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"Grandpa! I'm home!" Yugi pushed open the door to the game shop and walked inside. His grandfather looked up from the counter. "Welcome back! How was the festival?"

"I was impressed, they had a whole new line of Egyptian-themed duel monster cards."

"Yugi, here." Grandfather put a large box on top of the counter.

"Someone sent this to you in the mail. However, you should recognize the seal and return address."

"Really?" Yugi picked up the box.

It was only the size of the one that Pegasus gave him three years ago, but it was lighter than that. The seal was very familiar but he hadn't seen the combination of the All Seeing Eye and the Dragon in years. He didn't even have to look at the return address to know who sent it.

"Thanks Grandpa!" Yugi raced up the stairs to his room. Inside the millennium necklace around his neck, the Pharaoh, Yami, watched Yugi open the package with care but quickly.

"Yugi," Yami's spirit spoke to the boy. "Who is that from?"

"Oh, sorry Yami." Yugi apologized to his other half. "I forgot you were their for a second. Anyway, this is from an old friend of mine, but I thought that she was dead after she stopped sending me letters along time ago. I guess she was cut off from mail because of her sickness."


"I'll explain in a second." Yugi took a video out of the box and put it in the television in his room. It took a second but soon a white haired girl about Yugi's age appeared on the screen. Yugi smiled but he looked a bit perplexed. The girl started to speak but Yami noticed that there was something wrong with her voice.

"Hey, Yugi," The girl smiled at the camera. "It's me, Silvia, even though you probably don't recognize me. I can prove it to you though…"

Silvia held up a Silver Fang duel Monster card to the camera.

"I remember when we gave each other two cards. I gave you the Dark Magician and Mystic Elf; Dark and Light to balance out your deck. You gave me your spare Silver Fang and Mystic Moon, a strategy combo for my deck."

Silvia put the card away and looked back at the camera.

"I'm sorry that I haven't sent you any letters in years but, the doctors' here wouldn't let me have outside contact. I'll explain later but first…"

She cut off as a small dragon appeared in front of the camera. Yugi recognized it as the Blue-eyes Toon Dragon that Pegasus used against Kaiba but…it looked different.

"Tooney!" Silvia pulled the Dragon away from the camera. "I'm recording a letter so don't interrupt." The dragon chirped and flew off screen as Silvia re-addressed the camera. "I'm sorry about that Yugi, my cards have been doing that lately. I'm in the hospital in town however so I'm not too worried. I'm in room 454 on the third story. I've already told the hospital staff that I'm expecting a visitor. So come on by and if you get the chance. We've got loads to talk about."

The video ended and Yugi took it out of the VCR. Only when he put the tape and put it away did he speak to Yami again.

"Silvia and I both had parents on the same archeological team. During one of the excursion Silvia's parents took her with them. But…the roof of the tomb they were in collapsed and well…no one came out. Silvia was above ground in the tent when it happened. She sent out for help but when the Rescue Team found her, she was dieing from an unknown sickness. Silvia sent me letters explaining her condition until they suddenly stopped one day. She's must've been in and out of hospitals for years. I don't blame her for not being able to send me a letter."

Yugi picked up his bag and put his deck in his packet. Yami blinked, why would they need their cards?

The answer would soon become clear to him as they headed out. It didn't take long for them to reach the hospital and find the correct room. Yugi knocked on the door before entering.

"Come on in Yugi," Silvia's voice came from inside. "I saw you coming."

Yugi went inside and Yami got a better look at the girl from the video. Silvia's hair was strait and short as it framed her gray eyes. She was sitting up on the hospital bed, her deck of cards spread out on the covers. Like she had been playing by herself. Silvia began to put the cards away as Yugi sat in the chair next to the bed.

"I'm glad that you're okay Silvia," Yugi smiled at his friend. "Well…not dead anyway."

"I still have the illness," Silvia sighed looking sadly at her deck. "But it doesn't hurt as much anymore."

She stopped to get a tissue and coughed into it. Yami felt Yugi's sudden fear and concern for Silvia, then he saw Silvia crumbled up the now blood stained paper and throw it away.

" Okay, I stand corrected." Silvia tried to smile as she used hand sanitizer on her hands before handling her cards again. "It still hurts bad when I cough. But I still have a chance to save myself." She picked up a small box that was covered by a sheet. "I forgot to tell you about this in my letters. Yugi, I can see that you solved the Millennium Puzzle that we found in your Grandfather's game shop."

"Yeah," Yugi looked at the puzzle that was contained the Pharaoh's spirit. "It took me years but I found out how it solve it. I have no regrets about it."

"Good," Silvia nodded. "That makes me feel a bit better about showing you this."

She uncovered the box and Yugi gasped. Yami himself couldn't believe it…Silvia had a Millennium item box with an item most likely inside. Yami took over the body that he and Yugi shared.

" Silvia," He spoke to the girl who remained un-phased by the sudden switch of spirits. "Where did you get that?"

