Danny playfully to let him know she was joking before enjoying his slight scowl.

"Is that right? I wouldn't have pegged you as a gamer," Steve mused as he clapped his hands together. "Anyway, what's the game plan for the afternoon?" His three colleagues looked at each other before shrugging, and he raised his eyebrows in surprise. "What? No one thought this through?"

"Nothing drastic," Chin said thoughtfully as he glanced out the window. "Maybe some games of poker on the lanai? A little beach? Some pizza, and that football game for dinner?" He looked over at Kono who was nodding appreciatively, "It's kind of what me, the kid, and some of our friends do on a regular basis."

"Hey! I don't do beach. No sand, no surf, and no way am I going swimming without trunks—and no reason." Danny interjected as the rest of the team rolled their eyes.

"Still a mainlander, aren't we?" Kono teased before she clapped him on his back. "If you don't want to beach suit yourself, we'll set up a nice spot for you somewhere in the sand." She smiled as Danny rolled his eyes and pulled at the tie around his neck.

"You are just never prepared for this kind of thing, are you?" Steve commented as he reached for his bag and sifted out a pair of swim shorts. "Bathroom?" Kono pointed down the hallway before looking at Chin.

"Guess it's time to hit the water."

"You guys get amazing surf out here."

"Tell me about it. It's paradise, that's for sure. Me and Kono try to get out here at least once a month. It's our family beach house, we kind of get it when a lot of them aren't going to be around." Chin's eyes darkened slightly, and Steve decided to leave it at that.

"I wish I was a surfing pro," Steve cleared his throat, and nodded his head to where Kono was careening across the face of a particularly large wave. "She's a natural."

"I guess you can say it runs in the family. Though I don't seem to have gotten that particular trait." Chin grinned before he gestured to the board he sat on that hadn't served him well during their last hour of surf.

"Ah, I see. It's a shame she busted her knee," Steve watched Kono drop gracefully off of her board before hopping back on to paddle over to where they floated in the water.

"Beautiful out here isn't it?" Kono's voice bubbled with happiness, and Steve had to smile at how eager her voice was. "How were the waves on you, boss?"

"Not too bad," Steve winked at her as he glanced over at Chin, "can't say the same for my friend over here."

"Aw cousin, it'll come in time." Kono laughed before wringing out her hair. "Danny seems to be doing good over there." She shaded her eyes as she watched their friend running sand through his fingers while he sat on the edge of a beach towel. He looked up to see them watching and sent them a mocking salute to which they all laughed.

"He really doesn't like the beach," Chin shook his head, before glancing at the horizon. "Maybe it's time to head in."

"Right. How's about we race back? Last one get's the pizza?" Steve challenged as Kono giggled and Chin grimaced.

"It's on," Kono smirked and settled onto her board, "go!" She was flying before they even had time to react, and with shouts of protest the men immediately followed in pursuit.

"Thanks for the pizza," Danny toasted Steve with a slice as he sat back in his chair and looked at Chin and Kono who were sprawled all over the lanai on loungers.

"Don't mention it," Steve shook his head before furrowing his brow at Chin. "You're a fast paddler for someone who isn't good at surfing. I thought I had you pegged with the bill from the start."

"What can I say? Talent. And don't be complaining, you called the bet." Chin chuckled as Steve raised his hands in acceptance before reaching for his drink.

"Clear winner was the kid anyway," Danny called as Kono laughed and stood up to toss out her plate.

"Not a surprise," Steve grinned as he listened to the crashing waves in the waning sunlight. "Seems to me like we're headed for poker next, that right?" As much as he was surprised to admit it he was having fun with his team, and a little relaxation never did hurt anyone.

"We could but…" Chin trailed off as he sent a sidelong look at Kono who nodded in approval before she finished his thought with a devilish expression.

"But we have a better idea."

"We stay together, got it? Once we get eyes on them we close in from the back, and they won't know what hit them." Steve smirked as he checked his weapon and Kono did the same while nodding her agreement.

"Silence is key, so we watch for each other's signals okay?" Kono did a practice maneuver with her hand as her voice dipped low. Her eyes searched the darkness before they met Steve's steely blue gaze and the corner of his mouth lifted. From somewhere far away they heard a muffled 'Go!' and the game had begun.

Only cops would spend their weekends running around in the dark in some sort of sick hide and seek game. But only 5-0 would take it as seriously as they were, and the air was thick with apprehension and caution. Chin and Danny, Steve and Kono, one hit to any one of their partners and the game was over. The point was simple really, annihilate the competition and stay hidden at all costs. Neither team planned on being the losers.

