Silvia winced slightly as they were walking down the road. Yugi caught that out of the corner of his eye. Silvia obviously had not completed her recovery from her surgery. Yugi took a guess that Silvia had gotten out of the hospital as soon as she could walk around. That was probably not the brightest of ideas but it was no use trying to talk her out of the tournament. Silvia was a duelist first and foremost, just like the Pharaoh. Under no circumstances would Silvia refuse a challenger or surrender. That might have been her biggest weakness, but it was also her biggest strength.

"So Yugi," Silvia looked over at her close friend. "What is the goal of this tournament?"

"It is kind of like the one of the previous tournaments that Kaiba's held before," Yugi explained as he took out two cards; one with the picture of the mountains, another with the image of the forest. "We must obtain six location cards from around the city. I already have the mountains from where I entered and I got the forest from Weevil when I defeated him. Now I only need the ocean, the plains, the wastelands, and the one mystery card that has not been named. However, it has been marked so we will know it when we see it."

"Ah," Silvia pulled out one with the image of the forest on it. "That is why I got this. So these cards are our pass to the next level."

"You only have one?" Yugi was surprised. "That is not like you Silvia."

"Well, after I got out," Silvia explained, "I went looking for you and somehow I quickly found myself at the forest. So I did not run into any duelists."

"We should find you a duel quickly," Yugi knew that much. "Before we take on any higher ranking duelists, you need to catch up to where I am."

"That is easy enough," Silvia smiled and put her landscape card away. "I hear one of the other duelists say that he was going to stay over at the harbor. My best guess is because he is a water element user."

"Ah! That is good." Yugi was glad for that stroke of luck. "Your dragons are mostly air and lightning element so you will be fine."

Silvia nodded as they headed off towards the harbor.

"Whoa," Silvia blinked in surprise. "The harbor is a lot bigger than I remember it."

"You really have been gone a long time Silvia." Yugi laughed.

"Hey Yugi!" A familiar voice made them turn around.

"Mako!" Yugi recognized the fisherman duelist instantly. "So you were the duelist who Silvia over heard."

"Hello there." Silvia greeted the new challenger with a smile.

"Oh?" The fisherman took off his diving goggles to get a better look at Silvia. "Who is she, your girlfriend maybe?"

"As if!" Silvia glared at Mako; Yugi could hear the faint growl of her dragons for a moment too.

"She is not my girlfriend!" Yugi straightened things out before Silvia summoned a dragon from her deck. "This is my friend Silvia; she just got out of the hospital so she could join the tournament. She is the one who wanted to fight you."

"I see," Mako grinned and shouldered the fishing pole he was using. "Another catch has tested my hook."

"Is that the best pole you have?" Silvia's eyes gained the duelist shine. "Because you are going to need something way stronger to reel me in, I will snap your lines like string."

"Ha!" Mako put down his pole and prepared his duel disk. "I like your spunk!"

Yugi stood back as Silvia activated her duel disk. There was a splash from the waves as the scenery changed to an underwater coral reef. Smaller fish swirled around them but not enough to pose as a threat. For a moment Yugi thought that he saw the duelists changed into monsters, Silvia into a shining dragon and Mako into a shark. After a moment it was over but Yugi was not the only one to see the monsters. Mako had flinched back a bit and Silvia looked a bit perplexed.

"Whoa," Mako blinked. "That was weird. I thought that I just saw a dragon there for a moment."

"I see," Yami spoke up within the puzzle to Yugi. "It is the prediction powers of the Heart. It has shown the main kind of monsters that the players use. Mako uses fish and sea monsters and Silvia has her dragons. Silvia seems to understand what it meant."

"Draw your cards Mako." Silvia was already prepared. "The battle between Sky and Sea has begin."