"You must be the spirit of the puzzle," Silvia observed. "I found this item the morning of the day when the accident killed my mine and Yugi's parents. Inside this box is the last, formally unknown Millennium item: the Millennium Heart."

The Pharaoh was quiet, his memories of his past life were hazy. However, the Millennium Heart being mentioned made him sad for some reason.

"Tell me," Yami wanted to know more about his past. "What is the story of the Millennium Heart, Silvia?"

"I will admit that it is rather long. Before I begin perhaps you could tell me your name."

"Fair enough," Yami nodded. "I am the Pharaoh Yami. Yugi freed my spirit from the puzzle and now we fight in Shadow Games and duel monsters together."

"The Pharaoh of Games," Silvia nodded. "I can only guess what you and Yugi have gone through. However…" She drew out a card from her deck and it began to glow. "…I think that we can relate." A sudden flash and a small Blue-eyes Toon dragon appeared in front of Silvia. "Meet my good friend and most powerful card, Blue-eyes Toon dragon. Tooney and I battle other players on Duel monsters online and so far we never lost a duel."

The dragon perched on Silvia's shoulder and purred as Silvia explained.

"Even though it's not inside me yet, the Millennium Heart already channels some of it's power through me. This is how I am able to call forth Tooney's real form. The Millennium Heart, like all other Millennium items, was created in ancient Egypt. It was given the powers of healing, controlling all dragons regardless of who called them, and it was a direct link to the Pharaoh's item."

"The Millennium Heart was not for a priest, however, it was for a young Oracle girl for she had beaten an assassin in a shadow game and saved the Pharaoh's life. The Pharaoh himself created the Millennium Heart as a gift to the Oracle. However, before the Oracle could be presented with the Heart, a traitor among the Priests of the Pharaoh's court stabbed the oracle inside the temple of Horus. The Pharaoh found the Oracle as she was dieing and she told him her last prophecy: 'The Heart will one day be needed to aid the reborn Pharaoh. When the dragon's cry a river of stars, the Oracle's spirit will return. Beware the blood stained ring of darkness. Only a pure heart can harbor the Heart until the Guardian of Heart dies.'"

"Her last words were a puzzle to the Pharaoh as he sent her soul into the Heart and her body to the afterlife. Still, he headed her words of warning and never trusted his priests again. Even the location of the Millennium Heart was secret until a few years ago. I believe that the Pharaoh of the story is you, Yami."

The other Yugi nodded his agreement but the story was missing something to him. His memory was coming back but spots were missing.

Silvia sighed as she put her Toon-dragon back into its card. "Here." She reached over her table and picked up an ancient book. "This book has the original story and prints of the hieroglyphics."

She opened the book to a hieroglyphic picture of what looked like a girl with a knife in her chest leaning on a pillar. The Sun of Horus shone down on the two and Anubis reached up towards them. The Pharaoh's memory flooded back with no mercy.

"No...it was night," He remembered with Yugi listening from the puzzle. "And it was a Shadow Game."

He remembered that she wasn't an official Oracle, just his friend from the village. The priest had the Millennium Ring and he wanted the secret of how to open the gate of the Shadow Realm forever. The Pharaoh and his friend fought the priest in a Shadow Game. She lost first and Yami had to beat the priest quickly. He remembered honoring her body and spirit like he would've done for a priest. The Heart, however, was burned with him.

Yami closed the book with tears at he brink of his eyes. "I should've known…"

"You never hid the Millennium Heart," Yugi observed. "You kept it with you in death."

"Not that it matters," Silvia said as if she could hear both Yugi and Yami. "I've spent the last few years finding all that I can on the Millennium Heart and the other items. Turns out, the only way to take the test of the Heart is to heave it inside your body. I asked my family's personal surgeons to attempt the surgery. The Millennium Heart's healing powers maybe my last chance at a normal life or my body will bled out and I'll die. It's a big risk that I'm willing to take if it means that I can see my friends again."

"Life or death," Yami was impressed with Silvia's courage. "Either way you'll be happy."

"Yes," Silvia nodded. "Alive, I'll be the keeper of the Millennium Heart and I can save my life again. Dead…well, I'll be spared of this pain."

She got up out of the bed and Yami made to help her but she shook her head. Silvia picked up her deck and walked over to the large table in the back.

"Yugi, I promised you a new duel," She sat down in the left chair and put her deck on the table. "I have changed my deck and I know that you have too. Show me how strong you have became."

Yami started for words when he heard Yugi talking to him.

"Yami, let me fight her." Yugi told him. "If I need you I'll call for you. But this is something between Silvia and I."

"I understand," Yami backed off and returned to the puzzle. "Good luck Yugi."

Yugi walked over and sat down in the right hand chair, putting his deck on the table.

"Okay Silvia," He smiled at his friend. "I accept your challenge."

Silvia's expression changed into her game face, reminding Yugi of Yami's confidence.

"Very well," Silvia had a small smile on her face. "Yugi, it's time to duel!"

The Toon dragon perched on her shoulder and grinned with a giggle.

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