Kono flanked Steve's side as they hit the sidewall of the beach house before crouching behind the ti plants that shaded their faces from the moonlight. With a flick of his wrist Steve pointed toward the open shed in the corner of the lawn, and with a nod she settled her sights on their target as well. Their ears were seeking any unconventional sound in the night, but so far there was no sign that anyone was near. They moved swiftly across the open area, weapons at the ready and eyes shifting before they tumbled into the shed and settled themselves near the mess of rakes and buckets. A breeze picked up, and their senses heightened, straining for any sign of approach.

A snap of a twig brought Kono's eyes up to meet Steve's, and the sounding of footsteps left her with breath caught in her throat. Trapped, there really was no other way to say it. The discovery was going to happen soon, she was sure, but before she could even think Steve had gently pushed her into the farthest back corner, flattening himself against her before throwing a tarp over the both of them.

They were shielded that much was certain, but Kono was momentarily stunned by her proximity to Steve's handsome face, and she bit her lip. Any coherent thought at this point seemed impossible. Steve for his part was just as startled by the jasmine and gardenia scent that floated towards him from Kono's very being—calming and oh so distracting. He resisted the urge to bury his nose against her skin, and instead watched her eyes drift shut in what appeared to be a show of concentration.

The creaking of the shed entrance snapped them both from their untimely trances, and they were quickly breathing in tandem, working to keep still and silent.

"Clear." They heard the soft whisper and then the rush of retreating footsteps. They were still tensed a minute later before finally relaxing. Kono sat up first; tossing off the tarp and scrambling to her feet, somehow Steve missed her warmth. He shook his head then at the thought before glancing over at her to see wide brown eyes darting towards the lanai where glinting silver was catching in the moonlight. Steve had to restrain a laugh; of course Danny was wearing a belt buckle. Dead give away. Kono readied her weapon, and sent him a look. It was time to move in.

The approach was from the rear, and the pair took their time picking their way around the perimeter of the house. They reached the final corner and Steve put an arm out to stop Kono as he took a quick peek to check on the location of their target. Sitting ducks. He grinned and signaled Kono to lead them in. She darted forward immediately, leaping the stairs and blasting her gun before they even had time to react.

The spray of water, coupled with shouts of surprise was enough to get Steve laughing, but that quickly changed when they recovered and turned the guns on them. From then on it was all out warfare.

"I literally felt like a kid with this Super-Soaker." Danny drummed his fingers over the hard plastic as he tossed the gun onto the patio table and shook his head in disbelief. "You guys are insane, I swear."

"But you had fun." Chin commented as he toweled off his hair, and smiled as Danny began squeezing water out of his tie.

"Oh is that what you call it?" Danny rolled his eyes in mock disbelief before chuckling at Steve and Kono. "I didn't think we would lose to these guys, but I'm glad we're not the only ones who are wet." He waggled his eyebrows at Steve and Kono who were also dripping and soaked through. "Water guns come in handy, I suppose."

"It wasn't our decision to have a full-blown water fight," Steve pointed out as he threw a towel at Kono who caught it and began drying herself.

"Yeah, not exactly the rules, but I'd say it counts as team bonding," Kono laughed before settling onto a lounger.

"Good point cousin." Chin tossed dry shirts and shorts to Steve and Danny while shoving his feet into a pair of rubber slippers.

There was only the rustle of palm for a moment as the team drifted into silence. A termite lamp buzzed merrily in the corner of the deck as each dried off. Danny finally broke the quiet.

"Well, I got Grace tomorrow so I better head out," he jerked his thumb out toward the driveway and Steve murmured in agreement.

"Yeah, I got to get going, but I'm not going to lie. That was a blast." His face cracked into a smile as he got to his feet and moved to grab his gear.

"Exactly," Kono stood up to join Chin at the foot of the lanai as their two coworkers took the few steps down to the lawn. "I had fun being one of the boys." Chin chuckled at that before elbowing her and shaking his head.

"Well said kid," Danny raised his hand in farewell before tossing his still soggy tie over his shoulder and heading for his car.

Steve watched him go for a second before turning back toward the two cousins. "Thanks, see you both Monday."

"Monday," Kono confirmed as she smiled slightly and watched as he turned to leave.

Steve melted into the darkness with the corners of his mouth somehow quirked up. He turned back once to see Chin fiddling with a potted plant and Kono watching him with an indecipherable expression. Framed against the porch light with her sarong tied low on her hips and her hair swept from her face he could only think one thing.

She could never be just 'one of the boys'.

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