Hay, this was suposed to be a sequel to 'we searched', but i though what the hell and changed it to 'in-progress' again and added this, hopefully this one doesn't go completely wrong. I've also got to tell you I can't do accents, I tried but it just looks ...wrong so I'm leaving it up to your imagination. Oh and just to be clear 'Clementine' isn't a real place that I know of but I needed somewhere, lol. Review if you want anything put in the plot and I'll consider it, coz at the moment ive only got a basic idea and it isnt going on page right... ;D.


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4 YEARS LATER after 'we searched'

In the usually sunny sky of Clementine, a few black clouds formed, following a beautiful young woman, who was stomping and muttering to herself going past the dock. The newsman to the side finding nothing better to do then record the waves being formed by the traffic of large and small boats coming and going. The shops keepers slowly rearranging there stalls for the rush that usually comes after twelve.

The muttering woman of twenty one, twenty two was a quite noticeable walking down past others, getting quite a few appraising looks from many men, the ones not looking already knowing she's off limits.

The girl in question was wearing a long knee length brown leather jacket which covered a green blouse, matching her sparkling emerald eyes. She wore dress trousers that flared out from the calf down only slightly covering black stilettos. The clothes in question brought out her hour glass figure that all women would envy, and men want.

Her auburn hair was twirled backwards into a delicate French plait, with little ringlets spouting out swaying in wind. Most of her hair was covered over by a woolly blue hat that stood out with her scarf and gloves that were of the same design. The only jewellery she wore was a small pair of gold studs in her ears and a white gold chain around her neck with a dented locket that had an emblem of a rose on, as well as the words 'A Rose' in scripted with blurred words under it, which were impossible to read on the curve dented into the back of the locket.

Although the girl would normally have noticed this and would, like in times before, either smile flirtatiously or glare without warning considering her mood. Yet today she completely ignores them, not raising her eyes from the piece of paper she was crumbling up on the way towards the few ships at the bottom of the docks.

Her voice carried down the street, a voice mixed with a common accent and her own slight barely there southern "Well, of course I wouldn't have had any past references...stupid clothes shop owners, stupid market owners, stupid sweet shop owners... I mean really, teenagers can get that job" her throat closing over and her eyes watering was only because of the wind, really, and her lip trembling was from the cold blowing off the sea.

She continued walking, muttering infrequent works like 'jackass's', 'idiots' and most commonly 'Damm rules'. Her feet brings her to a balancing beam to the side of the water edge, where she looks down on the water in detest.

Some people watching from the side may call her crazy but conversing with inanimate objects was something she had no problem with, although the water wasn't so inanimate it was frequently spoken to, in private or public. So when she turned to the water and grilled it, well, it came to no surprise to the community.

"You're the one who's really at fault here, you with your silly waves and fancy rocks hidden by big waves, if it weren't for you I would be ...well I don't know because of you"

Still balancing on the beam by the water, though now much quieter, she didn't notice the sudden down pour of rain nor the waves getting higher with every splash to the wall beside her. But she did notice the yell of "Annie!" being directed at her from a man around 2, 3 years older than her and a girl, who was around a foot smaller than him.

The man's eyes were wide, looking just behind her. The woman, 'Annie' whipped around to see behind her, just in time to be pulled in by a claw of water.