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Camille looked up in the attic, she was searching for her old photo album to transfer some of her favorite pictures to her new one. Camille was eleven, and she would be going to Hogwarts in a couple of months. She was trying to get a photo album together for her to take to school to add pictures in, it would also be a reminder of her home and her friends.

"Dang it, it's not here! Where could it be?" Camille mumbled to herself. Then she saw an old box that looked really familiar. She looked inside and then remembered, a couple of years ago the Ministry of Magic had brought this stuff over, saying that they didn't know where their great aunt was, and that she could very possibly be dead.

Camille had always been a curious child, so she opened the box. Inside the box there were old Hogwarts cloaks and scarves, stuff that her great aunt had probably wanted to keep as memories from Hogwarts.

Camille dug through the box, completely forgetting about her photo album in the face of this new more interesting thing. She looked past all the old clothes and tokens from Hogwarts. She looked until she got to the bottom, a diary or journal of some sort. On the leather front cover there was a sticky note that said Lucy, underneath that, it said "Property of Kyra Silkwood", this was her Great Aunt Kyra's journal or diary from her Hogwarts years or some time after. Wanting to know more about her great aunt, whom her grandmother had always spoken of fondly, Camille picked up the journal/diary thingie. Camille thought to herself, this thing might even have a clue as to where she could be!

So Camille took the diary to her bedroom to read, she would show it to her mother later.