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His Lord, Bored.

Chapter I

It was one of those days you knew something wasn't going to be right. Sebastian Michaelis knew this.

Ciel Phantomhive sat quietly and patiently on his chair. Apperantley, he had ordered Sebastian to bake him a sweet pastry not too long ago. Ciel sighed and looked down at his desk, spotting a sealed envelope onto of it. Oh, that's right, Sebastian had informed the young Earl that Alois Trancy had invited him for a "feast" of some sort.

Ciel sighed and opened the envelope, he read over the letter with no emotion crossing his features before shrugging and letting the letter fall back onto of the table.

"Sebastian!" Ciel exclaimed, knocking fair well that his butler was just outside his door.

As expected, Sebastian slowly emerged from behind the wooden door, holding a porcelain plate with a piece of cake sitting perfectly onto.

"Yes, bocchan?" Sebastian said, walking over to the table and mutely placing the plate ontop, setting a fork beside it a moment later.

Ciel glared at the demon before sighing quietly.

"Sebastian, take me to the Trancy's mansion." Ciel commanded, eyes the butler with his eye.

Sebastian looked up at Ciel before nodding and bowing.

"Yes, my lord." he said, a small smirk crossing his lips while he spoke.

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