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Live Fast, Die Young


"Why did you have red streaks in your hair? Back in Sixth Year. Why?"

He can see the life trickling from her as she spoke. He can see it, and he knows he should stop it. He should save her, be her hero. But he's no hero, he's no villain, he's just a mess. He has no control and doesn't know how he can stop the blood from staining his hands further as he holds her. Her eyes stare up at his, her soul slowly moving on as her body is raked with pain.

He could save her and yet he asks her that question because it is something he's always wanted to know and she doesn't have much longer – she's too far gone. Those bloody red streaks, like the ones that now stain him, are what pulled him to her. They pulled him to her.

Her eyes tell him she won't fight him this time. He wants them to tell him that she isn't gone yet, that her edge is still anchored to this world. It isn't. Still the question must be answered.

"Lost …" her body shuddered, blood trickling down her chin.

"Lost what?" he whispered, bending in a little closer. Her lips are now at his ears, his mouth on her neck, breathing in the blood: so thick, so powerful, so her; and the magic that seeps from her. "Tell me, please,"

"Bet." She muttered. "Lost to my cousin – a race, had to get –"

His gut twisted: a bet, she lost a carefree race – no doubt on a sandy shoreline in the sun. He shushed her as she kept trying to speak, not wanting her to fade away in a ramble, his lips ghosting her's. Her lips quirked briefly at the contact: she no longer cared what he'd done, just like she never cared how he ignored her around purebloods. He was here, she wasn't alone like her father was, like his mother had been. She had someone.

He pulled back; saw that her eyes are out of focus as she started to drift off.

She didn't wake up but remained anchored to his dreams.

"Night night."

Stars are just balls of gas

No they aren't.

Yeah, they are – and they are just burning out all the time


Author's Note:

I have to say this is has been a very enjoyable journey to take - I long thought about how I was going to finish this ... would I reveal her name? Would I show the after-effects? In the end though I did decide on her name I felt I didn't need to include this as these are Scabior's recollections of a girl he loved and a girl who resulted him being sent to Azkaban and so he has tried to forget her. I also decided to end it here because this story is about Scabior and her together ... and as she has left I feel if I added on an extra section about how he got sent to Azkaban this story would lose something ... I dunno.

This story was ultimately may way to show how Scabior becomes the Snatcher we all know and love - I hope you've enjoyed my potrayal.

I would like to thank all the people for reading, fav'ing, alerting and reviewing this - special mention to Pure and utter vengeance, and BittersweetWhispers1 whose little insights really aided me in writing this.

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