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Chapter 5

DISCLAIMER I'm getting no money out of doing this unfortunately, but I did make up Sophie and Chris, as with the new mutants and a few other characters. Tell me if I've got ones like in the comics as I've never read them (but want to) I haven't the foggiest if mine are alike considering they've got millions there.

(Jeans P.O.V)

The ride in the x-copter wasn't anything out of the usual. Too loud beeps of machines, pauses of movement, tapping nails. Normal.

Then why did I have a nagging sense that something was wrong, out of the ordinary. It's like something's shouting through my scull for attention, did I miss something? It was mid-day when we left. We left directly from the professor so I couldn't have missed a note or memo left for us, we would have just been told.

There no way for me to get words back with my telepathy from here to the professor. We're too far without the aid of cerebro. I'm sure its fine, maybe I ate something under cooked.

"Red, what you moping about back there?"

I think I may have jumped because now Logan has an amused smirk on his face. Great, now he'll know I wasn't paying attention.

"I'm not moping"

"Red, your bottom lip was out and you're glaring, if you can call it that, at the window. Spit it out"

Great, he's going to think I'm crazy... wait what's wrong with my glare? "I, err, have a weird feeling ... about the group of mutants we're scouting for"

Well, at least one prediction came true. Even if the famous cocked eyebrow was commonly known as his trade mark. Rising of the head slightly, wants me to continue. I wonder if I could make a book about translating wolverines, it would be a hit.

"Go on then, your giving off a telepathic distress ring that's giving me a migraine"

Or maybe not, I would take me forever to figure out what he was going to do any way. Not that I would admit that. Back in the day, Logan was only ever able to stop going in a mood and tearing people apart when either the other teachers stopped him, but most usually Rog-. Stopping that thought before it even begins I think. Else the wolverine might become even grumpier if he catches wind to what I'm thinking and I don't want to be stuck in a long journey in a small plane trying to get my foot out of my mouth.

"I haven't got all day", I wonder if it would help if I mentioned it isn't like were going anywhere. By the look on his face, I doubt it.

"Its, it's like I'm, we're missing something important. Like a missing piece of a puzzle was never put in the box to begin with. Or something going on and we've been left out of the loop"

Well, that certainly seems to have him stumped. A few moments passed before Logan finally sighed.

"I'll make sure to bring the emergency cell phone, in case the rest of the team need to get in contact with us"

Lifting my nose up "I suppose that's all that can be done" yet I had to add, just because he didn't seemed worried enough to call them now, "you know, although the cell works well in low reception places, it's still gets a lot of static"

"Red, I was in the same meeting. I know"

Damm, it sounded better in my head.

The two in the plane worked quietly, pushing buttons and examining screens, both thinking over the previous conversation two hours previous.

Finally, as we circle for a landing spot that wouldn't make them stand out, Logan broke the silence.

Coughing lightly, "See, made it all the way through the flight no problem"

"Now all we have to do is land"

Ah, always the optimist.

This isn't going well. I need something to take my mind off the fact I can see my hair starting to frizz in the reflection in the glass. Different approach I think, "Which route we taking? The coordinates Professor gave us is a wide spread area to search, should we slit up, cover more ground? I could ask the people here and you use your nose. Or you could-"

"RED! No, as much as my ears ache, we're sticking together. You've been acting odd since we left, and I don't think that chuck would be to happy if you ended up walking off a cliff"

I guess he doesn't want to talk. Okay, I can deal. Anyway I could save myself from falling off a cliff. Not that I would.

Several minute later, Logan landed the Jet in, what seems to be a, garden. I'm slightly concerned that Logan's thinking it would be amusing to wait and see the faces of the owners. I'm positive this is what Forge had in mind when he re-vamped the Jet, adding the cloak into the system.

(Right, I was planning to go back and forth with the points of views, but it was taking too long to figure thoughts out. So now, well, to put it simply, isn't)

Once the jet had been cloaked, Logan and Jean walked from the ramp of the jet to a rough road.

After waiting several moments to see if the jet was going to be found, Logan and Jean head down the road toward the main street, through bushes. Needless to say, Jeans face was anything but amused.

Several hours later of scouring the streets, asking numerous shop owners, tourists alike if anything 'odd' has happened as of late.

All in all, nobody really wanted to talk to an annoying couple who are wearing skin tight body suit as if it's an everyday thing. Well to them I guess it was.

Jeans voice penetrated the silence that had set "The only thing that has stuck out is the suddenly changing weather, yet the locals act as if it's normal. My telepathy is picking up on some white noise"

"White noise?"

Jean turned her head from the sight of the sea, to mimic his own raised eyebrow. "White noise, umm, a kind of, barrier, which is shifting continually. It's putting a strain on my telepathy when I try and do wide scans of the area"

With a snort, Logan turned away "easy, don't scan too far away" turning back to Jean and seeing her grind her teeth; he sighed and ground out "right. Where's it from?"

Putting her hands to her temple, Jean scrunched up her eyes, concentrating. After a few impatient huffs from Logan, Jean let out a breath. "It's hard to pin point but my best guess is 43 degrees anti-clockwise of east, 2413 metres. Approximately"

"Yeah, approximately" Logan snorted "In English?"

Sighing, she headed down the town "Northwest, a mile and a half"

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